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Terror Tales of the Park V is the ninth episode of Season 7 (and one hundred ninetieth overall) of Regular Show. It aired on October 29, 2015.


Benson tries to spice up the park's annual Halloween party by renting a wish making machine.

Mr. Boss Man: Benson purchases a doll from TV that he hopes will make Mordecai and Rigby work.

WerePops: Pops and the other park workers trial on a werewolf.

Going Up: Hi-Five Ghost gets stuck in an elevator while visiting Celia.

Chocolatude: Mordecai and Rigby are taken into an old hag's house and uncover a big secret.



The episode starts with Muscle Man, High-Five Ghost, Thomas, and Johnny Skydiver launching pumpkins with a catapult.  In the house, Eileen talks to a broom and Audrey takes a picture of Quips while everone else's mingles. Moments later, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost come into Benson's office where Benson tells them (and everyone else, already inside) about the wishing machine.  Everyone looks disinterested, but Benson insists that they stay and that he would not let his deposit go to waste; to demonstrate, Benson wishes that he could motivate Mordecai and Rigby at work. Racki the Wishmaker then says, "A hard worker is all you desire, so to their backside let us add some fire." Racki's and Benson's eyes glow red while he laughs maniacally, and the first story begins.  

Mr. Boss Man (Benson's Wish)

Mordecai and Rigby are seen sitting on the couch watching TV. There is an advertisement for a "Salad Guillotine" (Off with your head... of lettuce!) that Mordecai and Rigby suddenly want. Benson comes in and makes Mordecai and Rigby do their work. Suddenly, another commercial airs where the same person from the previous ad is advertising a puppet named "Mr. Boss Man." The phone number is shown after Benson tells the TV to show it, and he calls in to order a puppet. Throughout the story, every time the duo is caught slacking and Benson uses Mr. Boss Man to tell them to get back to work, they feel creeped out, and he always insists it's not him telling them, but the puppet. At one point, Mr. Boss Man insults Mordecai about relationships and Rigby about his stuttering (when he tries to stand up for him). As Benson walks away, saying he is a good boss, the puppet turns to look at him... uh oh. Later on, while Benson is asleep, MBM keeps telling him how to sleep and he complies until he is told to pack up and never come back. Now Benson is awake and sees MBM fall onto the floor. Annoyed, he goes over to pick him up, only to have him turn his head 180° and yells "THIS IS MY HOUSE NOW!", causing Benson to scream and throw him against the wall. Then MBM says that Benson doesn't need this job because he was the one motivating the workers and he had to support his family (who are standing at the window). MBM's head spins wildly as Benson runs away, trying to crack his head between the door which doesn't work fully. Eventually, Benson makes it to the house and runs in on Mordecai and Rigby using the guillotine and yells that he's trying to kill him. Right after that, the puppet launches himself through the glass of the window and onto Benson, who screams, "Get this dummy off of me!" The duo try kicking him off which doesn't work, so they suggest using the guillotine. Benson launches MBM right into the opening, and the puppet screams they don't have the guts (or chimichangas, to be specific) to drop the blade, being proven wrong when Benson walks over and does it himself. The head is still talking about excape while Benson compliments the duo on their quick thinking and smarts, which, funny enough, was the scary part of the story for him.

Interlude 1

Benson snaps back to it, saying "I'd never say something like that!" when his eyes are normal again. Mordecai asks him what happened and he explains what happened and wants to stop but pops steps up and makes his wish to travel.

Werepops (Pops's Wish)

The park gang is seen in a courthouse on Halloween for jury duty and they are trying a werewolf for murder. He tries to convince them he’s innocent, but they have evidence he murdered. Pops asks to use the restroom to which the judge grants him permission. John asks as well and gets permission as well. The judge and a guard wonder if that was a good idea. John asks for toilet paper and uses the whole roll to pops horror and then attacks him and escapes to go to London. The guard enters and sees pops has turned into a werewolf. He tries to explain but the guard uses a whistle causing pops to run into a wall and fall unconscious. When he comes through he sees he’s been framed. He explained what happened and while they believe him they still wish to arrest him. He attacks a guard and escapes but the people turn into an angry mob and chase him. He arrives at the airport. He escapes the mob by entering a plane and sees its the same one John is on. They show no hard feelings towards each other and the passengers are revealed to be werewolves.

Interlude 2

Pops happily dances after returning to reality. Mordecai asks if Racki is scary or lame to which the machine says he’s scary. Hi five ghost then decides to make his wish albeit reluctantly and benson says go ahead. Fives says anyone can go but rigby insists. He wishes to meet up with Celia.

Going Up (Fives's Wish)

Fives is seen outside the apartment complex Celia lives in with a bouquet of flowers in hand. He refuses to take the steps when he sees the address is on the 36th floor so he decides to take the elevator. He encounters a repairman adding the finishing touches on the elevator and tells fives he just finished after the ghost asks. He tells them to have fun and fives tells his plan as the door closes. Suddenly the elevator stops but while scared he doesn’t panic and sees the intercom and asks for help. The repairman asks if he wants to listen to music and fives says yes but the music is creepy. Fives asks to change it. It becomes romantic and fives asks to turn it off but no answer. Fives starts to worry when The repairman says sorry as the smooth jazz was loud and says it should be working but it suddenly gets out of control. The flowers get damaged but he makes it to his destination and the repairman once again says sorry for pressing the wrong button. He tells him to have fun. He encounters Celia and gives her the flowers but she is happy despite being wrecked. She asks who he was talking to. He says he was chatting with the repairman man and recommends to get his email. Celia tells him he died 40 years prior. They joke until he remembers the elevator. They check and see the repairman reveal his ghostly true self scaring fives and he grabs him much to the couples horror as the elevator crashes killing both fives and the undead repairman.

