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Sunil Malhotra
Birth date: October 20, 1975
Birth place: India
Occupation: Voice actor
Education: Indiana University
Children: 1
Website: Website

Sunil Malhotra (born October 20, 1975)[1] is a voice actor for Regular Show.

Early life

He was born on October 20, 1975 in India before moving to Chicago, Illinois when he was six months old; the plane he and his parents were on narrowly escaped crashing.[2] He lived originally in Rogers Park, one of the community areas in Chicago,[2] before moving to Skokie.[3] He is of Punjabi and Sindhi descent.[2] As an adult, he attended and graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, cum laude, with a double major in Theatre & Drama and Telecommunications.[3] After college, he moved to New York to pursue a career as an actor.[2]


He has appeared in the films Dude, Where's the Party? and Happy Feet 2, and his television work includes House, 24 and ER.[4] He has provided the voices of Jinx in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Jiggy in Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood.[1] On Regular Show, he provided the voice of Rigby's teacher in "More Smarter", when he attempted to return to high school, but due to Rigby disrupting, the teacher asked him to leave.[1]

Voice credits

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Season 2

Personal life

When not acting, he enjoys directing and writing, as well as music and reading.[2] He also serves as a mentor for Asian-American undergraduates at the University of Southern California, through the Asian Pacific American Student Services program.[2]

He resides in Los Angeles, California with his child.[2][4]

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