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This article is about the episode, for the tape, see The Best VHS in the World.

"The Best VHS in the World" is the thirty-fourth episode in Season Three (and seventy-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 30, 2012.


Mordecai and Rigby must return an overdue VHS tape to the Movie Shack Hut to avoid having their video store membership cancelled.


Mordecai and Rigby are seen renting four VHS tapes at the Movie Shack Hut. When they try to rent them out with their membership card, they find out they already have a movie rented and it's two months overdue. Now Mordecai and Rigby have to find it, or else the employee will cut their membership card. They go back to the house and start looking.

They first look in the living room, then look in their very messy bedroom. Mordecai decides to clean the room in order to find the VHS tapes, and the duo proceed to clean, but do not find the tape. Rigby suggests that they pay for it. Mordecai calls the employee, who tells them it is $1,000. Finding that Mordecai and Rigby don't have the money the clerk tells them he needs it by 9:00 as the manager is taking stock, and if they don't, he mentions that the manager is going to call the collections agency to report of the missing VHS and that they break thumbs. They ask around the house to see if anyone had borrowed the tape, but the other park workers are missing their own personal items: Muscle Man's badminton racket, Pops' hat, Skips' bass amp, and Benson's extension cord. Benson also mentions that there is something wrong with the ventilation system, with smoke puffing out of it, Benson thinking it's just a rat problem. Mordecai heads back to the room, only to find it messy, Mordecai initially blames Rigby, and the two fight, when a gnome comes out of the closet with the tape.

He refuses to give it up, saying it's the best movie ever, and crawls into the ventilation system, Mordecai and Rigby in pursuit. They end up in his cave, realizing he's been taking their things, finding all the missing items. The gnome hides in the darkness, causing quakes after showing Mordecai and Rigby his fan art, and his "novel". After that, the two comment that the movie and his works sucks, and Rigby then finds a light switch. The gnome was speaking on a microphone, using Benson's extension cord, and they convince the gnome to give up the tape after mentioning that the Movie Shack Hut has tons of them and he can have a membership card. At the end of the episode, the gnome walks around the Movie Shack Hut and look overwhelmed as he looks at the other tapes, but goes to the counter and rents "The Best VHS In The World" again.


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Episode Connections[]


  • When Mordecai and Rigby are cleaning the room, Rigby's trampoline is brown instead of black and gray.
  • In the frame right before Rigby punches Mordecai in the face, Rigby's arm is layered in front of Mordecai's beak, although it should be layered behind it, since he hits Mordecai in his left cheek with his right hand.

Alternate Versions[]


  • "I hear these guys break thumbs" was changed to "I hear these guys punch faces".
  • "...or have our thumbs broken" was changed to "...or have our faces punched".
  • "I really enjoy my thumbs!" was changed to "I really enjoy my face!"