Interlude 3

Fives is seen panicking as muscle man runs over and snaps him out. Fives says it felt real. Benson believes they had enough for one evening but rigby decides to make his wish saying he was popular and racki pulls everyone in.

Chocolatude (Rigby's Wish)

We see Mordecai and Rigby trick or treating and everyone loves Rigby’s costume. Soon some teenagers arrive and tease him causing the two to realize the costume wasn’t done yet. They also mock mordecai but rigby defends him by saying it’s cold. The teens tell them to get some candy from the creepy house. They reluctantly do so and rigby scares mordecai and they get some which impresses the teenagers. Soon the door starts opening and the teenagers back slowly. Mordecai and Rigby laugh unaware that two green hands reaching out. The teenagers run as the hands grab them. The hands are revealed to belong to a woman dressed as a witch. She interrogates them saying the thought they could take more candy. The nervously try to answer but she gives them chocolate shaped like body parts. They start eating some and she jokes a bit. The complement her chocolate and she explains it’s homemade. She activates a machine. They get scared and stop eating when they see mordecai is turning into chocolate thus revealing that the woman actually is a witch. The witch tosses mordecai into her machine which starts pulling him in. Rigby tries to save him but pulls a chocolate leg. He tries to escape but starts turning to chocolate. Everyone starts eating him even the teenagers join in and he smiles.


When reality comes back, everyone agrees that Racki is scary. They soon find him gone and see him trying to escape and see he stole stuff. His fellow wishmakers tell him to hurry. He sees the gang chase him and he decides to use a catapult to escape but it backfires and he breaks. The fortune telling machines drive in horror. They joke about it but Racki gets the last laugh because Benson won’t get his deposit back. Benson screams and suddenly reveals he’s actually in a store before he rented him. An employee walks up and asks how his wish went. Benson says it was terrible and unsurprisingly refuses to rent it for fear of not getting his deposit back. He then decides to get the streamers. The employee angrily tells Racki no one will rent him if all he does is scare customers. He suggests the worker should be fired but is interrupted by being unplugged with the man calling him a dumb rapping robot.


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  • This marks the fifth installment of the Terror Tales of the Park series.
  • This Terror Tales of the Park episode has four stories instead of the usual three and the main characters do not tell their stories.
  • During the first commercial break, the TV trailer for, "Regular Show: The Movie," aired.
  • Pops is the only one satisfied with his wish.
  • "Going Up" is the only story that only focuses on just one of the main characters, in this case, Hi-Five Ghost.
  • In "Going Up", both the hotel lights and the elevator lights create a skull pattern.
  • This is the first and only Terror Tales of the Park special where Hi Five Ghost has a story.
  • The guests at the Halloween party include: Eileen, Thomas, Johnny Skydiver, Quips, Monica, and Yuji.

Pop Culture References

  • Racki The Wishmaker was based from a real life fortune teller machine, it was called Zoltar - a fortune teller that cost more than 8,000 US dollars.
  • Rigby says "Thank you, Mario." which is reference to the Super Mario series.
  • The guys' costumes are references to real and fictional characters. Mordecai is the martial artist, Bruce Lee, Rigby is M. Bison from Street Fighter, Benson is Sherlock Holmes, Pops is The Fourth Doctor from Doctor Who, Skips is John Rambo from First Blood, Muscle Man is Snake Plissken from Escape from New York and High Five Ghost is Willow Ufgood from Willow.
    • Muscle Man's costume also looks similar to Hoss Delgado from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and the No Rules Man from "House Rules."
  • Eileen is dressed up as Kiki from the Studio Ghibli film, Kiki's Delivery Service, evident by the broom, black cloak, and over-sized bow.
  • Thomas and Johnny Skydiver are dressed as Sub-Zero II/Kuai Liang/Thundra from Mortal Kombat and Ted Logan from Bill and Ted respectively.
  • A party-goer seen to the right of the man in the shark costume when Quips is being put into the stockade is dressed like Raoul Duke from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  • When Rigby tries to save Mordecai from the machine and pulls a leg, it calls back the 1988 version of The Blob.
  • Mr. Bossman seems to be based from a character Slappy the Dummy from the Goosebumps novels, created by R.L Stine.
  • When the werewolf says he's going to London, it's a reference to the John Landis film An American Werewolf in London.
  • "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon played in this episode at the end of "Werepops."
  • Two of the girls eating the chocolate Rigby are dressed up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid and the famous Mexican self-portrait artist Frida Kahlo.
  • Mr. Bossman's son is dressed similarly like Chucky from the Child's Play movie franchise.

Production Notes

  • This is the last episode where John Infantino, who was supervising director for Seasons 2-6, had written on the show, though it was not the last episode production wise, as "The Dome Experiment" was his last credited episode.


  • Mordecai refers to the leaves he was cutting as lettuce, despite it being cabbage.
  • In Hi-Five Ghost's story when he was trapped in the elevator, as revealed in See You There, he could just go through the elevator and hover to floor 36.
  • When Rigby fell over after turning completely into chocolate, his eyes were halfway closed. However, when the teenagers began to eat him, his eyes are open all the way.