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"Take the Cake" is the thirty-second episode in Season Five (and one hundred and forty-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 10, 2014.


Mordecai and Rigby have to deliver a cake to Maellard's birthday party.[1]


It’s the morning of Mr. Maellard’s birthday and Benson has a surprise party for his boss on the agenda. Apparently, Mr. Maellard loves surprises but it's almost impossible to catch him off-guard. Talking the gang through his plan (since no one bothered to read the email version of it), Benson reveals that they’re going to throw the visiting park owner off with a decoy surprise at the Snack Bar. That way he won’t suspect the actual party they’re holding for him elsewhere, and Mr. Maellard would be so pleased with the effort that he’ll hand Benson a million dollars. Of course that last bit of detail was wishful thinking on Benson's part. The park workers are given their assignments for the day, Skips setting up the table, Muscle Man and High Fives getting the balloons, Thomas at the Snack Bar with the fake surprise cake and Benson chaperoning Mr. Maellard.

Mordecai and Rigby are tasked with picking up the real cake, which Benson had pre-ordered. Upon arriving at Top Tier Cakes they find the store packed, with the checkout line extended all the way to the entrance. Rigby notices an empty pre-order line, which the two immediately take. They show the cashier their prepaid receipts and she happily services them right away, much to the anger of an unnamed female customer who’d been next in the checkout line. The female customer objects, but the cashier informs her that pre-order customers take priority. Unsatisfied, the female customer turns on Mordecai and Rigby, calling them “line-cutters”. Mordecai refutes her claim, saying that they were in the right to be served first since they’re in the line for prepaying customers. This prompts the entire assembly of patrons, who realize they had prepaid receipts, to move to the pre-order line. The cashier comes out with a beautiful cake for Mr. Maellard as well as the last two complementary pastries for Mordecai and Rigby. The angry female customer vehemently objects again but the cashier calls her out for not being able to read the instructions on the sign. Effectively burned, she watches, livid, as Mordecai and Rigby leave the shop with their order.

After securing the cake to the top of the golf cart with ropes, Mordecai and Rigby drive off, congratulating themselves on a job well done. Mordecai asks for one of the complementary pastries but Rigby had already scoffed down both. Just then the back of their cart is violently rammed by the angry customer from before. Brandishing a cake cutter, the vengeful woman attempts to force them off the road. Alarmed, the two try to shake off the crazed driver. They make a narrow escape, turning into an alleyway while the angry customer lady crashes into a ditch after failing to read a road closure sign. As it turns out, she really was illiterate. Unfortunately for Mordecai and Rigby, their cart hits a bump in the pavement that sends Mr. Maellard’s $130 cake splattering all over the ground where it is instantly eaten by a bunch of homeless people. In a puzzling turn of events, the homeless people leave just as randomly as they appear, driving off in a solid gold car.

Back at The Park, Mr. Maellard arrives to pick up Pops for his birthday dinner. Just as planned Benson greets him and not-so-subtlety feigns ignorance of his boss’s birthday. He suggests going to the Snack Bar to find Pops. This is met with a knowing look from Mr. Maellard, but the park owner goes along with it. While Mr. Maellard waits in the cart Benson radios Skips on his walkie talkie and informs him on their whereabouts. It seems his co-workers aren’t quite as pedantic about the whole plan as he is when Skips asks Benson who the “eagle” in his coded message was meant to be.

Meanwhile, Mordecai and Rigby had enlisted the help of Eileen and CJ on their cake debacle. They decide to bake a new cake themselves in Pop’s kitchen. Luckily, Eileen is well versed in the art of cake making and is able to guide the group, Rigby in particular, though the process. After an arduous baking session the team is able to come up with an impressive looking birthday cake, even grander than the original. However, a problem arises when they discover that the new cake is in fact too grand fit through the door. To make matters worse they're quickly running out of time as Benson radios all groups to tell them he is on his way with Mr. Maellard.

