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"Terror Tales of the Park III" is the third installment in the "Terror Tales of the Park" Halloween special series and is the eighth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred-twenty fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 21, 2013.


All of the Park guys want to win a bet for telling the scariest story at a Halloween Party.

Killer Bed: When Rigby finally saves up enough money for a bed, he finds out that a murderer was transformed into the very same bed that he had bought.

Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern: When Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost go pumpkin smashing, they unknowingly smash the head of a scarecrow's wife and end up paying the price one by one.

The Previous Owner: Benson tells the gang of a man whose soul possesses the park house, and that he is about to re-emerge after 200 years have passed. This still is not enough to stop Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops from staying the night.


The episode starts with two kids throwing eggs at Skips' garage. Benson drives up and comes out of his cart to see what they have done. In response, the two kids start to throw eggs at Benson, then run away with their candy. Shortly after, he chases the kids.

The main story then shifts to the house, where the guys are having a Halloween party. The park workers (except for Benson) are listening to the ending of Thomas' bad scary story, which was about a maniac. Pops comes in and asks them what they're doing. Skips tells him that they're telling scary stories and the person who tells the best story gets all the candy and the one who tells the worst story will have to wear their costume until Thanksgiving Dinner. Pops joins them, then Rigby adds his candy onto the pile and tells his story.

Killer Bed (as told by Rigby)

The first story opens on Mordecai eating cereal when Rigby comes in with a large box. He tells him he has saved enough money to buy a bed. After 13 hours of trying to assemble the bed along with Skips' help, he lies down and turns on the TV in his room. He hears a report about a murderer Johnny Allenwrench, who was turned into a bed when trying to escape from police. Rigby is horrified to find out that it's his bed. Johnny Allenwrench, in his bed form, starts attacking Rigby. Meanwhile, everyone is playing cards in the kitchen. Mordecai is annoyed by Rigby's shouting and tries to ignore it, but gets angrier. Everyone goes to Rigby and finds Rigby with Johnny Allenwrench. Benson saves Rigby from getting killed with "the power of negotiation" by giving Johnny a job and safety from cops. The next day, Johnny starts work, when Rigby calls the other park workers except for Benson to attack Johnny with axes, killing him. For doing this, Benson decides to give Rigby all the promotions and high-fives him, much to the dismay of Muscle Man, thus ending the story.

Interlude 1

At the end of the story, everyone agrees except for Muscle Man who says that he can do better than that, to which Rigby tells him to put the candy where his mouth is. Then, Muscle Man asks Rigby if he wants to eat the candy. Rigby's answer is to add his candy to the pile, then after that, Muscle Man begins telling his story.

Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern (as told by Muscle Man)

The second story starts, being told by Muscle Man. Himself, Mordecai, Rigby and Hi Five Ghost are smashing pumpkins that Benson assigned them to do. Rigby and Muscle Man claim that it is the best job that Benson has ever given them. After smashing all the little pumpkins, the camera pans to the right and shows a giant pumpkin. Rigby questions on 'how they are going to smash the last one'. Muscle Man says he has an idea and they all go in the Golf Cart and plow right through it. They kept driving forward and start entering a foggy area deep in the forest. It turns out that they are in an Abandoned Pumpkin Patch and Muscle Man claims; "This party just got a whole lot pumpkin-ier". Mordecai doesn't seem too sure about it and starts asking if they should really smash THESE pumpkins. Muscle Man claims that they should because Benson said ALL the pumpkins. Not too shortly after, Rigby finds two Pumpkin People hung up on 2 Poles. Muscle Man then starts making really lame insults to the Male Pumpkin. Rigby finds a rock entombed in the ground that says; "Smash all you want, but leave these 2 pumpkin lovers alone". Which just gets the guys tempted to smash them even more. So eventually, they do it. They start throwing rocks at the female, making her fall face-down on the ground. Then Muscle Man jumps and smashes her head with his behind, leaving Orange Marks on the Male.

Soon, Fives goes for the dude, and just as he is about to grab his head, the Male comes to life and holds Fives' arms and says; "You smashed my hot wife! Now you will reap what you've sown!" with flames bursting out of his eyes. The guys tell fives just to phase through it. But soon, the Pumpkin turns Fives into a solid pumpkin yelling; "You boys want to smash some pumpkins? Let's smash some pumpkins!", then throws The Pumpkin Fives on the ground, making him splattered and the male collects the seeds. Then the remaining 3, all run away separately. Mordecai hides behind a mini tractor, with the Pumpkin looking in his direction, but Rigby creates a diversion yelling; "MORDECAI! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Then the Pumpkin goes after him. Just as soon Mordecai was about to move, he bumps into the Pumpkin, he snarls and grabs Mordecai's ankle, and turns him into a pumpkin, just like Fives. Then says; "I hope you like, SQUASH!", and splatters Mordecai, collecting his seeds. Then, Rigby is seen running towards a barn and closes the door behind him. But just a few seconds later, the Male finds him. Rigby runs up a ladder and looks down at the long-distance, he has no choice but to jump, he does so, but the Pumpkin catches his tail and turns him into a pumpkin.

Then before dropping him, he says: "Just in time for, FALL!", then drops him and collects the seeds of him. The last survivor, Muscle Man runs through a Corn Field, with the wind blowing and the Pumpking laughing evilly. He starts panicking and moving his arms in circles and eventually bumps into the pumpkin. Muscle Man tries to slip his way out saying that the Man will find someone else. But eventually, he gets turned into a pumpkin and gets dropped and gets his seeds collected. The Male walks back to his original pole, and throws all of the seeds he took and says: "That'll teach 'em". Sometime later, an actual pumpkin patch comes and a little boy spots the guys who all turned into pumpkins. They start arguing on who should and who shouldn't be picked. The Man quietly laughs evilly, knowing he avenged his wife.

