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"T.G.I. Tuesday"
Season 4, Episode 10
Premiere date: January 7, 2013 (US)
October 7, 2013 (UK)
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"T.G.I. Tuesday" is the tenth episode in Season 4 (and eighty-ninth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 7, 2013.


Margaret is transferring to another college, so Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen plan a going-away party at the park's abandoned ballroom, which is still haunted by the ghosts of the last party's hosts.


The episode begins with Rigby and Mordecai talking and Rigby being disappointed of the day, saying, "Tuesdays ain't good for nothin'". Margaret and Eileen then walk over, and Rigby asks Margaret for her weekend plans, which she answers, saying "my weekends are all booked up now", and continues, saying how she has to get serious studying to get out of junior college, and says that this is her last night of freedom, when Mordecai interrupts and asks when they can hang out. Margaret frowns and apologizes, saying how that tonight's her last free night, but "whoever heard of hanging out on a Tuesday?", and goes away. Rigby then continues their conversation, and says "what is wrong with her?", and that this could be the last night they would see Margaret, and they might never see her again, which worries Mordecai greatly, making him blank out for a moment. Rigby and Eileen quickly snap him out of it, but Mordecai is now worried, and finally says that they should go throw a party for Margaret. Rigby and Eileen decide that it is a great idea, so together, they go to the party shop.

At the shop, they find out there is a day for every day of the week, with Tuesday being the only day with no party materials for it. Muscle Man then arrives into the scene, and after a little trash talk, agrees to help them invite some guests for the party. With the guests out of the problem, Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen then look for a venue, but none are open, or are already booked for Tuesday. (They even try The Box but they are still banned, even on Tuesdays.)

Greatly disappointed, the group, tired and hungry, decide to get some burritos, and sit down, discussing about their situation. Just then, Benson passes by, telling them to stop slacking off (except Eileen, which Benson questions if she was also a slacker), but Mordecai argues back that they are planning something really important. However, Benson questions that, and asks them if that means that they do not want the special assignment that he had in mind for them to board up the old park ballroom, which they say no to, but quickly realizes that they could throw the party there, and immediately agree.

When they arrive at the old building, Rigby slides in a piece of adult humor. Rigby then chuckles but Mordecai quickly punches him. Once inside the ballroom, Mordecai calls Margaret, asking her if she would like to hang out tonight, which she gladly accepts. But when she tries to say it more cool, she blushes instead and speaks a little Spanish, which confuses Mordecai so Margaret decides to drop it, and says that she will be there. As she ends the call, Margaret blushes again, and regrets the Spanish she had said to Mordecai.

The three then start cleaning the ballroom. They make good progress quickly, but everything keeps coming back to its original state whenever it is moved. It turns out there were ghosts in the ballroom putting the things back to were it was before. The three argue with the ghosts, and finally, the ghosts challenged Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen to a dance-off, with the winning team the keeper of the ballroom. The dance-off starts, and each ghost carry on doing the same moves as each other. Mordecai does the robot, and Rigby and Eileen do their own separate dances. After this scene, the 1975 song Ballroom Blitz by the band Sweet plays. However, the ghosts keep winning, and finally, when the dance-off ends, Mordecai argues that the ghosts were doing exactly the same moves as each other, which, after some arguing, the ghosts finally reveal that the reason they were guarding the ballroom was that on the night they died, the three of them were throwing a party for a girl that was having an internship and moving away, but before the girl even arrived, ghosts had partied too hard and died. They believe that Charlene will come back someday but Mordecai tells them that she isn't going to come back because the party has to stop someday. He also told them if they don't use the ballroom, they may never see Margaret again.

In the end, with just a few seconds to spare before Margaret and the others arrive, the ghosts decide to let go of their past, and clean everything up and set up all the party refreshments and supplies, just as everyone comes in. Some rock music then start playing, and Margaret thanks Mordecai, Rigby and Eileen for the party. Then she tells them that she's not going anywhere. Mordecai and Margaret then start dancing together to the rock music, but one of the ghosts turn on a love song and gives Mordecai the thumbs up. Margaret then hugs Mordecai, and the two start dancing, with Margaret on Mordecai's chest. The scene then zooms out to the entire party, and the episode ends.



Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Pops (cameo)
  • Skips (cameo)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Coffee Shop Manager (cameo)
  • Jimmy (Taco'Clock) (cameo)
  • Bouncer (cameo)
  • Bobby (cameo)
  • Charlene (mentioned)


Pop Culture References

  • The Dancing scene may have been a reference to Wayne's World, as in both endings, Ballroom Blitz plays while the main characters wait for the arrival of a important person (in this case Margaret).
    One guy says "Tear down this hall" which may be a reference to Reagans famous "Tear down this Wall " quote

Production Notes

  • There was multiple deleted scenes in the episode, they can be seen here.
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