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"Terror Tales of the Park" is the fourth episode of season three (and forty-fourth episode overall) of Regular Show. This episode contains three shorts, and it's the first half-hour episode of the series. It first aired on October 10, 2011. It received almost two million views.

UK Edits

In the UK, on normal air dates, only Creepy Doll and Death Metal Crash Pit are shown. The full special is only shown on Halloween (31st October), including Rigby's story, "In the House".

Rigby's story in the episode is the only one in the entire special that is edited. Creepy Doll and Death Metal Crash Pit have never been edited.


  • Muscle Man's big gunshots were cut due to the UK not wanting kids to think that Muscle Man was shot.
  • Muscle Man walking into Rigby's house skinned alive was cut due to the UK not wanting kids to think Muscle Man had died.
  • Hi-Five Ghost exploding all over Mordecai and Skips, followed by Benson vomiting gumballs was cut due to it being really gross.
  • Mordecai getting thrown onto the bookshelf was cut due to violence.
  • Pops getting scared on the bed was cut as it was deemed too scary.
  • Mordecai getting up from the bookshelf was cut due to him being thrown against the bookshelf being cut.
    • Strangely, Mordecai's head falling off is not censored.


Mordecai, Rigby and the other groundskeepers tell each other scary stories. The episode features three shorts:

"Creepy Doll": Pops finds an old doll from his youth that wants to draw on his face.

"Death Metal Crash Pit": Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost must fight off the ghosts of the members of a hair metal band in a car that they are trying to send into a crash pit.

"In the House": Rigby is turned into a house after he eggs the house of a wizard on Halloween.


"Creepy Doll" (Told by Pops)

Mordecai and Rigby are helping Pops with cleaning his room, telling him what things he should keep and other things he should trash. When they stumble on to a shoebox, they open it and find out it is a waxed doll. Pops recognizes it as Percy, his favorite toy from his childhood. Mordecai and Rigby are instantly creeped out by the doll after Pops demonstrates one of Percy's phrases (I'm gonna draw on your face) and insist that Pops should throw it away. Pops agrees once the duo state that, "it's not cool to play with dolls."

The next day, Mordecai and Rigby find Pops on the playground swing with black marker all over his face. Pops then gleefully tells the duo of his "play date" with Percy. Rigby reminds Pops that he was supposed to throw Percy away, but Pops states that he tried already and it didn't work. Thinking that Pops isn't trying to throw away the doll himself, Mordecai and Rigby decide to do it for him.

Back at the house, Mordecai and Rigby hear a commotion coming from upstairs, and immediately interpret it as Pops throwing a fit over Percy being gone. When the noises continue, the duo decide to investigate and find Percy harshly throwing Pops' tea set at him and having a constant desire to mark on Pops' face. Mordecai busts through the door and temporarily subdue Percy before the doll rushes out of the room. The trio decide to pursue Percy and stop him.

The three hear Percy running through the basement, and head down there with a baseball bat. But at the moment, Percy knocked Mordecai and Rigby unconcious with a shovel, leaving Pops to fight Percy. The doll attempts to get Pops to hand him the marker, which Pops grabbed from him after their earlier struggle. Pops is then left to face his fears, and go against Percy. The doll then charges but is stopped when Pops kicks him into a nearby furnace where Percy burns to death. Pops then checks on Mordecai and Rigby who regain consciousness and are glad to see that Pops had gotten rid of Percy himself. Percy then jumps from the flames in a surprise attack, but collapses as he is weakened from the burns.

Interlude 1

The scene cuts back to Pops whom had just finished telling the story, Mordecai, Rigby, Skips, Muscle Man, and Hi Five Ghost displeased with Pops' not-so-scary tale. Pops remains oblivious to this fact, and states that Percy's scariest trait was his "unusual desire to mark on things." Leaving Muscle Man to claim that Pops' story was lame.

"Death Metal Crash Pit" (Told by Muscle Man)

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost begin by walking back to their RV and are then caught in a fog. Muscle Man then trips over a rock in the fog, frustrated Muscle Man throws the rock and hear a noise believing he hit his RV and rushes to see that it is a different RV.

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost then get an idea by sending the RV to the crashpit. Muscle Man then contacts Scottie to get a group of people to see the RV hit the crashpit. Next, Muscle Man attempts to open the door but has difficulty opening it, then opens the door and could see ghosts coming out causing Hi Five Ghost to say "What was that?" Muscle Man replys saying "it's probably just the wind." They then enter the RV and go to the driver's seat and find the keys and turn on the RV, and while driving, they begin to see three ghosts to appear right where they stand.

The ghosts then grab Hi Five Ghost and Muscle Man and then asks them who they are saying that they are a 80's metal rock band called Skull Punch and are furious at Muscle Man for trying to take their resting place to a crashpit. However Muscle Man decides to take action and headbutt's one of the members (not before saying his "My mom" jokes in the process) and kicks him; he then proceeds to help Hi Five Ghost, but is punched in the face and grabbed again. Muscle Man then begins by apologizing to the group to never bother them again, but the leader says it's too late and he is going to see a crashpit with him and Hi Five Ghost still in the RV.

Desperate to think, Muscle Man then says they need to put a show before crashing the RV, otherwise, the people will call them lame. Hearing this, the lead member decides to put a show for the audience but they're being jeered at. Muscle Man dislikes their music so much that he gets into their RV to crash it.