Interlude 2

At the end of the story, the guys disagree on Muscle Man's story, but he says that it's supposed to be ironic. Rigby says that Muscle Man's lucky that Thomas's story was such a pile or he'd be stuck in that costume for weeks. Skips asks Muscle Man what's he supposed to be. Muscle Man says he's peanut butter on bread where he even used the real deal as he scoops a little peanut butter off his stomach and asks if anyone's hungry. Mordecai finds it sick.

The Previous Owner (as told by Benson)

The park guys are having a meeting with Benson, after they get all the pumpkins and signs set up, he says that there is going to be a 200-year-old Poltergeist in the house at night. Everybody thinks that it is going to be awesome, but Benson says otherwise. He explains how a long time ago, A man named Jebediah Townhouse used to say things that people used to say back in the 1980s such as "Bogus, Righteous and Wiggin Out." Since he was so ahead of his time, the townsfolk believed he was a witch. Before they could kill him, he infused his soul into the house that the park crew lives in right now, silently waiting for 200 years to return.

After the story is told, everyone thinks that Benson just wants the house to himself, and they also think it doesn't make sense. But Benson is really serious and leaves the house in his compact car. Then Muscle Man says that everyone should go to the house at night and see who can stay the longest. Mordecai says that they should all pool in $20 and the winner gets all the money. Skips didn't participate, so it was Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Hi Five Ghost and Pops. Later that night, Pops tried going to sleep, then heard hip hop coming from his phonograph. After he turned off the music, Jebediah spoke to Pops, and Pops ran downstairs screaming. Then the power went out, while there is a loud banging at the door. Pops holds a flashlight while Mordecai and Rigby defend themselves and Pops with golf clubs. At the door, there is a shadow that resembles Jebediah. They open and start attacking him, but it is revealed to actually be Muscle Man in a raincoat with Fives under a garbage pail, therefore making them look like Townhouse in the shadows.

Then, they decided to play a board game and Pops once again freaks out claiming that he saw Jebediah on the board game. But once again, nobody sees anything. Fives and Muscle Man get hungry and head to the kitchen for the house's supply of burritos. But Jebediah confronts them as the Fridge itself, then morphs into the Oven and says: "Why you all up in my grill?". Then the two get burned alive and baked into brownies. Mordecai finds the two human desserts and says that the remaining three have to leave now. But Rigby disagrees and says that they will get more money for the winner, so they think that they should try to stick it out. Then Jebediah morphs from the board game that they were playing. They try to be scared but the 80's phrases that Townhouse keeps saying to them get them bored.

But not too soon until he begins to chase them throughout the house, as they try to run for the front door, Jebediah appears and sticks out his long tongue. The trio runs up the stairs but turns into Jebediah's mouth, therefore his tongue makes it hard to run upward. Mordecai and Rigby hang on to the ceiling columns, but Pops slips and falls into Jebediah's mouth. The remaining two run up the stairs, but one of the windows on the end of the hallway turns into a floating, spinning, and shredding head. The two attempt to open the window, but it's stuck. They climb up the ladder to the attic, making the floating head explode, Then the columns on the ceiling turn into Jebediah's hand and ask for the $100. Mordecai and Rigby find an open window to the roof and the roof turns to Townhouse's head. He shakes the two and Mordecai and Rigby jump, but before the two reach the ground, Jebediah's hand catches them and he says: "Whoop! There it is!" and eats them.


After all 3 stories were told, the gang decided that Benson told the best story and he gets all of the candy, but Thomas, who everyone thinks told the worst story has to wear his pizza costume until Thanksgiving dinner. Benson thanks them for liking his story and tells them that the whole thing is true. He told them that Jebediah Townhouse was real and swore that he would come back in 200 years, but it wasn't before he signed the deed to Mr. Maellard. At the house, Jebediah should've been there 5 minutes ago, but Benson's watch is fast. Shortly after learning this, Scottie, who was munching on snacks from the party gets eaten by Jebediah, who morphed from the snacks table. Everyone screams and Jebediah's body turns into the house and proceeds to dance, finishing the episode stating: "Happy Halloween Homies!"


Main Characters


Minor Characters



  • This is the third half-hour Halloween special of the series.

Cultural References

  • Jebediah Townhouse's name may have been inspired by Jebediah Springfield, the founder of Springfield from The Simpsons.
  • In the Killer Bed, the scene where Johnny Allenwrench fell down into a bed maker machine is a reference to the 1989 Batman film where Jack Napier (Joker) fell into the vat of chemicals.
  • The UMÄK store factory is parody of IKEA stores. Several references have been made; the meatballs sold there, easily getting lost since the store is big and assembling your own furniture.
  • Muscle Man's story setting is possibly a reference to the Children of the Corn Field.
  • Techmo was dressed up as Spike from the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Both characters are also voiced by Steve Blum.
  • Jebediah Townhouse’s powers and sense of humor are a reference to Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.
  • The setting and premise of Muscle Man’s story is most likely a reference to the Goosebumps story "The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight." Muscle Man gets cornered in a circular spot in the corn field like the characters in the episode, and the ending of Rigby’s chase scene takes place in an eerily similar barn.
  • In the story "The Previous Owner" at the part where Mordecai and Rigby are playing a game it looks very much like the Friday The 13th game for the NES, specifically the part where you have to fight Jason.

Production Notes

  • Unlike the previous two installments, this special was given a TV-PG.
  • It was confirmed by J.G. Quintel that this was the first episode of Season 5 to be completed.[1]