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Techmo, formerly called Samson, is a supporting character in Regular Show. He debuts in the episode "Skips vs. Technology", where he helps MordecaiRigby and Skips solve a dangerous computer error named Error 220 (otherwise known as Doom Ma Geddon). He returns in "Exit 9B" and helps Mordecai, Rigby, and the park workers to fight the villains. He makes his second major debut in the episode"A Skips in Time", where he helps Mordecai, Rigby, and past Skips (otherwise known as Walks) catch a timenado in order to save present Skips. He later appears in the episode "Skips in the Saddle" as one of Skips's wingmen.


Techmo is a green humanoid who wears a black jacket with a torn sleeve. He wears a name tag on the left side of his jacket collar. He also has white hair consisting of a goatee, sideburns, and a Mohawk between the shaven sides of his head. The bionic portions of his body are his mechanical eye and robotic arm. Techmo also carries a samurai sword, wears tube socks, and sports penny loafers.

Before he became a cyborg and changed his name to Techmo in present day, he wore an American Revolutionary outfit with a wooden arm.


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Techmo first Appeared in the episode "Skips vs. Technology" who is shown in a Flashback fighting in the American War and having a wooden arm installed. In the Present he is now a Technomancer and have Metal Arm Instead of a wooden arm as an exchange. Mordecai and Rigby called him to fix an Error on to their computer and got Controlled by Error 220 and Skips Manages to Defeat Doomageddon. He Reappeared in Exit 9B to help the Park Workers against Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.'s Army of Revive Villains. In Skips in time He helped Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips sends Past skip to his timeline. He later appeared in Regular show The Movie Fighting alongside The Guardians of Eternal Youth, The Park Rangers, and Gene Against Mr Ross's Forces and The Timenado. And Reappeared in the Series Finale greeting Skips's Return in Space.


  • He may be similar to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, who had his hand sliced off and put back into place by a medical droid, 2-1B. This may be a reference to Luke Skywalker, whom of which Mark Hamill played, who is also the voice of Skips. He may also be similar to the GWAR character, Techno Destructo, who has a robot arm and similar mohawk.
    • His voice actor, Steve Blum voices Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios in the animated series Star Wars Rebels.
  • He drives and owns a DeLorean DMC-12.
  • He used to have a wooden arm that Skips built for him until centuries later, when he traded it for an upgrade.
  • His name used to be Samson, but once he became a Technomancer, he changed his name to Techmo.
  • Techmo may also have eternal life, as Skips fixed his arm during the late 1700s and he couldn't have lived until the present day (however it is also possible that he has been using technology to keep himself alive and well). "Skips in the Saddle " confirms that he's immortal when he and Gary were picking ladies and Gary saids that they're both immortal.
  • He is able to go inside computers to kill errors.
  • He was possessed by Doom Ma Geddon to fight Skips.
  • When he moves his fingers, it sounds as if he has both fingers and bones, even though he has a mechanic refaction.
  • His mechanical hand says "Yoshimoto", which could possibly be a reference to the character Yoshimitsu, from both of the video game series Tekken and Soul Calibur, who also has a robotic arm.
  • This is also a reference to the PlayCo armboy, which was also developed by "Yoshimoto".
  • When he is inside computers, he is seen with both of his natural hands and both his natural eyes.
  • He is in a band that made a techno remix of Yankee Doodle.
  • He is the only real Technomancer so far, since Rigby was the only one in The Realm of Darthon. However, Rigby was just pretending to be one.
  • He also looks remarkably like an elf decker from the table-top RPG Shadowrun.
  • Techmo bears a resemblance to an Adventure Time character named Ash.
  • His name might be a reference to the video game company Tecmo (prior merging with Koei as Tecmo Koei), best known for making the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series, thus why Techmo might have a katana on his back.
  • It was revealed in "A Skips in Time" that he is not only a Technomancer, but a stormchaser as well.
  • It was also revealed in A Skips in Time that he has a panini maker in his arm.
  • In the episode Skips in the Saddle, it is revealed that he likes to go to a club called the Shark Tank.
  • Techmo's Car (the DeLorean) is the same car as the DeLorean Time Machine from the Back to the Future film trilogy.
  • When Skips returns to Earth in the series finale, Techmo is the only one who greets him. It was unclear why Skips' cousins, Quips and his younger brother, or his cousin-in-law, Monica Ellingson were not there.
  • In "Terror Tales of the Park III", the costume that Techmo wears is Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bebop". Ironically, Steven Jay Blum, the voice actor for Techmo also played the English Dub voice of Spike in the anime.

Techmo-Themed Content

  • Techmo's Band
  • Techmo's DeLorean
  • Techmo's Stormchasing Car


  • Oh, Skips!
  • Oh, you probably don't recognize me. My name used to be Samson, remember? You fixed my arm back in 1783.
  • Pff, easy. Just hold the power button, wait five seconds, then press print. Got that?
  • I get that you're more of a "hands on" learner. How about you join me on a house call, see me fix one for real?
  • Wanna hear my band?
  • This is the worst Error 220 I've ever seen. I've got no choice. I'm jacking in.
  • Elevate keyboard!
  • Yes, I'm in!
  • Error...220 ?
  • Skips! Remember how I told you never to smash a computer? I was wrong!