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Part 1

(We see two kids from High Score egging Skips's House and laughing, until the glare of Benson's Cart's headlights alarm them. Benson then steps out of his cart.)

Benson: Private property boys, hit the road. 

Kid: Is that... Are you a cop?

Benson: I'm not a cop, I'm your worst nightmare. (The kids throw eggs at Benson, but he dodges them)  Hey! Hey, stop it!

Kid: Nice costume, loser! 

(The kids both laugh, pick up their bags and run away. Then Benson goes back to his cart and starts chasing them. Scene pans to Pops' House, where a Halloween party is going on. The scene changes to various parts of the house filled with guests doing various activities; one man is sliding down the banister of the stairs.)

Man: Happy Hallow- (Falls off of the banister. Scene changes to Thomas telling a story to the other park workers, except for Pops and Benson.)

Thomas: But the maniac was calling from outside the house! Wait, is that right? I mean, I mean, inside the house! (The other park workers groan at the story and throw their soda cans at him)

Muscle Man: Bad Thomas, bad! Seriously, that made my ears sad, bro. 

Mordecai: There's no way you're winning the bet. (Pops walks over)

Pops: Bet?

Skips: Yeah, Pops, whoever tells the scariest story wins the pot; our Halloween candy!

Pops: Ooh!

Rigby: And whoever tells the worst story, probably Thomas, has to wear their costume until Thanksgiving.

Pops: Oh ho ho ho! What a humdinger of a bet!

Mordecai: Your turn, Rigby. Candy up!

Rigby: Hmph. Hmph. (Rigby pours his candy on the pile) Okay. We open on Mordecai eating cereal.

Killer Bed (as told by Rigby)

(Mordecai is eating cereal when Rigby walks in with a box)

Rigby: Aww, yeah!

Mordecai: What is that?

Rigby: Today I am a man, Mordecai! My trampoline days are over! I ordered a real bed with pillow covers and everything!

Mordecai: What the- How did you afford it?

Rigby: I've been saving up all year! Every time I found a penny, instead of hucking it into traffic, I put into a jar.

Mordecai: Those things are impossible to put together, dude.

Rigby: Whatever, I'm a man now, and men build things. Besides, it comes with tools.

Mordecai: Pfft. Good luck.

Rigby: I don't need luck, cause it's gonna be easy. (Rigby opens the box and paper and debris come out. Rigby unfolds the paper and reads it.) Hmmm, hmmm. So easy.

1 hour later

Rigby: Done! (Bed falls to pieces)

4 hours later

(Rigby is hammering his bed)

8 hours later

Rigby: Done! (Camera scrolls onto a dirty Skips) Thanks for your help, Skips.

Skips: Yeah, don't mention it. (Leaves the room)

Rigby: All right. Time to try this baby out! (Rigby jumps onto the bed) Oh, yeah. (Rigby turns the TV on)

News Reporter: Have you purchased a bed recently?

Rigby: Yes.

News Reporter: It may have been a fatal mistake. During a shootout with police, dangerous murderer Johnny Allenwrench, identifiable by his gold tooth, fell into a UMAK machine and was manufactured into a bed. Due to a clerical error, it was shipped out to stores. The company has issued a recall on all 'Killurgen' beds.

Rigby: I feel bad for the losers who got that one. (Camera zooms into the box that says KILLURGEN) I'm one of those losers!

News Reporter: And so, people with beds are at threat level: Beds. (Somebody gives the reporter a piece of paper) This just in, police forensic experts have tracked the specific bed with the murderer in it. If your bed has the following SKU, you are sleeping on a killer. (Camera zooms onto the bed SKU, scrolling as the reporter reads out the number) 623570406.... umm, well, this last number's kind of smudged, I can't really make it out. It's an... 8! An 8.

Rigby: NOOOO!

(Johnny cackles, swallowing Rigby with the duvet. Cut to the kitchen, where the groundskeepers are playing cards.)

Muscle Man: What's the deal with Rigby?

Mordecai: Oh, he got a new bed or something. Nobody cares, dude!

(Rigby is screaming, and rips the covers in half)

Rigby: I could use a little help, guys!

Mordecai: It's just a bed, dude! You sleep in it!

(Rigby is still screaming)

Mordecai: Urgh! That's it! (Throws his cards onto the table in anger, then walks up the stairs) Rigby! Stop messing around!

