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"Tent Trouble" is the thirty-sixth episode in Season Five (and one hundred and fifty-second) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 07, 2014.


Mordecai and Rigby accidentally destroy CJ's brand-new tent.


Mordecai, Rigby, CJ and Eileen are up early to go camping, CJ and Eileen give Mordecai and Rigby some camping tools, Mordecai and Rigby then groan and CJ tells them that it's camping and fun. CJ then shows them to her new tent, the Camp Champ Deluxe. Mordecai says that it's cool. He is then kissed by CJ, but Rigby is drooling while asleep, so Eileen just walks away. CJ and Eileen get in their car and drive to work. Mordecai and Rigby start getting the cart ready.

Mordecai is reversing the cart and he accidentally runs over CJ's tent, Rigby tries telling him and Mordecai gets out the cart and sees it and says that they have to fix it, Rigby says he should just throw it in the trash and say someone stole it, Mordecai tells him not to, so they go shopping looking for one, they speak to a man who seems to love Travel Mix, he shows them the Camp Champ Deluxe, and by the tent is a sign saying $20, Mordecai finds it easy to pay for, but then a smaller sign next to it falls down, revealing that the sign actually said $200.00, the Trail Mix guy says it's a rip-off. Mordecai and Rigby then go to Benson's office to ask for $200. 

Mordecai and Rigby ask Benson if they can trim the hedges as they need $200. Benson replies by saying that they were supposed to be camping, Mordecai tells Benson that he broke CJ's tent. Benson tells him he can't trim the hedges because he can't trust them to finish it. Benson says they could get a side-job or they could tell CJ the truth. Mordecai then tells Benson to look behind him, he does and sees Mordecai and Rigby driving away in the cart. There is now a montage of Mordecai and Rigby in several side-jobs, such as Salesmen, Cooking and looking after car keys. 

Mordecai asks Rigby if there's anymore jobs, Rigby answers. Mordecai then gets a phone call from CJ, she asks if he's set up the tent. Mordecai says they're driving through a tunnel then hangs up. Muscle Man overhears them saying they need $200, but thinks they need $400, then tells them that there's a mud wrestling contest. if they stay on the ring against Starla and her sister, Peggy, for five minutes they'll get the $200 they need. They accept his challenge. 

Mordecai and Rigby are at the Mud-Wrestling Building, then the gang come along saying that they couldn't miss it, Starla and Peggy now enter and come onto the Mud Wrestling Ring, Mordecai and Rigby then get on the ring, Mordecai tells Rigby that they don't have to fight as long as they stay on. The mud wrestling then starts and Mordecai starts running away from Peggy, he then stops to talk with Rigby, then he slips and Peggy starts beating him up, eventually Rigby tells him to tag him, then it's Rigby's turn.

He tells Starla he's not afraid from him, her reaction is dropkicking him to the side, he then says his ribs made a breaking sound. Starla then sits on Rigby's back, throws him into a pole, and banzai drops on him, crushing him under her belly. But then Rigby manages to gain an upper hand when he gets onto Starla's hair and starts pulling it. Then Peggy comes on and whacks Rigby with a sign, Mordecai then comes on yelling but he gets hit. 

After beating Mordecai and Rigby up some more, Starla and Peggy decide to finish the match with their signature move, the "Sister Twister", where after they clothesline Mordecai and Rigby, they running around the ringing fast enough to create a giant mud twister. After the mud twister is created, Starla and Peggy jump out of the twister and then jump to the top of the twister where they grab each others hands and then slams down on Mordecai and Rigby who are trapped inside the mud twister. After slamming down, the mud in the twister comes crashing down pushing Mordecai and Rigby into the ropes and splashing the audience.

After the announcer announces that the five minutes are up, he wonders if Mordecai and Rigby are still standing. It turns out that Mordecai and Rigby are standing by hanging onto the rope which technically counts so the announcer declares Mordecai and Rigby the winners and they win their $200, which the audience felt wasn't fair. Muscle Man said he did not see that one coming. Starla and Peggy angrily leave the ring, Mordecai and Rigby give a very weak "OOOHH!".

Later that night, CJ and Eileen arrive to the campsite, but they were shocked to see Mordecai and Rigby badly injured and wearing a cast. Eileen asked them what happened and Mordecai's response is "We had trouble with the tent".


S5E36 Tent Trouble Credits


  • Mordecai has a new cell phone, that being a smartphone.
  • Starla's sister is named Peggy.

Episode Connections[]

  • This is the first actual appearance of Peggy since her debut in a flashback from "Sleep Fighter."
  • Starla and Peggy beat Hissy Fit, Four-Armageddon, and Huge Head from "Really Real Wrestling" in their previous mud wrestling matches.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The song that plays during Mordecai and Rigby's odd job montage is called "Takin' Care of Business" by Bachman–Turner Overdrive. It is later heard again in "VIP Members Only."
  • The name "The Lady of The Tiger" is reference to the book titled "The Lady or The Tiger".

Production Notes[]


  • When Starla and Peggy reveal their outfits, Starla's outfit is open for a few seconds second, but is drawn back closed as a black diamond shape.
  • When the Park workers come towards Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man, Thomas's shoes are mis-colored.
  • Before Starla crushed Rigby's back under the weight of her butt, she is seen holding Rigby's ankle with one hand. In the next scene though, both arms are present while holding Rigby's ankle.
  • Despite making a second appearance in the show as Peggy, Starla's sister's name was originally credited as Ana in "Sleep Fighter." It is unknown whether Ana was just a nickname, or if Ana changed her name to Peggy intentionally.
  • When Mordecai went with the car, the tent has left a tire mark, but after Mordecai took the destroyed tent, there is no tire mark.