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(The episode opens with a montage of Mordecai and Margaret being happy together doing various activities, such as looking at the clouds, going to the aquarium, riding bikes, going to a photo booth, and finally kissing on a Ferris Wheel on a boardwalk carnival. The scene then cuts to the next day showing the house. Mordecai is washing his eyes out in the bathroom.)

Mordecai: So, Margaret... there's something I want to ask you. Noooooooo. Hey Margaret, I think we're great, we're great together, you know? Nah. Hey giiiirlll, I want you to be mah everythin'!

(Rigby comes into the bathroom overhearing Mordecai talking to himself in the mirror)

Rigby: Hey girrrrrlll, why are you talking to yourself, giiiirrrrl? Huh? Huh? Got a date with your lady? Hm? Hm?

Mordecai: Yeah, so? I'm taking Margaret out to dinner tonight, and I'm kinda nervous, okay?

Rigby: Oh yeah, where are you taking her? Cheezer's? Wing Kingdom?

Mordecai: No dude, someplace WAY nicer: Steak Me Amadeus.

Rigby: Dude, that place is CRAZY expensive, how are you going to pay for it?

Mordecai: BAM! (he pulls out yellow dollar bills reading "AMADEUS DOLLARS") Amadeus dollars! Remember when Pops gave these out as Christmas gifts? I traded everyone for them in exchange for favors, and now I got MAYD STACKS!

Rigby: Huh. So that explains all the extra work you've been doing.

Mordecai: This dinner is big dude. Everything has to be perfect. I'm gonna ask Margaret to officially be my girlfriend.

Rigby: Whoa, that's huuuuuge! Mordecai, you have my utmost respect. Brospect. (Rigby pounds his chest with his fist, and gives Mordecai some more Amadeus Dollars) Use 'em well, man.

Mordecai: Thanks, dude.

Rigby: No get out of here, I gotta use it.

(The scene transitions in a pinwheel to Mordecai in a shirt and tie driving the cart to pick Margaret up. It is evening. Mordecai is again practicing what he is going to say to Margaret)

Mordecai (to himself): Margaret, will you do the honor of being my... girlfriend? Ugh, no... (His cell phone rings. He picks it up, and answers it. It's Margaret) Margaret, I was just on my way to get you. What's up?

Margaret (on the phone): Hey, something came up, so I'm going to be late. I'm sorry, can I meet you at the restaurant?

Mordecai: Yeah, totally! Don't worry about it! I can't wait to see you!

Margaret: Cool, see you there.

(Mordecai hangs up, and is humming his song from Butt Dial. He arrives at Steak me Amadeus, and walks in still humming. He walks up to the receptionist there.)

Mordecai: Hi, I have a reservation for two under "Mordecai".

Receptionist: (she is typing on her computer) Ummmmm... ah! There you are!

Mordecai: Is there like an extra nice table you could sit us at? If it costs extra, I can pay upfront.

(Mordecai gives the receptionist his Amadeus Dollars. The receptionist looks at them hesitantly)

Receptionist: No, no extra charge.

(She then goes for a red button located underneath the top part of the desk, and presses it. Within one second, an entire SWAT team moves in, and apprehends Mordecai)

Mordecai: WHAT THE-?

(The scene then cuts to a close-up of a sign reading "INTERROGATION ROOM". It then shows the interrogation room with the park gang in handcuffs. Mordecai is being interrogated by an FBI agent named Morelli.)

Morelli: People like you make me SICK.

(Two cops enter the room, one male, and one female)

Kessler: Take five, Morelli, we got this.

(Morelli then leaves the room):

Mordecai: What's going on?! Why are we locked up?!

(The female cop then throws a bag of Amadeus Dollars to Mordecai)

Kessler: You tell me. You and your buddies' prints are all over these counterfeit Amadeus Dollars.

Mordecai: Counterfeit?!

Kessler: Don't be cute with me. We've been on the case for months. Your funny money scam is GOING DOWN! DOWN TO PRISON TOWN, YOU HEAR ME?! PRISON!!!

Male cop: Easy there, Kessler. All of the evidence is stacked against you and all of your friends. Unless you can prove you're innocent (the camera then goes to the park gang, who all have worried looks on their faces), we're gonna take you all in.

Thomas: Uhhh, I'm just an intern...

The park gang: THOMAS!

Benson: Look, this is ridiculous, we don't even know what you're talking about!

High-Five Ghost: Yeah!

Muscle Man: I want my one phone call, bro!

Rigby: We're innocent, let us go already!

(The whole park gang starts arguing. Pops has an ashamed look on his face.)

Pops: IT WAS ME! I gave them the funny money! (Pops then starts crying) Hat man! Christmas! (Countinues crying.)

Benson: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pops, calm down. Use your words.