(Johnny spits Rigby onto the wall. Johnny grabs a wrench.)

Mordecai: What the...?! Rigby! Careful with that Allenwrench! (He tries to attack Johnny, but gets knocked back) Urgh! That was a firm mattress...

(The groundskeepers run in)

Benson: What's going on?

(Johnny grabs Rigby)

Johnny Allenwrench: Back off, man, or the kid gets wrenched!

(The guys gasp)

Mordecai: Dude, he's super strong, Benson.

Benson: Well I got powers, too. Powers of negotiation! Let Rigby go!

Johnny Allenwrench: You'll call the cops.

Benson: We won't call the cops if you let him go. Right guys?

Guys: Nah. No way.

Mordecai: Why would we?

Johnny Allenwrench: I've been on the run for so long. I'm just tired, man.

Benson: Look, I'm the park manager here. I can give you a job.

Johnny Allenwrench: You'd do that? You'd do that for old Johnny Allenwrench?

Benson: Yeah. You won't have to run anymore.

(Johnny drops his wrench and lets Rigby go. The groundskeepers cheer.)

(Benson shakes Johnny's hand in agreement)

Benson: You'll start tomorrow.

The Next Day

(Johnny is watering the flowers and humming)

Rigby: NOW!

(All of the groundskeepers, except Benson and Rigby, attack Johnny with axes)

Benson: Way to plan that ambush, Rigby.

Rigby: Way to lie to his face, Benson.

Benson: Hey, it's called negotiating.

(He and Rigby laugh)

Benson: Rigby, you're getting ALL the promotions.

(He high fives Rigby)

Rigby: YES!!

PROMOTION! (Rock music plays)

Muscle Man: Wait, did he just say Rigby was getting ALL the promotion—

THE END (Rock music plays again. End of "Killer Bed".)

Rigby: (He mimics the rock music) Now that's a story, fools!

(Everyone except Muscle Man agrees)

Muscle Man: Eh, I can do better.

Rigby: What?! Why don't you put your candy where your mouth is.

Muscle Man: So you want me to eat it?

Rigby: No! I mean put it on the table.

Muscle Man: That's what I thought you meant.

Rigby: Then do it then!

Muscle Man: I will! (Muscle Man pours his candy on the pile) This one's gonna make you have to change your chonies.

Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern (as told by Muscle Man)

(Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost are finishing smashing pumpkins)

Rigby: Man, disposing all of these pumpkins is the best job Benson ever gave us. (He smashes a pumpkin)

Muscle Man: It's times like this, I know I'm in the right profession. (He smashes a pumpkin)

Mordecai: Oh man, last one. (A huge pumpkin is sitting right next to them)

Rigby: How do we even... I mean, what do we even...

Muscle Man: I know what to do.

(Muscle Man drives a cart and smashes the last pumpkin, eventually heading into some fog as the gang laugh)

Hi-Five Ghost: Hey, where are we?

Mordecai: I don't know it looks like some kind of... (They approach a pumpkin patch) abandoned pumpkin patch?

Muscle Man: Alright, bros, we hit the jackpot! This party just got a whole lot pumpkiny-er!

Mordecai: Are you sure we're supposed to smash these? This is pretty far away.

Muscle Man: I take my orders very seriously. Benson said all the pumpkins.

Rigby: Woah, check that out.

(They see two pumpkin scarecrows dressed like pilgrims on two poles)

Muscle Man: (To the pumpkin scarecrows) Hey, where did you get those clothes? Out of my mom's trash? (Laughs)

Mordecai: Dude, what are you doing?

Muscle Man: This is the perfect time to brush up on my crowd work. (To the pumpkin scarecrows) Hey, it's just a joke. You seem a little stuck up. Stuck up on that pole!

(As Muscle Man is making jokes, Rigby walks over to the scarecrows and reads a plaque that has been placed between them.)

Rigby: "Smash all you want, but leave these two pumpkin lovers alone". Aw, man. That just makes me wanna smash 'em more!

Muscle Man: Then let's do it! It's the Circle of Life, or whatever.

Mordecai: I think we should go...

(Everbody starts complaining)

Hi-Five Ghost: Awwww...

Muscle Man: What?

Rigby: But we're supposed to!

Mordecai: ...Go smash these pumpkins!

Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, & Rigby: That's what I thought!

