This page is the transcript for "The Dome Experiment".

Part 1

(The episode begins at the park morning meeting)

Benson: And Mordecai and Rigby, let's have you pick up trash by the snack bar.

Rigby: Ugh! Again?

Benson: Don't worry, this is the last time you'll be on trash duty for a while.

Mordecai: Awesome! Wait, we're not getting another intern, are we? Because I don't think I can handle another spy situation.

Benson: No, I've actually got some very big news about your dome-estic situation!

(everybody stares at him)

Benson: Hopefully it won't cause any pan-dome-onium!

(everybody continues to stare)

Benson: Dome you have any ideas about what's going to happen?

(everybody is still staring)

Benson: No one, huh? Well, since I have to spell it out for you, Maellard's decided to seal off the park in a dome to create a contained ego-system! A group of scientists from the government are going to study it for a whole month!

Muscle Man: Bro, have would we ever have guessed that?

Mordecai: A whole month? Where are we supposed to go?

Benson: You'll have to move out, the dome's dropping tomorrow! Isn't that exciting?

Pops: Why aren't you more upset about the inconvenience?

Benson: Because I don't live at the park.

Skips: So we can stay at your place?

Benson: Heh, well, my place, while officially a one bedroom, (the wind starts blowing strong) feels more like a studio. So there isn't really any room! (he looks up and sees a dome coming down onto the park)

Hi Five Ghost: It's not tomorrow! It's today! They're sealing the park today!

Muscle Man: Grab your valuables!

(everybody runs, as Benson looks up, not happily, we see Rigby take a load of pizza pouches, Mordecai takes some tapes and his TV, Muscle Man takes what seems to be a load of letters from his dad, Pops opens a safe with lollipops inside and Skips waters his plants, everybody starts to run)

Muscle Man: She's gonna seal! (the dome is seen getting closer to the ground) Lighten your loads! (he throws a load of letters away)

(Mordecai drops the bag with the TV inside, everybody continues running, Rigby then throws the pizza pouches ahead and jumps forward, but the dome seals, and Rigby jumps into it)

Rigby: Ow!

Muscle Man: (banging on glass) Grrr! Live free or die!

(everybody starts complaining)

Benson: Hey guys! Let's relax, okay? Like I said, they're not sealing the dome 'till tomorrow.

Hi Five Ghost: (angrily) Are you blind, man?! Can you not see that the dome has been sealed today?!

Benson: Calm down! Look, here comes Maellard now, I'm sure he can clear this whole thing up.

(a limo arrives and Mr. Maellard comes out of it)

Benson: Maellard! (Mr. Maellard points to his head and nods) Oh, okay! (Benson receives a phone call) Maellard! So the test run's looking pretty successful on our end! (he knocks on the dome) Good fit! Looks like we're in good shape for tomorrow! (he ends the call) See? So you can all-(he receives another call) Maellard again. (he answers) Benson speaking. (another limo arrives behind him) Oh, but I don't get dates wrong! (he looks behind him) And the dome is going to stay where it is for the next 30 days. (Mr. Maellard is seen speaking, then a scientist passes him a bag of money, he then hangs up) So...

Skips: We figured it out.

Rigby: This isn't fair!

(The guys complain again. Zoom in on Benson's face, full of anger and confusion.)

Benson: (to himself) I got the date wrong? But I'm me, Benson!

(He shakes he head in disbelief.)

Benson (continued): Emergency meeting, my office, now!

(Cut back to Pops' house.)

Benson (continued): So I'm sure you all know why we're here.

(All the park members, except Muscle Man, are in Benson's office.)

Skips: To figure out how to survive in a dome for a month?

Benson: To look at the e-mail I got form the dome guys and prove I was right about the drop date.

(Everyone else, except Pops, groans.)

Benson (continued): You won't be groaning when you see (turns computer around) this!

(The power goes out. Pops shakes his head as everyone else groans again.)

Benson (continued): It's okay. I've got a printed backup version.

(He turns to his file cabinets.)

Mordecai: That's not what we're mad about.

Rigby: You really print every email?

Benson: Yes, I do, for this exact type of situation. So it's not like you can make fun of me because I wasn't prepared. Yep, you can't off the power to my physical mail, or as I call it, my p-mail.

Mordecai: (groaning) We don't care.

Skips: Is your p-mail gonna feed us for a month?

Pops: I'm scared!

Rigby: I'm hungry!

Benson: Listen, I'm sure you'll all calm down when you see...

(He pulls out a printed email.)

Benson: What the...What's this?

Mordecai: You were wrong about the date. Now, can you please just help us?

Hi Five Ghost: We really need leadership right now.

Benson: No, this isn't right. It's all wrong!

(Muscle Man enters.)

Muscle Man: Do not go into the bathroom. The water has been cut off as well.

Rigby: Do you hear that?

(Everyone but Benson mumbles as they walk up to the window. A sound of a rocket is heard and dome pods appears flying in, dropping packages on parachutes.)

Mordecai: What are those things?

Hi Five Ghost: They're dropping packages!

Skips: Let's take a look.

Benson: Now wait just one...

(Everyone runs out, leaving Benson.)

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