Pops: Well, I met a gentleman who sold them to me for half price.

Kessler: He got a name?

Pops: I don't know, he just approached me on the street.

Male cop: What did he look like?

Pops: Well, his hat was covering his face. But, he gave me his card.

(Pops reaches into his pocket, and takes out a card. He walks over, and gives it to Kessler.)

Kessler: It's just a number. You've got nothing. Let's take them to the van.

Mordecai: WAIT! I can't miss this date tonight, it's important!

Kessler: Well, doing my job is even more important.

Mordecai: NO! You don't understand! I need to ask Margaret to be my girlfriend!

(Mordecai then pulls out a series of photos of the two in the photo booth from the night before.)

Male cop: (while looking at the photos) Mmmmm, nice. Very nice! It looks like you two have a real connection!

Kessler: He's also got a real connection by incriminating evidence.

Male cop: Now hold up, Kessler. This is a big moment in a man's life.

Mordecai: Yeah, just give me a chance! Look, I'll catch the real counterfeiter! If I bring him, and the fake bills in, then there would be no problem with us! Just let me go on this date, please!

KesslerUgh, fine! If you can bring us the perp, and prove he's got the counterfeit bills, you guys are off the hook.

(Mordecai is looking at the park gang, who now have smiles on their faces.)

Mordecai: Pops, call the guy!

(The scene cuts to a montage of a set up to the sting operation. Pops is calling the counterfeiter while the cops are setting up Mordecai and Rigby with the equipment for the sting operation)

(The scene then cuts to the restaurant. Mordecai and Rigby are now wearing full suits and ties)

Mordecai: (to Rigby) You know, you don't have to do this, dude.

Rigby: Hey dude, remember, brospect! (Rigby pounds his chest again with his fist.)

Male cop: (to Mordecai) Margaret is here. (A waiter shows Margaret, who is wearing a purple dress, her and Mordecai's table. Margaret sits down) As soon as the suspect arrives, you gotta leave her. Got it?

Mordecai: Got it.

Kessler: Remember, Mordecai, no dollars, no deal.

(Mordecai walks over to Margaret, and sits down with her.)

Mordecai: Hey, you made it!

Margaret: Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late, I-

Mordecai: No, no. It's fine. (Margaret smiles at him) You look amazing.

Margaret: So do you.

Mordecai: Are you okay? I hope today wasn't inconvenient with work and all.

Margaret: No, no, I wanted to see you!

Mordecai: Listen, there's something I wanted to tell you.

Margaret: There's something I wanted to tell you too, something kinda important.

(Before Margaret can begin, the male cop comes over Mordecai's headset. Unfortunately, Margaret can hear it.)

Male cop: The suspect has arrived.

Margaret: Uh, Mordecai?

Male cop: Time to go, Cassanova.

Mordecai: Come on, just give me more time!

Margaret: Are you okay? Time for what?

Mordecai: Uhhhhh, time, time for me to go to the bathroom of course! Heh heh! I'll be right back.

(Margaret has a suspicious look on her face as Mordecai runs off to Rigby. They walk over to the suspect, who is wearing a tan coat and a brown hat. His face is covered.)

Suspect: So, you two work for Pops?

Rigby: Yeah, show us the goods.

(The suspect then pulls out a brown briefcase. Rigby reaches for it, but the suspect soon pushes it near himself.)

Suspect: Un, un, un. Let's me see my payment first.

(Mordecai snaps his fingers trying to contact the waiter.)

Mordecai: Give me the ribs, extra juicy.

(The waiter has a confused look, but he pulls out a box reading "RIBS" on it)

Waiter: There you are, sir. (the waiter walks away)

(The suspect opens it up, and there are dollar bills in it. He pushes the briefcase over to Mordecai and Rigby across the table.)

Suspect: Mmmmmm. 10,000 Amadeus Dollars.

Kessler: Make them admit they're fake, and we can end this.

(Mordecai has a nervous look as he looks at Margaret who is growing impatient for Mordecai's long "bathroom break".)

Mordecai: So, these Amadeus Dollars are legit, right?

Suspect: Hey, these are coupons, not cash.

Mordecai: Just tell us if they are the real deal.

Suspect: Touch 'em, they don't get any more real than that.

Mordecai: Look man, (Mordecai pounds his fist on the table) don't you lie to me!

Margaret: Mordecai?

Mordecai: Uhhhhh...

Margaret: Why is Rigby here?

Rigby: Busted.

Mordecai: I'm really sorry Margaret, can you wait at the table? (Mordecai holds both of Margaret's hands) I'll be right there.

Margaret: But, I really need to talk to you.

Suspect: Then why don't you join us, little lady?

Margaret: What? No!

Suspect: I said "JOIN US!"

Mordecai: Uhhhhh.