(The gang knocks the female pumpkin scarecrow down with rocks, laughing)

Muscle Man: Alright, I got this one. (He jumps on the female scarecrow and smashes her, which is shown in slow motion. This causes debris to splatter all over the male scarecrow.)

Mordecai & Rigby: (In slow motion) WOAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

(Muscle Man high fives Fives)

Muscle Man: Now go for the dude!

Hi-Five Ghost: Haha, okay.

Mordecai, Rigby, & Muscle Man: Fives! Fives! Fives!

Hi-Five Ghost: Uuuuhhhhhhhhh.........

Muscle Man: Just do it bro!

Hi-Five Ghost: Okay, I'll just grab his head now.

(As Fives is about to grab the male scarecrow's head, he comes to life and grabs Fives's arms. Fives screams in terror.)

Scarecrow: YOU! (Fives screams and Fire is coming out of his mouth and eyes) You smashed my hot wife! (The fire fades out, revealing his glowing red eyes and mouth) Now you will reap what you've sown!

Mordecai: Fives, just phase through, man!

(Before Fives can do that, however, the scarecrow turns him into a solid pumpkin) 

Scarecrow: You boys want to smash some pumpkins? Let's smash some pumpkins! (He smashes Hi-Five Ghost and collects the seeds)

(The guys scream. Muscle Man quickly puts his hands over his mouth to stop himself from throwing up. The scarecrow laughs evilly.)

Muscle Man: Scatter! (The gang run away into a cornfield in separate paths, making the scarecrow follow one of them) Serpentine. Serpentine!

(The scarecrow continues to follow one of them. Mordecai is running and eventually decides to hide behind a mini tractor. The scarecrow can tell somebody is nearby, but before he can make sure of it, he hears Rigby scream.)

Rigby: (Off-screen) MORDECAI! WHERE ARE YOU?!

(The scarecrow begins to follows the sound. Mordecai tries to escape, but only rams into the scarecrow, who is standing right behind him. The scarecrow snarls as Mordecai screams. Mordecai is about to get away, but the scarecrow grabs his ankle and turns him into a pumpkin.)

Mordecai: Not the face!

Scarecrow: I hope you like, SQUASH! (He stomps on pumpkin Mordecai, squashing him. He then collects the seeds.)

(Meanwhile, Rigby runs into a barn and slides the door close)

Rigby: There's no way he can get me in here!

(Right after he says this, the scarecrow punches a hole through the door)

Scarecrow: Gotcha!

(Rigby climbs up a ladder and runs for an open window. The scarecrow tries to catch him, but fails. Rigby looks down and sees that he is very high up. The scarecrow continues to crawl after Rigby.)

Rigby: Remember to roll.

(He jumps out of the window, but the scarecrow manages to grab his tail. Rigby is then turned into a pumpkin.)

Scarecrow: Got a ripe one here! Just in time for, FALL!

(He drops pumpkin Rigby, causing him to splatter on the ground below. The scarecrow collects the seeds.)

(Muscle Man is shown runing into some reeds, but he trips on a branch. The reeds are still rustling, causing Muscle Man to get up and run away. He's in a circle in the middle of the cornfield, and he squeals as the reeds continue to rustle.)

Muscle Man: Show yourself! (He hears the scarecrow laugh when the reeds started rustling again. He repeatedly punches the air in front of him, as if the scarecrow was there. He then bumps into the scarecrow.) Please, bro, let me go. I didn't know that sign was serious.

Scarecrow: Of course it was! She was my soul mate.

Muscle Man: You'll find someone else.

Scarecrow: You think it's that easy to meet someone else!? Don't get me started on dating! (He grabs Muscle Man and turns him into a solid pumpkin as he laughs) Now, it's time to join your pump kin! (short pause) Wait, does that even make sense? (He snarls and throws Muscle Man onto the ground, squashing him. He then bends down to collect the seeds. He walks away with the seeds, eventually tossing them all up in the air and into the ground.) That'll teach 'em. (He chuckles evilly as he returns to his pole)

(The scene fades to the next day, where a pumpkin patch ceremony is happening)

Child: (Sees the scarecrow) That's a weird-looking scarecrow.

Woman: Yeah.

Kid: Mommy, Mommy, I want one of these!

Kid's mom: Ohhhhhh.....

Pumpkin Muscle Mans: Kid, you don't want one of us. There's some choice ones over there.

Pumpkin Rigbys: Um, I'm not ripe!

