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(The episode starts with Mordecai and Rigby at the Coffee Shop)

Rigby: So, T.G.I.F., am I right?

Mordecai: Dude, it's 10 AM, Tuesday.

Rigby: Oh, yeah. Tuesdays ain't good for nothing. (Margaret and Eileen walk by.) How 'bout you, Margaret, weekend plans?

Margaret: My weekends are all booked up now. I'm using them for studying. I have to get serious if I want to transfer out of junior college.

Mordecai: When are we ever going to hang out?

Margaret: Sorry, I don't know. Tonight's my last free night, but whoever heard of hanging out on a Tuesday? I should probably just study. See ya. (She leaves.)

Rigby: Man, what's wrong with her? Why would you do that to yourself?

Eileen: Rigby, she needs our support!

Rigby: You heard her, Eileen. She wants to transfer colleges. What if we never see her again? (Then the words echo in Mordecai's mind and the tone gets lower. Mordecai starts to worry about never seeing Margaret ever again.) Right, Mordecai? Yo, Mordecai! Mordo, buddy, are you alright?

Mordecai: Guys, it's Margaret's last night of freedom! Let's surprise her with the biggest party of her life.

Rigby: Dude, yeah!

Eileen: That's a great idea!

Mordecai: Whooooaaaaaa!

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: T.G.I. Tuesday!

Margaret: Huh?

Mordecai: She gets off work at eight tonight, so we only have a few hours. First, let's get supplies.

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: T.G.I. Tuesday.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen go to Party Central USA, with only nine hours until Margaret's shift is over)

Mordecai: All right, they got Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Wow, even Monday. Aw, what? Nothing for Tuesday?!

Muscle Man: Hey, ladies, and Eileen.

Mordecai: Muscle Man, what are you doing here?

Muscle Man: I like to hang around here on my day's off. You know, see where the party's at. Yo, Jessie, where's the party at?

Jessie: For the hundredth time, I just work here.

Muscle Man: He'll budge. What are you lamers doing here?

Eileen: We're setting up a party for Margaret tonight.

Muscle Man: But it's Tuesday. (He slurps his drink.)

Rigby: Yeah-a! After tonight, Tuesday is gonna be the new Friday.

Muscle Man: (Spits out his drink) That's bold, bro. This party gets the Muscle Man seal of approval. You chumps need help with anything? I bet you chumps do.

Mordecai: Can you make sure people hear about it? We need a huge turn out.

Muscle Man: Huge is my and my mom's middle name. I'll see you jerks tonight. (He throws his drink on the ground.) Muscle Man "Huge" Sorrenstein out! Whooo!

Eileen: Great, now we just need a venue.

Mordecai: Hmm, hmm. We'll check all the coolest clubs in town. There's no way they're booked on a Tuesday night.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen go to the No Club Club with only eight hours until Margaret's shift is over)

Club Bouncer 1: Sorry, fellas, but this base is reserved for shuffleboard on Tuesdays.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen go to the IH8PHUN.)

Club Bouncer 2: Women's bridge night.

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen go to The Box.)

Club Bouncer 3: You understand that permanently banned applies to Tuesdays too, right?

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen go to The Worst Club.) 

Club Bouncer 4: No! Ain't nobody in this town gonna hold a party on a Tuesday. You hear me?! Nobody! Ahhhhhhh!

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen are outside eating burritos with only six hours until Margaret's shift is over.)

Eileen: These burritos taste like failure.

Mordecai: Well, do you know what I think? I think they taste like hope. There's got to be a place for Margaret's party.

(Benson comes by.)

Benson: Well, well, well. Look at these slackers. Not you, Eileen. I don't know if you're a slacker.

Mordecai: Look Benson, we'll planning for something important.

Benson: Wow, sounds really important.

Mordecai: Yeah, so if we can postpone it...

Benson: So you don't want the special assignment?

Rigby: Right.

