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"Terror Tales of the Park II" is the third episode in season four (and eighty-second episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 15, 2012. The episode's events are non-canonical.


Mordecai and Rigby are driving to a Halloween party and tell scary stories to pass the time.


The park gang are on their way to a party, but they are hopelessly lost. To pass the time, Mordecai and Rigby offer to tell scary stories. Benson objects, saying that Pops can't handle scary stories (especially after the last time), but Pops dismisses the notion.

First, Mordecai tells a story about being haunted by his dead uncle. The story frightens Pops, and just as Benson was about to shut down the story telling, Mordecai gets a call from Margaret, who says that she and Eileen are at the party and if they are inside. Mordecai mentions that they aren't there yet and that they're in the middle of nowhere, but that they are telling scary stories to pass the time. Margaret says she has one of her own, and after Mordecai puts her on speakerphone, she begins telling her story.

Margaret tells a story about her, Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen going to the movies, but getting trapped on a deadly party bus on the way. This story also frightens Pops. Benson once again tries to shut the story telling down, which only heightens tension in the van. Skips is distracted and tries to defuse the situation, and fails to notice that they have strayed into oncoming traffic. He swerves to avoid a truck bearing down on them, but wrecks the van in the process. Eventually a tow truck arrives, and the driver agrees to deliver them to the party. As they ride in the cab of the truck, Mordecai and Rigby convince Benson to allow one more story. Benson agrees- but only if he gets to tell it.

Benson tells a story about Mordecai and Rigby hiring a giant spider to do their work for them, and eventually getting killed in the process. Mordecai and Rigby are offended by the story and try to defend themselves against Benson's portrayal of the duo, saying that they wouldn't have acted that dumb in such a situation. Rigby attempts to counter with a story about how stupid Benson is as they reach the party house, but they end up getting into a shoving match, leading to Benson bumping into the tow truck driver, who crashes into a tree in the front yard. Margaret, Eileen, and the rest of the guests rush outside to ask if they are okay, when it becomes evident none of them survived the crash and are now ghosts. Benson gets angry that Rigby ended up causing this (except Hi Five Ghost) and fires him, but Rigby claims he cannot be fired since he is dead. Despite having been killed, everyone else heads inside for the party, including Benson after asking himself why he even bothers.


Stories only


  • Woods
  • Highway


  • This episode reveals that Rigby has claustrophobia- However, this is not proven canon until the episode Portable Toilet.
  • The guys wear costumes is this episode:
    • Mordecai is Frankenstein.
    • Rigby is a wrestler.
    • Benson is a pirate.
    • Pops is a mummy.
    • Skips is a vampire.
    • Muscle Man is Abraham Lincoln.
    • Hi Five Ghost is wearing a mustache.
    • Thomas is wearing a black mask.
  • During the cuts to Margaret and Eileen at the party, other partygoers are seen dressed as famous characters from film.
  • In "Party Bus", Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret and Eileen wear costumes, each with pop-culture inspiration.
    • Mordecai is dressed as a three-eyed reptilian creature with green claws. He is wearing a torn letterman jacket in red with matching sneakers, a possible riff on Michael J. Fox's character in Teen Wolf.
    • Rigby is dressed as a classic mad scientist, with a white lab coat, purple tinted goggles and yellow safety gloves. His hair has been combed so that it is spiking upwards.
    • Margaret is dressed in a gray top with military dog tags, green combat fatigues, black boots, a black headband and a mock bandage on her left arm, seemingly inspired by the outfit worn by the Sylvester Stallone character John Rambo in First Blood.
    • Eileen is dressed in a maroon suit with a blue collared shirt and red tie, her hair is slicked back with a pair of black shades on her head, and she carries a briefcase which holds an '80s cell phone. Her outfit appears to be inspired by that of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Production Notes

  • This episode received an audience of 3.109 million viewers, beating "Exit 9B," which had 3.047 million viewers as the most watched premiere in the series' history.
  • A much darker ending was originally planned, but was cut (probably due to the fact it was implied the guys were going to Hell), where the park crew get caught up in a traffic jam ahead of an accident. As they pass the scene, the tow truck driver slows down so that they may get a good look. They see police and paramedics tending to the bodies of the victims of a car wreck- the wreck is of Skip's van and the bodies are those of the Park crew, implying that they were killed in the first crash. One of the paramedics turn arounds around, revealing a demonic, skeletal face. He shrieks at them and the tow truck driver reveals his own skull-like face, Benson tries to open the door but it won't budge, The driver hits the gas, and a flaming portal opens up in the road. The guys scream in horror as the truck speeds into the void with spirits flying past. The camera zooms out through the cutouts of a Jack 'o lantern. who laughs maniacally before shouting "Happy Halloween!".