Pumpkin Hi-Five Ghosts: Uhhhhh, me neither!

(The pumpkin gang argues as the scarecrow laughs evilly in the background before winking. End of "Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern")

Muscle Man: WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Now that was a story, ladies!

Rigby: Boring!

(The guys disagree on Muscle Man's story)

Muscle Man: You guys just don't get to twist ending. It's supposed to be ironic.

Rigby: You're lucky Thomas's story was such a pile, or you'd be stuck in that costume for weeks.

Skips: What are you supposed to be, anyway?

Muscle Man: Peanut butter on bread, bro. I even used the real deal. (He scoops a little peanut butter off his belly) Anybody hungry?

Mordecai: Aww, sick!

Rigby: That's the Thomas's story of costumes.

Muscle Man: Shut it! You haven't seen the whole thing. Hey, Starla!

(Her head comes out of a bucket of water intended for apple bobbing. She then walks over to him.)

Starla: Hi, Mitch.

Muscle Man: Do you prefer creamy or chunky? (He places a giant lunch bag over top of them and they kiss, causing peanut butter and jelly to leak out of the bag)

Rigby: Anybody else have a story?

(We cut to black. End of "Terror Tales of the Park III, Part 1")

Part 2

(Benson enters the house with the bag of candy from the two kids)

Benson: (Sighs) What a night, at least I made it to the...huh? Aw, what, I missed the party?

Muscle Man: Not technically. The party is only over when Scottie leaves, isn't that right Scottie?!

Scottie: (Eating a bowl of chips) Yeah, man.

Benson: Ugh! Unbelievable! This is what I get for doing your chores.

Rigby: Dude, is that candy?

Benson: Confiscated candy I got from a couple of park hooligans, no thanks to you. What are you guys even doing, anyway?

Pops: We're playing a scary story game. Whoever tells the best scary story wins everyone's Halloween candy.

Muscle Man: And who ever tells the lamest story has to wear their costume until Thanksgiving dinner. Thomas! (He pretends to cough)

Thomas: You got a cold, Muscle Man?

Mordecai: So how about it, Benson, are you in?

Rigby: Yeah, you got anything better than that costume?

(Benson gives them a glare and throws the candy bag on the table)

Benson: It all took place during a morning meeting, just like any other morning meeting.

The Previous Owner (as told by Benson)

(The guys are having a morning meeting)

Benson: Well, I guess that just about does it. Hanging the Halloween signs, the pumpkins... oh yeah, there is one more thing. We should all get out of here, because there's gonna be a 200 year old poltergeist in the house tonight.

Mordecai: Poltergeist? Are you serious?

Rigby: That sounds awesome!

Benson: No, not awesome. Remember all those things people were saying back in the 1980s? (He counts some off on his fingers) Like bogus, righteous, and wigging out? Well, there was actually a guy saying them 200 years ago, (A flashback sequence begins) and his name was Jebediah Townhouse. He was the previous owner of the house, and everything he ever said or did was two-hundred years ahead of its time.

Jebediah Townhouse: Yo, yo what up, what up what's popping unlocking homies.

(Everyone looks at each other as Jebediah Townhouse begins to dance)

Bensons: Because he was so ahead of its time the town folks knew it could only mean one thing.

Man #1: Witch!

(The mob begins to surround Jebediah Townhouse as he continues to dance when an 80s instrumental piece sounding like MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This plays. Later he goes all the way on top of the house as the clouds begin to turn dark grayish black)

Jebediah Townhouse: Can't touch me up here suckers!

Man #2: Get down Jebediah so we can kill you, you witch!

Man #1: Come now no need for harsh words. Brother Townhouse, please come down here so that we may kill you.

Jebediah Townhouse: I'll show all Y'all. I'm gonna come back in two-hundred years and everybody is going to be talking like me, I'll be the king of the world. (Jebediah Townhouse begins to spin on the top of the center of the house. As he stops lightning appears in front of him) Boom!

Man #1: But we'll all be long gone in two-hundred years!

Jebediah Townhouse: Oh, uh? Well, I'll just kill whoever is in my house then. Boom! (His body turns dark red and melts in the house)

Benson: He fused his soul into the house. Silently waiting for two-hundred to return.

(The thunderclaps in the house as the image of Jebediah Townhouse's face appears and he laughs evilly as the flashback ends)

Benson: Tonight's the night he comes back. So, we should all get out of here before it gets dark. maybe if Jebediah Townhouse doesn't see anybody, he'll go away.

