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"Tants" is the ninth episode in Season 5 (and one hundred-twenty fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 4, 2013.


Pops surprises Mordecai and Rigby with the gift of Tants: pants that are also a table.


Pops buys every park worker a gift for the park's anniversary. Both Mordecai and Rigby receive a pair of "Tants": pants that are also a table. They decide that they don't like the Tants, and when asked, they give them to Muscle Man. Pops later walks into the room wearing Tants and asks Mordecai and Rigby to have a Tants lunch with him, which they can't do, as they have given the Tants to Muscle Man. Mordecai begins tell Pops that they don't have the Tants anymore, but that makes Pops begin to cry so Rigby lies and claims the Tants are at the dry cleaners.

On Mordecai's call they head to Muscle Man's trailer to ask for the Tants back, which he says is fine as he and Starla have finished using them for their pizza dinner/date. Unfortunately the Tants are ruined, so they head to the Dry Cleaners, to wash them, only to find that they don't fit in the washing machine. Rigby tries to shove the Tants into the machine, however, Mordecai accidentally pushes the "wash" button and thus ruining them. After looking online to buy more Tants, the pair see that they cost $200, which they don't have. Mordecai thinks for a bit, before getting the idea to sew bootleg Tants with the sewing machine in the basement, but unfortunately neither of them can sew. They call Eileen to assist them, which she does easily and soon they have replica Tants.

Mordecai decides to make the Tants look legit by removing the Tants Co label of the existing ruined Tants and putting it on the new ones. This label came with a "Do Not Remove" warning sign on it, however, stating that it was illegal to remove the label from the Tants. Mordecai proceeds though, and a circuit hidden underneath the label summons the founder of Tants Co. and his soldiers. The founder tries to destroy the bootleg Tants, while the Tants Co soldiers try to stop the three from protecting the Tants. When asked why they would want to make bootleg Tants, Mordecai and Rigby tell him the whole truth of the plot above. Pops overheard this confession however, and forgave them, stating that all of the effort they had gone to for him showed that they were true friends.

The founder of Tants Co was touched by this, yet destroyed the bootleg Tants anyways, replacing them with a new pair of Tants. Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops then have a Tants picnic. Moments later, Muscle Man and Starla are seen wearing two Tants Co. products: frelts (friend belt) and four-legged acid wash jeans. Muscle Man claims that Tants are so "last season." As they leave, Mordecai wishes that Pops wouldn't buy frelts. Pops agrees with Mordecai, claiming that they look ridiculous.





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