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"The Eileen Plan" is the fourteenth episode of Season 7 (and one hundred and ninety fifth overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 13, 2015.


Rigby feels he isn't smart enough to be with Eileen, So he goes back to high school to graduate and get his diploma. But he doesn't want Eileen to find out so he ends up cancelling their dates, which makes Eileen suspicious.


The episode starts with Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen eating pizza at Eileen's house and they start to talk about their most embarrassing moments. Eileen then remembers and takes out her manifesto she wrote when she was 12 called "The Eileen Plan." As they are reading her manifesto, Rigby then reads how she wanted to marry a brilliant person with several patents under his belt, with Rigby miss pronounced it as "pants". Rigby then starts thinking that he is not smart enough to be with Eileen.

It cuts to Mordecai sleeping, but Rigby is still awake wondering if he is dumb. So he asks Mordecai which results him answering with "Yes." Rigby is upset about the situation, but Mordecai tries to clean up his statement by saying he is smart in 'his own way' which doesn't make it sound any better. Mordecai asks why he is upset about being dumb when he never cared about it in the first place. Rigby tells Mordecai that he feels he isn't smart enough to be dating Eileen and hasn't told her that he still hasn't graduated from high school, and says "If I'm ever gonna be the brilliant guy of her dreams, that's the least I can do."

Rigby goes back to his old high school to see what classes he needs to graduate and get his diploma and realizes that he only has 3 classes left to pass and graduate including a science, a physical ed, and a foreign language. Which he starts out with 'Intro to Geology'. Which Mordecai reminds Rigby that it was a class that most jocks would take since it is the easiest class in high school.

Once Rigby starts class, the jocks start to harass him while he is trying to get all the information he can.

The scene cuts to Rigby in his and Mordecai's room studying multiple books, to which Mordecai tells him that he has never studied this hard when he was actually in high school, but Rigby tells Mordecai that failure isn't an option and "If Eileen wants someone brilliant, then she's going to get someone brilliant." Then he gets a call from Eileen reminding him of their date tonight, but Rigby makes an excuse which is that Mordecai had gotten dumped again and so he needs his support and tells her that they are still going to her college's modern dance that they have been planning for months and then hangs up on her. He tells Mordecai that he has cancelled 3 of his and Eileen's dates this week. Mordecai suggests telling her the truth about never graduating, but Rigby tells Mordecai that he can't tell her the truth until he is brilliant.

It cuts to Rigby taking notes in his class, and then he learns that he will pass the class if he shows up to a field trip at a cave, but the thing is that it is the same night that his and Eileen's big date is on, to which his teacher tells him "If you wanna pass, you gotta show up to the cave."

Then it cuts to Friday, where Rigby answers his phone where Eileen is asking if he is ready for their date tonight, to where she is really excited, Rigby then feels guilty but then fakes a bad cough. Eileen asks if he is okay, but Rigby tells Eileen that he is feeling really sick and that he should rest and reschedule their date for tomorrow. Where Eileen is telling him that the dance ends tonight, Rigby coughs once more, to where Eileen tells Rigby yes and to get some rest in a sad tone. Rigby then tells her "Thanks, I will. See you tomorrow." Once he hangs up, Rigby exhales and feels bad about constantly cancelling their dates.

The next scene Rigby and the high school students are all at the cave and enter.

Back at the house, Eileen is there to where she wants to make Rigby feel better about being sick. Once Mordecai answers the door, he accidentally tells her that Rigby is at a cave for a school field trip. Once Eileen hears about this she becomes angry to where Mordecai tries to cover up what he said but doesn't make it any better.

At the cave, Eileen shows up and becomes furious about Rigby lying to her and runs away from him. Rigby chases after her, to where his teacher stops him and tells him that if he wants to pass the class then he has to stay put, but before finishing that statement Rigby interrupts her and tells her "Passing doesn't matter if I don't have Eileen!" Then chases after her, to where there are 2 paths and he doesn't know which one she went down. Rigby tells her to come out and talk to him, but she tells him to go away just before her falling down a cave hole. Rigby goes into the cave hole to find her to which she tells him that she knows that he isn't sick and to tell her the truth. Rigby tells her that he never graduated from high school and that the reason he is in the cave is cause he will pass and only have 2 classes left for graduate, he tells her that he never cared until he saw her manifesto and kept thinking about how she was gonna be the 'president' and he would just be someone she used to date. Eileen tells Rigby that she likes him for who he is and she doesn't want or need a genius, they try to hug but just end up head budding. Eileen tells Rigby that it is way too dark to find away out, to where Rigby says "I've got an idea."

Rigby starts to find supplies and makes a small fire to get some light. Rigby then finds what is called geode to where it lights up the whole cave to where Eileen says "Wow! It's..." And Rigby finishes her statement by saying "Gorgeous." But actually saying it towards Eileen. Eileen tells Rigby that what he did was amazing, and Rigby realizes that he likes the feeling of accomplishment, and decides to keep working for his diploma for him and Eileen, and they walk towards the exit holding hands.

Rigby then asks Eileen as they are about to walk out "Can I try something while we're walking out?" And she tells him okay. Then the episode ends with Rigby carrying Eileen out of the cave and agreeing to let her carry him out the next time as Mrs. Kessler says Rigby didn't pass her class: he aced it.


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  • This episode reveals that Season 7 takes place in 2015.
  • This is the beginning of the High School arc of Season 7.
  • Rigby goes back to High School and passes his Geology class.
  • Francis Jablonski from the "Regular Show: The Movie" has a younger brother named Aiden who now goes to school with Rigby.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The final shot of Rigby carrying Eileen out of the cave resembles the ending of the 1982 film An Officer and a Gentleman.

Episode Connections[]

  • Rigby previously tried going back to High School but quit (TV: More Smarter). However, this time he goes back for real.
  • The Cave shown in this episode is the same cave seen in season 4. Rigby even mentions these events as well as Gregg. (TV: Caveman)
  • This is Principal Dean's first and present day appearance in the show, since his debut in "Regular Show: The Movie."

Production Notes[]

  • This is the fifth and last episode to air during the second "Regular Show Bomb."