He then sees a cinder block and then throws it at the acceleration pedal causing the RV along with Skull Punch to fall down the pit and are killed followed along by a nuke that also kills the audience. Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are then seen ascending from the crashpit while Muscle Man is glad that the terrible music has finally ended and then realizes he is now a ghost as well and is disappointed not before by telling Hi Five Ghost it's the best crash pit ever.

Interlude 2

Muscle Man finishes telling his story, and Rigby thinks it wasn't any better than Pops' story. Muscle Man then asks if he can do any better, leading us to the final story....

"In the House" (Told by Rigby)

It's Halloween night and Mordecai is dressed as a dad with 5 fake children, a scam to get a buttload of candy. After being caught red-handed by one woman, he quickly flees the scene. Rigby, dressed as a robber, then comes out of the bushes trying to trick or treat, but horrifies the woman. Mordecai wants to turn in for the night until the two approach a very old and creepy house; Rigby wants this to be his last house.

Rigby goes to the house, knocks at the door when the porch light on the house shuts off. Rigby, enraged, eggs the house against Mordecai's warnings. The house turns out to be owned by a vengeful wizard, who comes out of the house and puts a curse on Rigby. The next day, Rigby is nervous about what that wizard did to him and weird things start happening to him. He suddenly grows a house number plaque, as well as a doorknob, on his chest and his tail transforms into a chimney. As he and Mordecai exit the house, Rigby starts inflating, thus immobilizing him.

Mordecai goes to send Rigby's apologies to the wizard, but he once again acts like he is not home. At the park, Rigby is fully transformed into a house. While the gang is inside, the phone rings, and the wizard states that the transformation is just the beginning of Rigby's punishment. Benson interrupts him, and the wizard vows that all the park's employees will pay just as much as Rigby will. Everyone takes refuge inside house Rigby, and they all lie in wait, with each one of them holding a different weapon. Muscle Man is on the porch when a black car drives up. The door opens, but no one emerges.

Muscle Man is taunted and pulled into the woods by an unseen force, his shotgun blasts lighting up the night as he is dragged away. He comes back inside, but has been skinned alive. The disconnected phone rings, and Hi Five Ghost picks it up despite everyone's warnings, and is sucked into the phone, liquified, and sprayed out of the speaker. The Wizard, still unable to be seen, throws Mordecai against a bookshelf, knocking him unconscious. Then, he breaks Skips' crossbow. He then pushes Skips up into the fireplace and shoots the flame up after him, incinerating him. Benson is found in the bathroom, he screams and is drowned when flushed down the toilet. Pops is standing on the bed in his room, and is pulled into a dresser, which then disappears. Mordecai is the last one left of the group and readys himself to defend, but is decapitated by an unseen force. Rigby, in the form of a house, is the only one left.

The Wizard then teaches Rigby a lesson by egging him, to Rigby's surprise, and finishes him off by cracking a giant egg on him, crushing and drowning him.


At the end, it turns out it was just a made-up story by Rigby. Muscle Man is disappointed, and Rigby responds that it isn't over, and Rigby then turns out to be the wizard in disguise. Everyone screams as the Wizard rushes towards the screen and says, "Happy Halloween," leaving everyone's fate unknown.


Deathmetalcrashpit & creepydoll credits

Death Metal Crash Pit, and Creepy Doll credits

Inthehouse credits

In The House credits


  • When this episode first was aired, the stories were reversed. First "In the House" aired, then "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit", and no Halloween Special intro occurred.
    • This is also the case on HBO Max, where episodes are not packaged together unlike other streaming platforms (with the exception of the latter two shorts).
  • During other times of the year, "In the House" airs as a separate episode from "Creepy Doll" and "Death Metal Crash Pit" and vice versa.
  • This is the only Terror Tales of the Park special in which in the interludes between stories, the main characters are not in Halloween costumes.
  • Terror Tales Of The Park resembles The Simpsons' "Treehouse Of Horror" Halloween series in various ways:
    • Each aired every year on Halloween after the first.
      • The first Treehouse Of Horror aired in the second season of The Simpsons, while the first "Terror Tales Of The Park" aired in the third season.
    • Both are a Halloween special.
    • Both had aired more the next year after.
    • Both use roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.).
    • Both have three horror segments.
    • Both are a half-hour long, though that is the standard episode length for The Simpsons.
  • This is the first episode Mordecai farts when he's tricking Rigby into thinking they hear anything in Rigby's Halloween story "In the House".
  • "Creepy Doll" may be a reference to the 1988 film Child's Play.

Episode Connections

  • A "Terror Tales of the Park" special has aired every year on October since this episode premiered.


  • Benson appeared in the ending of "In the House" he never was in the ending of "Death Metal Crash Pit" or "Creepy Doll".
  • In "Death Metal Crash Pit," Muscle Man refers to his trailer as 'our trailer' several times when lost in the fog with Hi-Five Ghost, insinuating that they live together in it. However, it is later revealed that Hi-Five Ghost lives in an apartment with his brother, in "Struck by Lightning". This is either a continuity error, or Hi-Five Ghost did live with Muscle Man at one time and later moved out, as these episodes take place four seasons apart.
  • Many versions of this half-hour special available online erroneously play the last section, 'In the House' before the other two segments.
  • Harold (the lead singer of Death Punch) sometimes has his teeth colored the same as his skin. They are shown as white in other frames though.


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