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The 1973 Tetherball Championship Trophy is a Regular Show short. It aired on April 23, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby play Tetherball for a trophy they found in the attic.


The episode starts where Mordecai and Rigby are looking out the window. A few seconds later, Benson comes into the attic and asks Mordecai and Rigby whether they have cleaned it up or not. Mordecai and Rigby answer by saying "No", and Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby that the question he asked was a rhetorical question and then tells Mordecai and Rigby to clean the attic, and later walks down the attic stairs. Mordecai and Rigby look at all the stuff in the attic and find a Tetherball Trophy from 1973. Both Mordecai and Rigby want the trophy but only one can have it. So, they decide to host a Tetherball Championship Series to see who gets to keep their old tetherball trophy they found in the attic, with a warning written on a Tetherball Championship letter saying "Rigby may cry when he loses".

Before the championship starts, some ground rules are give, that being "each player stands on your side of the circle and whoever gets the ball to go around until a full stop wins a coin flip will decide who serves first." Both Mordecai and Rigby play rock paper scissors for it, with Mordecai losing to Rigby. Mordecai serves first and wins with Rigby failing because is is shorter than Mordecai.

Post the match, Mordecai confronts Rigby and gives him a second-place tether ball trophy as he didn't deserve the trophy, ending the short.





  • There are a lot of old things in the Attic:
    • 8-Track Player (1969)
    • Stamp Collection (1925)
    • Whicker Baskets (1947)
    • Plastic Christmas Tree (1987)
    • Typewriter (1930)
    • Pops Painting (????)

Pop Culture References[]

  • This short is a parody of the works of filmmaker Wes Anderson (director of films such as Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Great Hotel Budapest, and Moonrise Kingdom), complete with a harpsichord soundtrack, on-screen text and symmetrical framing,


  • When Mordecai gives Rigby the trophy, Tetherball is misspelled as "Teterball."