At the secret party location, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost had finished their assignments and are waiting on Mordecai and Rigby. Pops worriedly states that they should have brought the cake by now so Skips instructs the others to go find them. They meet up with Mordecai’s group in Pops’s house and learn of the situation. Mordecai asks the others if they had any ideas on how to get the cake outside. It’s Pops that comes up with a solution. He takes Mordecai and Rigby up to his room where he brings out his old KIMMEL Handy Home Matter Mover; a teleportation device he bought in the 1950s. In a flashback Pops is attending the 1953 World’s Fair where the device is being showcased. When turned on it is able to transport matter, three babies and a vase of flowers in this case, to a set location, though in the demonstration the babies and flowers end up displaced through the table where the device was being aimed rather than on top of it. Cut back to present time, Mordecai and Rigby decide to use the teleporter.

Back with Benson and Mr. Maellard, the two arrive at the Snack Bar where Thomas presents their rather unsurprised-looking birthday guest with a small cupcake. After Mr. Maellard expresses reserved gratitude for the supposed sole birthday surprise, Benson suggest they return to the house to see if they could find Pops there. Appearing somewhat humoured by the situation, the park owner complies. Thomas quickly follows behind, tripping over himself in the process.

Cut back to the main house where Mordecai is setting up the teleporter while the others watch on in anticipation. The tension is high as Muscle Man and Fives expresses doubt that such an old machine would work. Indeed the shoddy device fails on the first try. Benson’s message that he’s about to arrive with Mr. Maellard comes through Skip's walkie talkie and the group panics. Mordecai and Rigby begin jabbing uselessly at the machine.

Meanwhile Benson, Thomas and Mr. Maellard arrive at their destination only to find an empty table with no cake, balloons or party guests. A restrained but evidently furious Benson asks his confused boss to wait there before sharply turning the cart and driving off. He storms into Pops's house with Thomas just as Skips finishes patching up the teleporter, launching into an angry tirade about the failed plan. Mordecai and Rigby quickly try to explain themselves but Benson would have none of it and snatches the teleporter. The three wrestle over the device which finally goes off and teleports the cake and everyone else with it out of the room.

Alone at the empty table, Mr Maellard laments at how he's seemingly being treated by his employees on his birthday, dramatically whispering, "It's lonely at the top." At that moment the teleported birthday cake materializes above him and falls onto the table, splattering icing everywhere. Out of the cake pops all the park workers along with CJ and Eileen. Still buried torso-deep in cake, Mordecai and Rigby yell "Surprise!" at a stunned Mr. Maellard, who only gapes wordlessly. Pops cheerfully observes that his papa was so surprised he doesn't know what to say. Mr. Maellard apparently decided to take that the extra mile and collapses from what looked like a shock-induced heart attack right then and there.

Waking up at the hospital, the recovering park owner happily claims that was the best birthday surprise of his life. It's revealed he'd been in a coma for three weeks. Benson, who is at his bedside along with Pops, Mordecai and Rigby, begins to apologize but is stopped by Mr. Maellard, who says he's always wanted to be in a coma. The episode closes with Pops and Mr. Maellard laughing off the incident while Benson, Mordecai and Rigby stare on in bewilderment.


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Episode Connections[]

  • The same person who was attacked by the Milk Monsters in "Guy's Night" appears in the line when Mordecai and Rigby enter Top Tier Cakes.
  • This is the second time "Flower duet from Lakme" by Leo Delibes is played in a Regular Show episode, the first being "The Best Burger in the World."

Pop Culture References[]

  • The angry woman is often nicknamed "Karen" by the fans when they revisited this episode today. As a reference to the famous Meme of someone being a "Karen". Because of the fact she has a similar hairstyle and bad temper or demeanor similar to how a "Karen" is. Demanding things for herself in an unreasonable way.


  • At the beginning shot of the gang on the stairs there is no streetlight near Benson, but when the shot turns to Benson turning the blackboard it's there.
  • In the shot of Mordecai and Rigby entering the cake store there are pictures of cake on the wall (the one closest to the window is pink) but when Mordecai looks at the receipt the cake is white.
  • After the gang walks into the kitchen to find Mordecai and Rigby, one of Muscle Man's balloons change from red to blue.
  • When the cake falls on the ground (after the illiterate lady falls in the crater), the box it was in disappears after the hoboes drive away and the shot turns to the cake.
  • The bench tablecloth disappears when the cake is falling.
  • Since the women in the Cake Shop could not read she should not be able to drive.