Benson: You don't want to board up the old ballroom?

Mordecai: Exact––

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: Ballroom?!

(Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen and Benson go to the Parside Lux Ballroom.)

Benson: Yep, the Parkside Lux. This ballroom used to host the most elegant balls in its day.

Rigby: Whoa, were they big?

Benson: Oh, they were huge!

Rigby: (Snickers, then Mordecai punches him.) Ow!

(Benson opens the door.)

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: Whooaaaa.

Benson: Last guests trashed it, as you can see. Nearly bankrupt at the park.

Mordecai: I wonder who Charlene was?

Rigby: Hey Eileen, check this out. (Grabs a bra, and they laugh.)

Benson: This place is impossible to clean. Believe me, I tried. That's why it needs to be boarded up.

Mordecai: But, Benson, this place is perfect for Margaret's party. Can we please use it?

Benson: If you can clean it.

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: Awesome!

Benson: (laughs) Good luck. You're gonna need it!

(We go to the Coffee Shop with only four and a half hours left. Margaret is show to be still studying, then her phone rings, her ringtone for Mordecai being "Hanging with Margaret" from "Butt Dial")

Margaret: Hey, Mordecai.

Mordecai: Hey, do you wanna hang out tonight?

Margaret: Yes! (She blushes.) I mean, yeah, sure, sounds cool.

Mordecai: Awesome! Meet at the old ballroom at eight.

Margaret: Ohh. Que Interesante! (She blushes again and slaps her head for what she said.)

Mordecai: Uh, yep. See ya. (They hang up.)

Margaret: Que Interesante?! Ugh!

Mordecai: I just told Margaret.

Rigby: Muscle Man's handing out the invitations.

Eileen: I hope he doesn't invite a lot of people we don't know.

Muscle Man: Hey, completely random strangers! Come to this chick's party! (Cheering)

(Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen are inside the ballroom with only three hours left till Margaret's shift is over.)

Mordecai: All right, let's clean this place up.

Eileen: But what if it really can't be cleaned?

Rigby: That was just reverse psychology. Classic Benson.

Mordecai: Yeah, we'll have this cleaned up in no time.

Mordecai and Rigby: Whooooa!

(As Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen clean up the ballroom, all the stuff in there kept coming back to the way it was. Then Margaret texts Mordecai that she will be out in thirty minutes.)

Mordecai: (Gasps) Dude, we got to hurry up. Margaret's almost here.

Rigby: Look, man. You're my bro. I'm happy to help my bro. But this place is crazy! It won't stay clean! It's messing with my head. (Rigby spots the banner coming back.) That banner! (Grunting) I hate you! Charlene! (Rigby rips some of it off.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: Enough!

Mordecai and Eileen: (Screaming)

