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"That's My Television" is the eighteenth episode in Season Four (and the ninety-seventh episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 4, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby help their favorite '80s sitcom star, RGB2, escape from the studio lot and into the mountains so he can avoid starring in a revival of his show.


Mordecai and Rigby attend an autograph raffle to get an autograph of the 80's TV sitcom star, RGB2. Out of many people, Mordecai and Rigby get chosen. However, instead of an autograph, RGB2 writes, "Meet me in the bathroom". On his break, Mordecai and Rigby meet RGB2 in the bathroom. There, he tells them that he is being held prisoner by the studio hosts for personal appearances, and contract signings. He also tells them that when the series revival was announced, he denied it, but the studio executives refused let him out of his contract. While Mordecai is infuriated, he asks if the can do anything for him. RGB2 says that if he got out of the studio he wants to go see the Pine Mountains.

Mordecai and Rigby come up with a plan to help him escape. Meanwhile, RGB2's manager finds out that he is gone, and him and security look for him. Mordecai, Rigby, and RGB2 are in a trailer where RGB2 comes to claim cans of air from the 80's to breathe, or he'll die. Mordecai and Rigby are given a postcard by RGB2 that gives the address. Mordecai soon discovers that the studio executives are on their way to search the trailer. Sneaking out of the trailer, the guys steal a van to escape. The manager tells the security guards to block the exit, but Mordecai drive through the vehicles, and acting rooms. Then Mordecai drives the van off a ramp, then the security attempts to follow, but their trucks were too big to fly off the ramp. The group think they lost them, but then a helicopter flew behind them and ordered them to stop, then the rest of security come and attempt to stop the group by force, after taking out most of the trucks by tricking a member of security to destroy a security truck, it is then revealed that the manager cares about the profits RGB2 makes than RGB2 itself.

Then security members jump from the helicopter and break into the van, but RGB2 gives Rigby two cans of 80's air to stop them, which was okay since RGB2 had more, then another member of security broke into the van and threw Mordecai and Rigby in the back, but RGB2 distracts him with one of his catchphrases, giving Mordecai enough time to take back the wheel, then the helicopter shoots the van, then RGB2 pulls out his present from the Russian prime minister and uses it to blow up the helicopter. When the group thinks that they lost them, the RGB2 Fans cause a roadblock up ahead and chase the group, but it turns out that they just want the autographed box set, then Mordecai turns the van around, but security managed to catch up with them, then the manager gives a speech that according to RGB2, that's what people talk like before they deliver the death blow, then the manager introduces them to an warrior that is based on what boys aged 9–14 find what kind of death was most brutal,  he was going to kill M&R if they don't hand over RGB2, then Mordecai turns off the van and security arrest them, then the RGB2 fans strip the van apart to find the box set but fail, then Rigby reveals that he has the box set and tosses it at the warrior, then the fans attack him while M&R escape the clutches of the two security personnel that were holding them, then Mordecai starts the van while Rigby gets RGB2 into the van, then the manager jumps onto the van, then RGB2 throws his entire 80's air stash at him, then Mordecai drives the van off the bridge and lands on a garbage freighter and drives onto the road towards the pine mountains.

When they get there, it turns out that the pine mountains was just a billboard for a gas station, but RGB2 was still happy since he was here, then the group climb onto the billboard to see the sunset, then RGB2 says that he would like to see it with his own eyes, then M&R take off his screen, and it is revealed that RGB2 is actually a naked man in a box with a microphone. Then RGB2 thanks them and signs the postcard, he pauses and Mordecai closes his eyes, thinking he is dead. RGB2 opens his eyes and reveals he's not dead but just resting as he does again/ Mordecai says that they need to frame the postcard.




  • Convention Center
  • YZB Studios
    • RGB2's Trailer
  • Highway
  • Pine Mountains Gas Station


  • RGB2 reveals that he uses cans of air from the 1980's to stay alive and if he doesn't breathe it, he'll die.

Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • There are two references to the Star Wars franchise in this episode.
    • When RGB2 is on the "Pine Mountains" gas station billboard, he says that "This is something he wants to see with his own eyes", before Mordecai and Rigby take off the mask. This is a reference to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, when Darth Vader says to Luke that "He wants to see his face with his own eyes", before Luke takes off his helmet.
    • RGB2's name is also a Star Wars reference, as it sounds very similar to the character, R2D2.
  • The Head Studio Executive shares a resemblance to Carter Pewterschmidt from Family Guy, with his white hair style/mustache, his old age, and personal greedy care for making millions.
    • He also shares a resemblance to real life television producer, Ted Turner.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode is missing from the Season Four DVD release in Australia. This is ironic, as the episode focuses on Mordecai and Rigby winning a complete series box set from their on-screen hero, RGB2.