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Susan is the main antagonist of the Season Two episode "Benson Be Gone", who takes over the park after Mr. Maellard demotes Benson. She returns in "Exit 9B" as one of the revived villains. Susan is voiced by April Stewart.


In "Benson Be Gone", Susan was introduced as the new park manager, being a replacement for Benson. At first, Susan appeared to be nice and organized, however her personality later changed. She first fired Benson after he directly refused to obey Susan's overworking demands and gave the consent to fire him after he became a slacker like Mordecai and Rigby. She then forced everyone else to work incredibly hard, and in the process, they began transforming into clones of herself, albeit with their own faces. However, Benson stayed as his old self and helped free Mordecai, Rigby, and everyone else from Susan's influence by convincing them to slack off. This made Susan angry, so she went into the ground and returned as a giant. She tried to kill everyone by crushing them with a building, but Mr. Maellard came and stalled her, so she ended up dropping the building and picking up Mr. Maellard instead. She was about to crush him until Leon drove Mr. Maellard's limo into Susan and ripped off both of the heels of her shoes. Without the heels on her shoes, Susan lost balance and fell into the fiery pit. She returns as Giant Susan in "Exit 9B", resurrected by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. along with Destroyer of Worlds. She battled the Baby Ducks as Hyperduck, but she was thrown and crashed into a freeway by them. She was then sucked back into the portal all thanks to Thomas signing his name on the document.


She wears a black suit-like jacket and a white turtleneck. She has blonde hair that is tied up in a bun, sports red lipstick, and has white earrings. In her giant form, her entire body is red and so is her suit.

Episode Appearances

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  • When Susan is angry, she turns a dark red, similar to Benson
  • Susan seems to take her job seriously due to the fact that she forces everyone to work harder and faster, eventually turning the park workers' into Susans'.