Suitcase Oh no! Box is eliminated! We're really gonna miss you!
Nickel Yeah, you were really helpful, Box! Hey, what kind of box is Box anyways?
Paintbrush It's a cardboard box. Can't you tell?
Lightbulb Painty, tall fella, brush gal, don't be silly! Box can be whatever it wants to be!
Apple Well then, let's settle this. I'll look inside.
Lightbulb Be. Careful!
Test Tube Quick, everyone, form your hypotheses!
Apple (opens Box and gasps)
Microphone WHAT IS IT?!?!
Apple T-Taco?!
Soap, Balloon, Fan and Paintbrush WHAT?!
Knife (walks over to Box and opens it himself) That says Box.
(Camera zooms out, revealing the word "Box" written in pink letters inside Box)
Apple Well, I was close, at least.
MePad My apologizes, but the competition has been stalled long enough. It is time for Box to make his departure.
Suitcase I'll miss you, Box!
MePad (kicks Box into the portal)
Finn: [sees FP sleeping] Hey, wake up.
Flame Princess: I was meditating. [Stands up]
Finn: Look what I found. [Holds up a key.]
Flame Princess: A key!
[Finn raises his eyebrows multiple times]
Flame Princess: We have to go back?
Finn: We don't have to, we get to! Come on. [walks away.]
[Boney is looking for his missing arm in the water. He hears Finn singing Dungeon Crawl and hurries back to his position and does the splits.]
Finn: See? That didn't take long at all. Now we get treasure.
Flame Princess: Okay.
Finn: [Sticks key through the keyhole and doesn't open] Nope. This key's for something else. Haha. Oh, well. [Continues singing.]
Flame Princess: [Thinking] Jeez. This is kinda boring. At least he's walking fast.
[Finn looks back at FP and gestures for her to follow. He points at the floor.]
Finn: See? That's where I found the key.
[He starts crawling and finds a hole in the wall. Finn and Flame Princess look inside and sees a bigger cage with a keyhole. Finn gives her the key and she crawls through the hole. She walks over to the cage and Finn gives her a thumbs up.
MePhone4 You found Bow? Really?
Toilet Em, no, but I found the next best thing!
(Camera dramatically moves up to reveal Dough)
MePhone4 Eh, good enough.
Toilet Good enough? HA! Take that, MePad!
MePad Um... sure, consider it taken.
MePhone4 Hey, contestants, come over here. So I've been informed that many people have been anticipating Bow's return to Inanimate Insanity. Buuut she's dead!
Nickel How upsetting.
MePhone4 So we found the closest thing to Bow.
Marshmallow Wait, WHAT?!
Toilet Introducing the new Bow, Bow's alleged big brother, Dough!
Dough Hi guys, I'm Dough.

(everyone looks weirded and/or confused, Fan especially)

Nickel: This is the best you could do?

Toilet: Aha! Dough is just like Bow, but different! Instead of chairs, he likes stairs!

Dough: They're the best. (proceeds to fall down elimination stairs)

Marshmallow: How could you just replace her with that THING?!

Fan: It's... not the same...

MePhone: It's everything you liked about Bow in a new, different form! So quit complaining! Anyway, the winner of the next challenge will win Dough as a new member of their team, so this challenge is a soccer match.

Dough: Wouldn't it, like, be better if it was, like, a bear competition, because bears are so totally awesome.

Paintbrush: Wait, aren't you addicted to stairs?

Dough: Pfft. Those are so, like, thirty-four seconds ago. I like bears. Alright, wilderness!

MePad: And what's next? Mares?

MePhone: Now, since the Grand-(pushes Toilet away) Now, since the Grand Slams outnumber the Bright Lights, we need someone from the Grand Slams to sit out. Sooo... Nickel. Go sit in the bleachers.

Nickel: What?! But this is soccer! The sport for the legs only!

MePhone: I know. Now get out.

Lightbulb: Alrighty sports fans, we're going to have to dribble around those bases to get the touchdowns we need to checkmate the other team!

Paintbrush: *sigh* Lightbulb! I really appreciate you winning the last challenge, really, I do! But we really need to get our head in the game here, so please, don't do anything stupid!

Lightbulb: You can count on me. If we're gonna hit that bullseye, we're gonna knock those pins down as a team, but you can't be drownin'!

Paintbrush: Right...

Fan: I'll volunteer as goalie. You DON'T want me out on the field. Uh-uh.

(scene changes to a soccer field)

Balloon: So... who's gonna be our goalie?

Baseball: Uhh... Mic, how 'bout you?

Microphone: Aww, but I want to play out on the field! I'm sure I'll do great!

Baseball: Yeah, well... you've had a tendency to mess up challenges with your, uh... loudness, so maybe it's best you just take it easy.

Microphone: But I won the dodgeball contest! What do you think, Suitcase?

Suitcase: Uh... I guess if that's what my alliance member wants...

Microphone (depressed) Okay... (walks up to goal) I'll show them! I'm not screwing this up.