Muscle Man: Pfft lame.

Rigby: (Giggles) If you wanted the house to yourself you can just ask.

Mordecai: Yeah Benson that story doesn't make any sense.

Benson: Well sense or no sense he's coming. There are plenty of documents down of hall of records that back this up. (He packs his suit case and puts it inside his car)

Mordecai & Rigby: Benson's superstitious, Benson's superstitious. He's oh-so very scared, he's shaking in his britches.

Benson: Yes, very scared. (closes the door and puts his sunglasses on) That's why I'm leaving and so should you. Trust me, it's your only chance for survival. (He turns on the car and leaves)

Muscle Man: Dudes, dudes, I just got an idea. We should all come back tonight and see who can stay in the house the longest.

Rigby: Oh yeah now we're talking.

Mordecai: We should make it a little more interesting.

Muscle Man: How so?

Mordecai: We should all put in twenty bucks and then whoever stays the longest can keep all the money.

Rigby: Wait, wait that's like. (He counts the guys) a hundred bucks.

Mordecai: Yeaa-uhh.

Rigby: Alright let's do it.

(The scene cuts to see lightning in dark skies. We get to see Pops' room. Pops is in his bed having trouble sleeping as he goes to sleep. Suddenly he hears his record turning on as he cover his ears. Suddenly the record scratches as it stops. Pops gets out of his bed, turns off the record and goes back to sleep. Suddenly he hears a voice)

Jebediah Townhouse: Pops. (Jebediah Townhouse is seen in the record as he turns around and looks at Pops) What up, Pops!

(Pops screams in terror. We cut to see Mordecai and Rigby playing video games)

Rigby: Where you at, where you at?

(They hear Pops screaming in terror running downstairs)

Mordecai: Dude, Pops, what's wrong?

Pops: J.. Jebediah Townhouse. He spoke to me in my phonograph.

Mordecai: Dude, Pops, Jebediah Townhouse isn't real.

Rigby: Yeah. If your trying to scare us to get the hundred bucks, it's not gonna work.

Pops: But I don't want the hundred dollars, (He takes out his wallet with a few Butterscotch Ripples) I'm already rich.

(Suddenly the TV turns off and lights turn off as well)

Rigby: Aw, come on, we're about to put the hurt on that fool.

Mordecai: Alright, everyone stay cool.

(Mordecai opens the desk, picks up the flashlight and turns it on. Suddenly they heard a strange noise)

Rigby: What's that noise?

(They walk outside of the hallway, the light shows the door and the strange noise is heard again)

Pops: It's him, it's Jebediah Townhouse!

Rigby: Oh no, dude, you might be right Pops, he's come to get you!

(Pops screams in terror. Rigby starts laughing and gets punched by Mordecai)

Mordecai: Knock it off, dude. It's probably nothing. (The door suddenly begins to knock) Rigby, go open the door.

Rigby: No, you go, I don't want whatever is out there killing me so I don't get my hundred bucks.

Mordecai: Alright, we'll all go.

(Mordecai picks up a golf club, Rigby brings another golf club when he opens it in the bag. They walk toward the door, Mordecai gulps and looks outside of the window. Suddenly a figure looking like Jebediah Townhouse pops out of the window. Mordecai screams, the figure opens the door. The three guys scream in terror. Mordecai and Rigby start beating the figure with their golf clubs. The figure is revealed to be Muscle Man in disguise with a garbage pail on his head and High Five Ghost was in the garbage pail)

Muscle Man: What's your deal, bros?!

Mordecai: Dude, Muscle Man, you scared us to death!

Rigby: What's your problem?!

Muscle Man: Just having a little fun, bro. You don't think I was gonna come over and not try to scare you. Pfft, that hundred bucks is as good as mine.

Rigby: Dude, what were you wearing on your head?

Muscle Man: Fives doesn't have a rain coat, so I'm covering him from this storm with this garbage pail. Geez you don't have to go crazy on me with the golf clubs. Now let's see who can stay in the house the longest.

Mordecai: Ugh, fine.

(We cut the scene to see the storm outside of the window blowing the curtains, with the guys playing the board game Muscle Man was wrapped up with that blanket as High Five Ghost hits the clock line swirling it and stops to 8 as he moves the board game character)

Muscle Man: Nice. You're probably gonna win. Your turn Pops.

