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This is the transcript for Struck By Lightning.

(The story begins outside in the park and the gang is rugby a sport and Skips is the referee)

Skips: The score is 28 to 28. Next touch down wins. But who's gonna take it home? The tame gamers or the disaster boys?

(Suddenly, Thunder claps and It started to rain.)

Pops: Oh goodness! It's storming!

Benson: Well I guess that's that. Let's go inside.

Muscle man: Oh, so I guess you forfeit?

Benosn: And risk getting struck by lightning? Yes, we forfeit.

Muscle man: Oh, come on! People don't actually get struck by lightning. That's just an old wives take.

Hi Five: Yeah [Chuckles] Yeah. We got a bunch of old wives over here. [Chuckles]

Mordecai: Oh, It's on.

[Mordecai and Rigby play rugby against Muscle man and Hi five ghost. Rigby pick up the ball]

Mordecai: Hut,hut! Hike! [Rigby toses the ball back to him and Mordecai walks back and throws it]

Rigby: [Trying to catch the ball] I got it! I got it!

[Muscle Man catches the ball and runs toward his goal, but Mordecai tackles him]

Hi Five: [trying to catch the ball] I got it! I got it! [Catches the ball] Yes!

[Hi five rushes over to his goal and slams it to the ground. Muscle man and Hi five whoop and do a victory dance]

Muscle man: You know who else likes to mess around in the rain? My mom!

[Muscle Man and Hi five ghost hi five as lightning strikes on them. They then wake up in hospital beds]

Doctor: Looks like they're coming out of it.

Muscle man: I?

Doctor: Don't worry, you're in a hospital. You're perfectly safe, assuming you have insurance. Now, you suffered a serious shock, So we need to ask a few questions. What's your name?

Muscle man: Mitch Sorenstine.

Doctor: Where do you live? 

Muscle Man: In a trailer with my wife Starla.

Doctor: Good. And your occupation?

Muscle Man: I work at the park. I'm a groundskeeper.

Doctor: Hm... Looks like everything's normal.

Muscle Man: I just have one question for you doc. (Points to hi hive) who's this guy?

(The others gasp)

Hi Five: Hi, I'm Hi five ghost. I actually work at the park, too. I'm surprised we never ran into each other.

Mordecai: Whoa, you guys don't remember each other?!

Muscle Man: What are you talking about, Mordecai? Why should we?

Hi Five: Yeah, I mean how can I remember someone I just meet?