MePhone: Whichever team is the first to five goals wins. Get your mark, on set... (blows whistle)

As soon as FP fits the key through the keyhole, it opens and a skeleton comes out, which startles FP.]
Finn: Snapdragons!!
Snapdragon: Take my place, take my place! Take my- [Flame Princess stumbles back and burns it in defense.]
Flame Princess: Scatter fire! [Sends four bolts of fire that meet in the middle and burn the cage completely to ashes. She sighs.]
Finn: No, no, we shake them down first, remember?
Flame Princess: He... wanted me to take his place.
Finn: [Rummages through pile of ashes] Man. Ooh, hold on. [Finds another key and holds it up.] Ha ha! It's another key! Now we get to go back to the beginning! [Runs.] Whoohoo!
Flame Princess: Finn, I'm not having any fun.
Finn: [Stops running] What? Why?
Flame Princess: Well, you keep wanting me to do things your way. But I don't like doing things your way. Is that because I am evil?
Finn: What? No, wait, that's... no! Uhh, hey, you know what? Let's do things your way.
Flame Princess: Really?
Finn: Yeah. I've been acting an uncouth lout, m'lady. [Throws torch in the water] Okay, so there's a door over there. What do you wanna do?
Flame Princess: I... burn it down. [Makes a Flame Sword and marks a big X on the door. Finn looks unsure as she breaks through the door.]
Finn: Okay, that worked. Now what do you do...
Flame Princess: [Runs and shoots fire at random places] RRAAAAAGGGHHH!!
Finn: Uhh... [Scared] Good- good job, FP.
[The playground. Students are chatting, when Bobert shows up.]
Bobert: Attention, organic classmates. I have information about the relationship status of the gas-filled bag defined as Alan and the mass of condensation defined as Masami. [Does a gesture] It is on!
[Carrie, Jamie, Banana Joe, Tobias, and Hector gasp.]
Teri: I'm so happy. They've got so much in common. They both float. They... [Pauses and stops smiling] Actually, that's about it. She's still better for him than Carmen is.
[The students leave, except for a stunned Carmen. Gumball and Darwin peek from behind a recycling bin.]
Gumball: Okay. First the shock and then the disbelief -- all according to plan. [Carmen looks down in sadness] Now, come on! Get angry and fight for your love!
[Carmen becomes red with anger for a moment]
Flame Princess: Thanks, FTH! Haa! [Shoots more fire. Goo skulls start appearing. FP rushes to the door.] Ughh, doors! Burn, burn, burn! [She is stopped by a Goo Skull.] Huh? Ugh.
Finn: Oh, Sham man. It's the legion of Goo Skulls! Uh, how do you defend?
Flame Princess: Uhh...

Rigby: What's going on?!

Johnny Emp'r'r: (Laughs evilly) Evenin', fools!

Mordecai: Who are you?

Johnny Emp'r'r: I'm Johnny Emp'r'r. Ow! And this is Cool Shadé, and my man, Daryl. We are the guardians of this ballroom. Hoo! And y'all are disturbing the sacred ground.

Mordecai: What?

Rigby: Dude, we're just trying to clean it!

(Johnny Emp'r'r, Cool Shadé, and Daryl all start laughing.)

Daryl: They don't get it, J.E.

Johnny Emp'r'r: Yeah, this is how we like it around here. You see, in 1985, we threw the best party ever, right here in this ballroom. A party so fresh, we decided to leave it in this state as a monument to our partying legacy.

(Cool Shadé and Daryl start cheering.)

Mordecai: But we need to party here tonight!

Johnny Emp'r'r: Hoo! Absolutely not! Who parties on a Tuesday anyway, man? No class.

Mordecai: You guys don't understand. After tonight, we won't get to see our friend Margaret for a long time. It's really important to me––uh, I mean, us.

Johnny Emp'r'r: Ooh! Trying to set up the ultimate party for your girl.

Cool Shadé: Noble.

Johnny Emp'r'r: Very well. If you prove you can party harder than we did, which is impossible, you may use the ballroom.

