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"Sugar Rush" is the thirty-eighth episode in Season Three (and seventy-eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 27, 2012.


Pops becomes hyperactive after eating "Double Glazed Apple Fritters" for the morning meeting, so the gang must set out to bring him back to normal and get a spare batch of donuts before the meeting begins.


The episode opens with Mordecai and Rigby sitting in the kitchen while Benson is telling them to get donuts and to get him a whole wheat doughnut to which Mordecai replies, "You mean a bagel?" and Benson laughs saying, "No, a whole wheat donut," and then tells them not to pass them out before the meeting. Mordecai and Rigby then head to the local donut shop Candy's Donuts. Mordecai and Rigby go inside and marvel at all the different choices, and then Rigby proceeds to picking donuts but Mordecai tells him that they need to get the whole wheat donut first, so they ask for one. After they get it, they ask the cashier what donuts behind him are, and he says, "Apple Fritters that were accidentally double-glazed." Mordecai then says they will take them, but the cashier says they are not safe for human consumption. Rigby bribes him with 10 dollars and gets the donuts.

After buying the donuts Mordecai and Rigby decide to go and play a video game and they leave the donuts on the table. Pops comes in the kitchen and sees the double glazed fritters, takes a bite, and starts shaking due to the sugar. Mordecai and Rigby come back to the kitchen, arguing about the game and sees Pops hyper after eating a fritter. Rigby is worried about what Benson will say to them after he finds out that someone already ate a donut, and Mordecai tells him that they will have to tire Pops out before the meeting. The scene changes and the duo are trying various things to get rid of Pops' sugar rush such as jumping jacks and pulling the cart by running. Pops is still hyper, so they go to Skips to solve the problem.

Skips tells them that he saw this happen to Pops before, and that Pops will crash after giving him more sugar. Mordecai doubts Skips, but he assures them by saying that he was never wrong when solving their past problems. Rigby opens up the donut box and Pops eats some more, only to become more sugar high. Skips tells Rigby to give him some more, so Rigby opens up the box and Pops hungrily gobbles up the donuts. He starts jumping up and down very quickly yelling "Good show!" and soon disappears. Mordecai and Rigby are confused at what happened, and Skips tells them that they will have to go after him. The three eat the glazed donuts and follow Pops.

They find Pops all normal, but look around and see that everything else is going slow. After watching a really slow Muscle Man take off his shirt and wave it around, Skips finds out that they are on a higher sugar plane, and that they will all need more sugar. Rigby announces that they ran out of donuts, and Pops tells them that he could buy some more with his butter scotch ripples. The butter scotch ripples had enough sugar to take them to the next sugar plane, but there were only three. Skips stays behind, and so Mordecai, Rigby and Pops are transported to the next sugar plane.

In the next plane, everything is black and gray, with trees being swayed by a strong wind. Skips is also there, but scares Pops away by showing his gruesome face, leaving the two to chase him. When they caught up with him, all of the people in the park are now plain black and don't move. Rigby says that he has an idea, and shows Mordecai and Pops the whole wheat doughnut that was for Benson. Breaking it into four pieces, they take a bite and go back to the lower sugar plane where Skips was left behind. Mordecai tells Skips that he was wrong, and the whole wheat donut was all what they needed. The slow Muscle Man looks at his watch and says, "Oh no, bro! Time to go to the meeting!" The rest race back to the house and Rigby drops the doughnut box at Benson's feet, but there were no more donuts in there. Skips, Pops, Mordecai, and Rigby race back to the doughnut shop, buy glazed donuts, and race back just in time for Benson to look inside the box. They eat the whole wheat doughnut and now are back in the normal sugar plane. They had enough sugar, leaving Muscle Man to eat all of the donuts. Delighted, Muscle Man stuffs all of the donuts in his mouth, about to say a My Mom joke, but is transported to the next sugar plane. The episode ends with Benson wondering about what happened to his whole wheat doughnut.





Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 2.702 million views worldwide.


  • The whole wheat donut is missing when Rigby splits one of the Double glazed apple fritters.
  • When Benson asked where his whole wheat donut was, Hi Five Ghost was missing.

Alternate Versions[]


  • Everyone running in front of the train was cut.