(Pops hits the clock line swirling and stops to 9 as Pops gets happy. Suddenly the line starts to swirl by itself and hits to 6. The camera shows Jebediah Townhouse climbing on the escalator and looks at Pops and he screams in horror)

Pops: It's him. (Points at the board game) It's Jebediah Townhouse!

Mordecai: Where? I don't see anything.

Rigby: Yeah, you're freaking me out, Pops.

Muscle Man: Ugh! I can't take this. All this scary stuff is making me hungry. Come on, Fives.

(He removes the blanket and the two walk away to the kitchen with Muscle Man holding the burning candle)

Muscle Man: I wonder if they have anymore of those frozen burritos.

High Five Ghost: Yeah, that'l be awesome.

Muscle Man: Bean and cheese, beef and bean, green chili.

(Muscle Man opens on top of the refrigerator revealed to be the face of Jebediah Townhouse)

Jebediah Townhouse: Yo yo! Ice to meet you fool!

(Muscle Man gasps as Jebediah Townhouse stretches the refrigerator as he's about to eat them but the two run away)

Muscle Man: What the?

(Jebediah Townhouse laughs in the oven)

Jebediah Townhouse: What's cooking Home Skillet.

Muscle Man: Home Skillet? Nobody ever says that anymore. You're a couple decades too late with that bro.

Jebediah Townhouse: Oh yeah? Well, why you on the hot grill?

(Fire comes out of him as Muscle Man and High Five Ghost scream in horror as the other guys on the coffee table playing board games hear them)

Rigby: Ugh! He's probably eaten our food.

Mordecai: He's probably just trying to scare us. You better not be eating all our burritos, dude. (Mordecai opens the door holding another burning candle and walks in the kitchen to search for Muscle Man & HFG) Muscle Man? Fives? (He looks at the oven and Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are revealed to be turned into brownies. Mordecai yells and runs back to Rigby and Pops) We gotta get out of here. It's real. Muscle Man and High Fives both have been turned into brownies!

Pops: Aaah, I knew it. We're done for!

Rigby: Whoa, Whoa wait just hang on a second. If Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are both brownies, then technically we get more money, right?

Mordecai: Yeah you're right. We should just try to stick this out.

(Rigby hums. Suddenly Jebediah Townhouse pops out of the board game)

Jebediah Townhouse: Yeah!, stick it out to the Max!

(Mordecai, Rigby and Pops scream)

Mordecai: Wait, the Max? What?

Rigby: Hey, nobody talks like that anymore man.

Jebediah Townhouse: What? Nah, you guys are bugging.

Mordecai: What is this guy even...

Jebediah Townhouse: When you wigging out, you know? I mean, you guys are totally bogus.

Rigby: (Points at Jebediah Townhouse) No we don't know, 'cause no one talks like that anymore bro.

Jebediah Townhouse: Oh yeah? Well, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

Mordecai: RUN!

(The guys run for their lives as Jebediah Townhouse chases after them but suddenly gets stuck by the empty door beam)

Jebediah Townhouse: Hey, yo get back here fools! I know where you live!

Mordecai: Aaah! We gotta get out of here!

(Jebediah Townhouse's head pops out of the door)

Jebediah Townhouse: Jebediah is in the house!

(The guys scream in terror as they run upstairs but suddenly it turn into gums with teeth on top and a tongue. Pops beings to slip, Mordecai and Rigby hold on to the stair banister as Pops slides down to Jebediah Townhouse. He goes inside his mouth and and gets eaten by him)

Jebediah Townhouse: Aw Yeah, I gotta have my Pops.

(Mordecai and Rigby yell in horror)

Jebediah Townhouse: Time for some dessert.

Rigby: Come on dude let's go!

(They run up to the top of the hallway. Jebediah's head pops out of a window with heads as his eyes and mouth)

Jebediah Townhouse #1: Hey, you dummies don't have a hall pass!

Jebediah Townhouse #2: Yeah, you gotta have a hall pass, dummies!

(They all laugh as they charge towards Mordecai and Rigby as they scream in terror running towards the window)

Mordecai: Dude, the window! (He tries to open it but it doesn't open) It's stuck!

(Rigby beings to scare at Jebediah Townhouse is still laughing coming straight toward them)

Rigby: Wha.. What are we going to do?!