Carmen: No! [Breaks down crying]
Darwin: Or just get depressed at the sudden realization that Gumball ruined your life.
[It begins raining, and Carmen immediately swells up while still crying.]

The Heart of the StormEdit

[The classroom. Only Alan and Masami are present, and Alan is repeatedly banging his head on the desk.]
Masami[Writing on a notepad] So, what couple name do you prefer? Alasami or Masalan? [Annoyed] Are you even listening?
[Alan stops banging his head.]
Alan​​​: [Sighs] Whatever one will make Carmen think we're happy.
Masami: Ugh! Who cares about that prickly loser?

Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen: Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm!

Mordecai: Let's go crazy!

Johnny Emp'r'r: Hit it!

(Cool Shadé turns on the boombox and music starts playing.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: Proceed.

snake fire!! [Her fire ignites their goo and destroys them.]
Finn: Fire burn goo.
Flame Princess: Yes! Feel my flames, puny worms! [Laughing] The power of destruction!
Finn: Woh.

Rigby: It's go time!

(Mordecai and Eileen cheer for Rigby and Rigby shows off his dance moves. Johnny Emp'r'r, Cool Shadé, and Daryl all start laughing after he finishes dancing.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: What was that? Cool Shadé, school these fools!

(Cool Shadé jumps over Johnny Emp'r'r and starts dancing. After he's done, his name is summoned, each party ghost with their own unique style. Johnny Emp'r'r and Daryl cheer after he's done.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: All right! Down low! (Cool Shadé high fives Johnny Emp'r'r.)

(Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen are not impressed by Cool Shadé's dance moves.)

Eileen: Eileen's turn!

Mordecai and Rigby: Yeah! Go, Eileen!

(Eileen dances in a ballet freestyle on the dance floor and after she's done walks off.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: Hoo! I've seen better moves in a funeral!

(Daryl jumps onto the floor and does exactly the same moves as Cool Shadé.)

Rigby: (To Mordecai) Dude, bust out your robot!

Mordecai: Prepare to witness perfection!

RIgby and Eileen: Whoo! Go, Mordecai!

(Mordecai starts dancing the Robot and the ghosts start chuckling.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: Sloppy, sloppy.

(Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen start complaining.)

Johnny Emp'r'r: And now watch the Emp'r'r!

(Johnny Emp'r'r does exactly the same moves as Daryl and Cool Shadé. Mordecai, Rigby, and Eileen watch closely and realize they're all doing the same moves. And you'd think the 80s were a more creative time...)

Mordecai: You guys are doing the same moves over and over again!

Johnny Emp'r'r: What?! These moves are as fresh as the decade from whence they came!

Mordecai: Your 80s moves blow, man!

Johnny Emp'r'r: Well, this partying war just turned cold. Mr. Daryl, Mr. Cool Shadé, let's tear down this hall! 

[Gumball suddenly appears, smacking Alan out of the way.]
Gumball: We need to talk. [Alan floats down, and he smacks him away again] Your plan completely bombed. Carmen didn't get jealous. She just looks really sad... and turgid. [Alan floats down again, and once again he smacks him away.]
Alan​​​​​​​​​​: [Floats down] What are you guys talk-- [Gumball bumps him away.]
Masami: The plan worked perfectly.
Alan​​​​​​​​​​: Hey, I'm -- [Masami bumps him away.]
Masami: Alan is finally with the right girl -- the one who has always loved him.
[Gumball gasps for a prolonged time, and he smacks Alan away, yet again.]
Gumball[Gruff voice] YOU LIED TO ME! [Normal voice] That's it! I'm telling everyone.
[Giant Goo Skull comes out from behind Finn and grabs him] [Terrified] Whoa! Flame Princess!!
Flame Princess: Huh? [turns around in normal state and sees Finn being taken away by a Giant Goo Skull]
Finn: Ahh!!!
[Flame Princess Angry]
[She ascends from a hole and see Finn and the Giant Goo Skull.]
Masami: No, you won't. Unless you want Penny to find out you kissed Carmen.

