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Part 1

(We see a Halloween decorated Space Tree as the dome leaves it. The camera then shows the house, also decorated. Then we see everyone at the Halloween party.)

Benson: It's great to be in space where we can all get together and have a party.

Mordecai: So what's your costume again?

Benson: You know. I'm that guy in that one movie. There's a time machine.

Rigby: What, like, the one with the car?

Benson: No. There was like a storage locker.

Mordecai: It kinda just looks like you put on whatever was in your closet.

Benson: No, no. You know the one. It was a little indie, got a lot of critical acclaim.

Sureshot: (Walks in to the room) Alright guys, the dome's on autopilot to the Halloween Nebula.

(All cheer)

Skips: Well Sally, I'm really digging this. A real work of art.

Sally: Her enigmatic smile reminds me of the secrets we all carry within us.

Muscle Man: (To Sureshot) What are you supposed to be?

Sureshot: You know. Cool guy, ranch costume. Think about it!

High Five Ghost: Uhh... I hate thinker costumes.

Benson: Recap, you excited about your first Halloween?

Recap: I don't feel excitement, but I had a fearometer installed just for today.

Mordecai: What's it at so far?

Recap: (Fearometer display pops up on his screen) Negative four fears, Mordecai.

Benson: Well, you never had Halloween with these guys. They tell the scariest stories

Mordecai: Anyone have a good one?

Skips: I have a story! It's called "Fear Planet."

Fear Planet (as told by Skips)

(Screen ripple as we see Skips' van as a spaceship. We hear an alarm going off as everyone runs to the controls to find out what is happening.)

Benson: What's going on?

Computer Voice: Low fuel.

Benson: Computer, where can we get gas?

Computer Voice: The nearest fuel is on "Fear Planet," A planet that makes your innermost fears come to life.

Skips: "Fear Planet," eh.

Pops: Sounds dangerous.

Rigby: I mean-- it'll probably be fine.

Benson: (Raising voice) Looks like we don't have a choice!

Computer Voice: Emergency landing activated.

(All scream as the spaceship heads toward a skull-shaped planet. The spaceship crash lands near a gas pump and all groan in pain.)

Benson: Huh?

(The camera shows the gas pump)

Benson: (Picks up gas can) Ughh...Of course we have to land this far from the gas station. Guess it's up to me to get the gas.

Mordecai: Benson, maybe we shouldn't go outside.

Benson: Why? I don't see anything out there.

(Benson exits the spaceship and starts walking toward the pump)

Benson: (Sighs) Of all the ridiculous things...(Sarcastically) planet that makes fears come to life... so silly. I mean-- the only thing I'm afraid of is sharks-- and anyway-- this place is bone dry!

(We see a shark float in front of the camera as he fills up the gas can)

Benson: Huh? (Whispers) What was that?

(We see the barren landscape as wind noises are made)

Benson: (Laughs nervously) See, guys? What did I tell yo-

(A shark magically forms in the air)

Benson: ooooo... It's just a figment of my imagination. They can't hurt me, right?

(2 sharks cross over Benson as he screams. We then see that his arms are now gone. Camera show the rest of the guys in the spaceship scream. The camera shows Benson again and then the guys again. The camera then shows Benson running away from the sharks. The guys talk all at once. We see Benson running in the opposite direction. Benson picks up the gas can and the pump with his teeth as he starts to fill up the can.)

Benson: C'mon, c'mon, hurry up, let's go!

(A shark forms behind Benson and charges at him. The camera shows the inside of the sharks mouth as we see teeth close in front of Benson's head. We hear a final scream as the sharks float away and disappear into thin air. The gas pump then shows a sign that says "FULL.")

Rigby: Somebody's got to go get that gas can.

Skips: I'll do it. If I can keep my mind clear, no fears will appear. Haha, that's pretty good.

(Skips leaves the ship and repeats "If I keep my mind clear, no fears will appear")

Rigby: Wow, look at him.

Mordecai: He's really doing it. Nothing's happened.

Skips: ...No fears will appear...

Mordecai: I wonder what Skips is afraid of.

Skips: If I can keep my mind clear-

(Rigby opens the door and screams out to him, interrupting Skips)

Rigby: Hey, Skips! What are you afraid of?

(A flying disc free-styler appears behind Skips.)

Flying disc free-stylist: (Whispering) Bro, go long.

Skips: No, No! Flying disc free-stylers!

(We see multiple close-ups of the flying disc free-stylers doing tricks with their flying discs as they approach Skips.)

Skips: Hey-- hey-- what are you-- ah-- stay back!

(Multiple discs rain down upon Skips)

Skips: No, please! Stop!

(The flying disc free-stylers leave Skips on the ground as they vanish into the air.)

Pops: I'm afraid of the dark!

(The sun goes down)

Rigby: Quick, Pops, go through the alphabet and name cookies!

(As Pops starts, the sun starts to go up and the light returns.)

Pops: Anise cookies, butter cookies...

(Pops keeps going on in the background)

Mordecai: That'll keep him busy for a while.

Rigby: Rock, Paper, Scissors for who goes out next?

(Rigby throws scissors and Mordecai throws paper)

Mordecai: Ughhh... alright, fine, I'll go. But if I see anything, it'll be way worse, so I'm gonna close my eyes and you'll have to guide me.

(Mordecai is outside walking toward the gas pump)

Rigby: Alright, your doing good. Keep going straight. Your doing great, buddy. Almost there. Alright you made it. The can's on your right.

(Mordecai picks it up)

Mordecai: Alright, so far I've kept my mind clear.