(Jebediah Townhouse still laughing charging toward them)

Mordecai: The attic! (Mordecai opens the attic with ladders come out of the attic)

Rigby: Hurry! (They climb fast as Rigby lost balance and falls down) MORDECAI! (Mordecai grabs Rigby on the leg) Pull me up, quick!

(Jebediah Townhouse continues laughing and charging Mordecai lifts Rigby right on time as Jebediah Townhouse crash in explosion blowing Mordecai and Rigby away)

Mordecai: Who are we kidding we shouldn't never done this.

Rigby: Yeah, I don't even know if I don't want a hundred bucks anymore.

(Jebediah Townhouse laughs as the beams on top of the attic turn into Jebediah Townhouse's arms and hands three Jebediahs come out of the knuckles)

Jebediah Townhouse #1: A hundred bucks? That's major moola.

Jebediah Townhouse #2: Since you don't want it.

Jebediah Townhouse #3: Can I just have it?

(Mordecai and Rigby scream in horror as they run towards the window)

Mordecai: Quick, up to the roof!

(As three Jebediah Townhouse laughs they made it outside of the window as an arm crashes outside of the window the climb on top the roof)

Mordecai: I think we're safe up here.

(Jebediah Townhouse's head pops out of the roof)

Jebediah Townhouse: Raise the roof, Y'all. (Mordecai and Rigby shock in terror as he shaking his head the left and right the two hold on his hair) Where my home boys at? Where my home boys at? There they at, There they at.

Rigby: Make it stop!

Mordecai: Dude, I can't take this guy anymore, forget the hundred bucks let's get out of here.

Rigby: Dude, no, it's to far to jump down!

Jebediah Townhouse: Hey my hair is totally tubular, get it, tubular!

Mordecai: Ugh, I'm going for it! (Mordecai jumps and yells)

Rigby: Mordecai! (Rigby jumps and joins Mordecai)

Jebediah Townhouse: Huh?

Mordecai: Eat on that Jebediah Townhouse!

Mordecai & Rigby: Oooooooooohhhhhh!

(Jebediah Townhouse's hands caught them)

Jebediah Townhouse: Oh, there it is!

(Jebediah Townhouse puts Mordecai & Rigby inside his mouth and eats them and burps but Benson burps. End of "The Previous Owner")

Benson: Excuse me, anyway that's my story.

(The guys love the story)

Mordecai: Dude, Benson, that was awesome.

Pops: I agree good show, a story like that deserves all the candy.

Muscle Man: Hear that Thomas looks like your stuck in your lame costume till Thanksgiving.

Thomas: Aw man.

Benson: Gee, guys, thanks! I'm glad you like it, because it's all true.

Rigby: Huh?

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Benson: Yep, it's all true (Flashback starts with mob holding torches and hay rake with the storm coming out of the sky and Jebediah Townhouse on top of the rooftop) Jebediah Townhouse actually existed and he actually vows to come back in two hundred years to hunt who ever was in the house, but not before signing deed over to Mr. Mallard.

Jebediah Townhouse: (Holding a deed) Sign this, boy.

(Young Mr Mallard sign his name with his pen)

Jebediah Townhouse: Shazam!

(The lightning hits Jebediah Townhouse and melts in the house)

Rigby: Come on, Benson are you being serious?

Benson: Yes, totally serious.

Mordecai: I don't know, guys, I think he's just messing with us.

Pops: (Talking in the phone) Hmm, yes hmm I see, yes goodbye. (He puts the phone back) Oh that was Papa, there is a Jebediah Townhouse.

(The guys gasp in horror)

Mordecai: Well, when is he suppose to show up?

Skips: Yeah, shouldn't we get out of here or something?

Benson: (Checked his watch) Hmm looks like my watch is a little fast, he shouldn't been here five minutes ago.

Scottie: You should really get your watch fixed, man.

(Scottie eats chips then suddenly Jebediah Townhouse pops out of the table and ate Scottie)

Jebediah Townhouse: Hmm hmm, I didn't just crash your party, did I?

(Jebediah Townhouse's hands comes out of the ceiling the guys scream. Outside of the house Jebediah Townhouse's head pops out of the roof the house on the left turns into his arm then the garage door turns into his foot and lift the house)

Jebediah Townhouse: Jebediah Townhouse bet you with the wrong house. (Kicks his right leg) Yeah, boy, that's what I'm talking about (Laughs) Happy Halloween, homies!

(Episode ends)