Finn: [Being spun around by goo] Help me! But don't use fire because you'll- mphh! [Muffled by the goo]

("Ballroom Blitz" starts playing on the boombox and both sides start dancing all together on the dance floor in a battle. At the same time, Margaret finishes her shift and drives to the ballroom. After a dancing montage with Mordecai, Rigby, Eileen, and the ghosts, she stops outside the ballroom.)

Margaret: (Reading the ballroom's name) Parkside Lux Ballroom.

(Margaret text messages Mordecai who gets the message while he's dancing. It says "i'm outside parkside lux right?")

Mordecai: Aah! (Mordecai falls over.) Margaret's outside!

Rigby: What do we do?!

Johnny Emp'r'r: (Chuckles) Just as well, we schoolin' you pretty bad!

Daryl: Yeah, your moves got no 80's effects, or hand claps, or nothin'!

Cool Shadé: Prepare yourselves for the finishing moves!

(They start dancing again when they shoot some light at Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen and start dancing again and then stand up and are really bright.)


(Lots of brightness come out of Cool Shadé, Johnny Emp'r'r and Daryl making the screen look white and then they make a note in the air that says "Charlene, good luck on your internship from Emp'r'r, Cool Shadé and Daryl".)

Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen: Huh?

Mordecai: "Charlene"? So no mortal has ever seen that, huh?

Johnny Emp'r'r: No way!

Mordecai: Not even Charlene?

Johnny Emp'r'r: She was supposed to. This party was for her, but we partyed so hard and so late, our bodies gave out before we could show her.

Daryl: That's why this ballroom gotta stay this way, because she's coming back someday.

Mordecai: Dude, no. She isn't coming back, because the party's gotta stop someday. My friend Margaret knows that, and if we can't use this ballroom tonight, we may never be able to party with her again.

Johnny Emp'r'r: Hey, blue man, this girl, she sounds pretty important to you.

Mordecai: She is. 

Johnny Emp'r'r: Then promise her something, party with her tonight.

Mordecai: I will.

Johnny Emp'r'r: Partying on a Tuesday! Ooh! Worthy.

(The Emp'r'r claps

Flame Princess: Release him or feel the wrath of the Princess of Flames!
[Giant Goo Skull blows raspberry]
Flame Princess: Very well.
[Flame Princess charges at the Giant Goo Skull]

[Finn screaming under the goo, terrified]

MePhone: So Grand Slams, as your prize, you get Dough on your team!

(Most of Grand Slams cheer, then get disappointed)

and some tornadoes clean up the place and Cool Shadé pulls up some speakers on the stage while Muscle Man runs up to the back of the building with lots of people just as Margaret walks in.)

Penny[Off-scene] Too late!
Gumball: Uh!
[Penny is present at the door, scowling.]
Penny: Darwin told me everything.
Darwin[appears from behind Penny] Sorry, dude. I ran out of milkshake.
Gumball: Penny! Please let me explain!
Penny: Carmen already did.
Carmen: It was more of a head-butt than a kiss, to be honest.

Suitcase: I, for one, welcome this new change to our team. We can't just live in the past! We have to move on; be willing to try new things!

Dough: I agree. Copy the past. Never try anything different. Yah guys, it's going to be amazing. Now who wants to buy an affair?

Masami[Turns into an angry, gray thunderstorm] It's too late for you, Carmen. Alan is mine!
Carmen: Please! Masami, I love him!
Masami[Angrier] I love him more! And he loves me!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Caught in a running ceiling fan] Can I...just say...something?!
Masami[Conjures up a hurricane in the classroom, blowing everyone and everything away] No! YOU'RE MINE!!!
[Gumball, Darwin, and Penny run out of the classroom. Masami, in the center of her hurricane, follows them, blasting the classroom entrance in the process. Alan is caught in her hurricane. Both run down the hall.]
Carmen[Emerges from the destroyed classroom] AL-A-A-A-A-AN!!!!