Rigby: Oh, no. Dude, I'm really sorry.

Mordecai: What did you do, Rigby?

Rigby: It just popped into my head: My greatest fear! (Screaming) amusement park mascots!

(Mordecai opens his eyes to see a guy in a rabbit costume in front of him)

Mordecai: What-- ahh!

(Mordecai takes off running and panting. A shark floats by as Mordecai is chased by the mascots)

Mordecai: A shark? That's one of Benson's fears!

Rigby: I'm scared of other people's fears now, too! Like flying disc free-stylers! Skips was right! They are creepy!

(Mordecai screams as he runs from the flying disc free-stylers, the sharks, and the mascots. Mordecai refills that spaceship's gas tank and gets into the ship)

Mordecai: Gogogogogo! What?! Where's the key? Where's the key?

(The camera shows the monsters swarming around the ship as it zooms in to a flying disc free-styler holding the key the screen then fades to black and we hear a final scream from the guys. End of "Fear Planet")

Skips: And then, more flying disc free-stylers show up and they hit them and they hit them and they hit them!

Mordecai: Skips, was this just your way of saying you don't like flying disc free-stylers

Skips: They're wobbly and unpredictable. Who knows where that disc will end up?

Rigby: Did it scare you, Recap?

Part 2

Mordecai pours out a cereal that only contains one piece of cereal. Mordecai and Rigby split it and eat it.

Muscle Man: Bros!? There's 8 hungry people living here! Did you seriously just split that "O" once?

Later during interviews

Mordecai: So, do you have a lot of guests over?

Muscle Man: I mean, not that we're opposed to visitors.

Eileen: We just have a lot of people living here already so...

Giant Alien Spider: [mumbles] I'm pregnant!

Pops: Would you say you like to spend most of your time out on the town, or are you home more?

Space Sea Monkey: More time at home. I'm really into scrapbooking, I always keep a lock of hair from the roommates I eat.

Rigby: What kind of activities do you enjoy?

Victorian Alien: [in an alien language, translated] The art of conversation, singing, telling jokes. I also make my own cheese.

Benson: Well. That's the last of 'em. All in favor of robbing the space bank in lieu of getting a new roommate.

All: Aye!

Muscle Man: Hey, it looks like there's one more.

[Shannon appears out of thin air]

Benson: Uh. Hello!

[Shannon stands quietly]

Benson: Okay, lets get down to the interview then. Do you have any weird habits we should know about?

[Shannon still stands, with a wide expression on her face]

High Five Ghost: Do you like, play the bassoon in the middle of the night or anything?

[Shannon stands with a disgusted look on her face]

Benson: Can you pay the rent?

[Shannon pulls a handful of money from behind her back, with an angered look]

Benson: Huddle!

[All huddle]

Mordecai: I don't know, she seems kind of creepy.

Eileen: She doesn't seem to be the most articulate gal.

Benson: But, she can pay the rent.

[All agree and disband]

Benson: When can you move in?

[A box labeled 'Shannon Acidbutt's Stuff' magically appears in her arms, Shannon walks to the house.]

Benson: So were going to need the deposit up front...

Shannon: [grunts and slams the money in Benson's face]

Rigby (narrating): Shannon had everything we were looking for in a roommate. But it didn't take long to realize that we might have made a mistake.

[The next morning, upstairs, outside the bathroom, everyone waits on Shannon in the bathroom]

Pops: Hello, Shannon, do you think you might be finished with your shower soon?

Rigby: Yeah!

Muscle Man: Don't make me wash my chimi's in the kitchen sink again amiga.

[Downstairs in the garage]

Benson: Can someone please tell my we there is a soda can in the trash and soiled tissues in recycling!

[Shannon spins chore wheel]

[Skips in the bathroom and sees Shannon didn't flush]

Skips: Gaahh!

[Skips tries to flush it down and grabs the plunger]

Muscle Man: Hey, has anyone seen my sandwich nibblers? Or my chippy squares? Or my creamy nugs?

[Shannon is seen at the table as the one who ate Muscle Man's food and burps]

Skips: You know, the plunger is right next to the toilet, it's not that complicated!

[Shannon spins chore wheel again]

[Shannon is seen on the couch watching "Carter and Briggs" and eating chips with a mess on the floor]

Shannon: [grumbles happily]

[Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen are on the stairs watching Shannon]

Mordecai: I can't believe this!

Eileen: All she ever does is binge watch Carter and Briggs!

Rigby: I haven't been able to do any of my TV stuff all week!

Rigby (narrating): Shannon tried to make up for her shortcomings in other ways.

[Shannon is seen given money to Pops for waiting for her to finish, giving money to Muscle Man for eating his food, giving money to Benson for improper recycling, replaces the chore wheel for a wad of money, and giving money to Skips for not flushing the toilet]

Rigby (narrating): But it wasn't enough, it was time to kick her out.

[Shannon is on the couch while everyone stares angrily at her]

Benson: Shannon, were not gonna take your dirty money any more, we got to talk to you about a few things.

Shannon: [turns around and grumbles angrily at Benson]

Mordecai: Hey Shannon!

[Shannon keeps watching Carter and Briggs]

Rigby: We're trying to talk to you!

Muscle Man: You have to leave Shannon!

[Shannon keeps ignoring them and watches TV]

Muscle Man: Ugh. She's not listening to us at all!

[Muscle Man walks over and turns off the TV]

[Shannon yells out in anger an flips the coffee table over]

[Shannon punches Skips in the face three times]

[A flower pot it thrown at her]

Eileen: (frightened) Stay back!