(gets eaten by Yin-Yang)

Gumball! Do something!
[Gumball starts, but Penny halts him.]
Penny: I think Gumball's made this situation bad enough. Let me speak to her, girl to girl. [Walks down the hall and faces an unseen Masami] Masami, look into your heart. You're not a violent person!
[A bolt of lightning by Masami zaps her, knocking her down the other side of the hall.]
Penny[Off-scene] Okay, Gumball. Your turn.
[Principal Brown and several students are having conversations. Masami's hurricane passes them, scrambling their artistic styles in the process. Gumball, Darwin, Penny, and Carmen chase her.]
Gumball: Quick! I've got an awesome idea! Follow me to the fire hose!
[Cut to the kids holding a fire hose at the end of a hall. Gumball has the fire hose tied around his waist.]
Gumball: Hold on. I'm the one who got the idea. It should be you guys making it happen.
[Masami's hurricane violently approaches. Gumball whimpers.]
Penny: Don't worry. We'll pull you out.
Gumball: Wait. I got a better idea.
Penny: Too late. [Pushes Gumball into hurricane]
Gumball: What the... [Gets caught in Masami's hurricane. Penny, Darwin, and Carmen hold onto the fire hose. They succeed in pulling both Gumball and Alan out of Masami's hurricane.]
Gumball and Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: Yeah! We made it! [Both laugh, until they realize parts of their features have been swapped.] Aaaaaah!
[Masami's hurricane dies out, leaving a still angry Masami.]
Carmen: Run!
Gumball: I can't! I haven't got legs anymore!
Alan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​: [Attempting to get up, but keeps slipping] And I've never had any before!
Masami: Give him back to me!
[Gumball and Alan have swapped their original parts back. They attempt to run, but Masami starts inhaling them in the opposite direction. Gumball tries hanging onto the floor, then grabs onto an open locker door, while holding Alan by his string.]
Gumball[His grip slips a bit] N
Flame Princess: [Stops just in front of the Giant Goo Skull] Do the splits! Do the splits, thou milk-livered maggot pie! [Grabbing Finn's demon sword and yelling] [Giant Goo Skull does the splits] [Using Finn's demon sword to free Finn from a goo]
Finn: Hot Daniel! Flame Princess. I thought you were going to burn me alive.
Flame Princess: No way! I'd never do that to my boyfriend. [Finn blushes]

Suitcase: Ahh! Yin-Yang! Why'd you do that?

Yin-Yang; (Yang) Yin ate him! (Yin) You can't be serious! (Yang) It couldn't have been me! I'm gluten-free! (Yin) Okay, I ate him. I was starving!

MePhone: Oh no! Dough's dead now too!

Baseball: Well, you can always bring him back to life, right?

MePhone: I would, but I never had the time to create a life icon for him. What a shame!

Knife: Sarcasm. I like it.

No! Do something!
[Later at the hill during sunset]
Flame Princess: Ha, thanks Finn. That was a really awesome experience.
Finn: Dungeons totes clear your head, right?
Flame Princess: [Agreeing] I forget how good it feels to destroy stuff.
Finn: [Confused] Uhhhh.....
Flame Princess: I mean, like evil stuff.
Finn: Oh yeah, cool.
Flame Princess: We should go again sometimes. Do you know any other dungeons?
Finn: Maybe next time we should just go to like... a farmer's market.
Flame Princess: And burn it.
Finn: Hmm, try this key.
[Flame Princess succeeds in unlocking the chest and shocked.]
Finn: What is it?
[A mysterious butt-shaped creature wakes up and winks at Flame Princess.]
MePhone: So Dough is dead forever. Looks like he isn't joining the game. So sad. Anyway, vote for a Bright Light on
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