Suspect: Come on, there's no reason why we can't have fun here. After all, that's what I was made to do: SHOW PEOPLE A FUN TIME!

(The suspect then flips the table as his eyes turn glowing red. He then pulls out a rifle, but it comes out backwards. He then flips the right way. The rest of the patrons see it, and flee the restaurant in fear. The suspect laughs hysterically, then reveals himself. It turns out he is actually the bear from the Capicola Gang in Fuzzy Dice. Parts of him are just metal, while the rest of him is fur)

Rigby: It's that dice guy from the Fun Fun Zone!

Mordecai: Dude! I thought you were DEAD!

Bear Robot: That's what they all thought. (The scene cuts to a flashback of the night of the shootout at the docks.) I was in pretty bad shape after the cops got us. But I survived. (It shows the bear reaching to shore while electricity volts are coming out of his body. The scene cuts to him in a run-down apartment room.) I laid low for awhile. And started making plans for revenge.

(The bear is watching a commercial on a TV of the resturant Steak me Amadeus.)

Announcer: A fine culinary experience for ALL! Especially for the couples! And now, you can pay for it with special Steak Me Amadeus dollars!

(The bear is now typing on a computer hooked up to a printer.)

Bear Robot: I knew I could lure you guys in with affordable steak. (The bear hits "PRINT" on his keyboard, and fake Amadeus dollars come out.) So I created thousands of fake Amadeus Dollars! (Thousands of fake Amadeus Dollars come out of his printer.) I knew once you have cheap steak, you'd be back for more. (It shows Pops getting the fake Amadeus Dollars, and running back to the park with them.) (The scene then goes back to reality. Margaret, Mordecai, and Rigby all have shocked expressions on their faces.) And BAM! Here we are! The Capicola Gang will have its revenge!

Rigby: Dude, that's really weird.

Bear Robot: Well, it worked, didn't it? And now I have you right where I want you!

(The bear clocks his rifle and points it to the three. Before he can shoot, the gang comes, all having guns in their hands pointed at the bear. Benson, HFG, Skips, Muscle Man and Thomas arrive with guns.)

Kessler: FREEZE, BEAR!

Muscle Man: Bros! The feds said we could help save you!

Kessler: Can it, Mitch! (Kessler moves toward the bear.) Okay, Papa Bear, the jig is up. Drop the gun, and no one gets hurt.

(Unfortunately, Louie from the Capicola Gang is there too, and cocks his pistol. He is resembled with a robotic arm)

Louie: I'd be careful if I were you. (laughs)

(The Male Officer moves in.)

Male officer: Drop the gun, big guy!

(Unfortunately, the Duck, now wearing an eye-patch with a mark alongside a cape, from the Capicola Gang moves in from behind a curtain with a 12-gauge shotgun.)

Duck Robot: Hold up square! (The duck clocks her gun.) Y'all gonna put yo' guns down, NOW!

(Everybody has their guns pointed at each other. Margaret is scared. In case they die, the two hold each other's hands tightly. The announcer from the commercial brings out some steak on plates. He gasps, and drops the plates. The plates then break on the floor, which breaks the silence. The gigantic shootout begins. While everybody is shooting at each other, Rigby is running under a table while Mordecai and Margaret, still holding hands, run for their lives.)


(Pops, Skips, Benson, Thomas, High-Five Ghost, and Muscle Man flip the table so it's on its side. It shows the scene of the entire shootout. Rigby, ducks under a table flipped on its side. Mordecai and Margaret are still looking for cover.)

Mordecai: Margaret! There's something I want to tell you!

(A bullet smashes a plate on the table near them.)

Margaret: Come on! This way!

(They both crawl behind a table)

Mordecai: The last few weeks I have spent with you have been the best weeks of my life. (A bullet smashes a glass on the table they are behind. The scene shows Muscle Man on the floor shooting off his machine gun uncontrollably while squealing.) I feel like we are growing closer every day, and nobody makes me happier than you do. (A bullet smashes a vase of flowers, a plate, and a steak) Margaret, (he holds both of Margaret's hands with love. Margaret has a sad expression on her face.) will you be my girlfriend?

(Margaret's face is happy for a second, but then it turns sad. She sighs.)

Margaret: Mordecai, there's something I need to tell you. For the first time ever, I feel like I can be in a relationship that can actually go somewhere... (Mordecai has a smile on his face.) ...but there's this. (Margaret shows him a torn open envelope with a letter inside it, that shows it's from Milten University. Mordecai has a shocked expression on his face. Margaret then starts tearing up.) I got into my dream school. (Mordecai is more shocked than before.) I really like you Mordecai, and what we have is special, but I may never get this opportunity again. (She starts crying.) I'm sorry, but... I can't be your girlfriend.

(Margaret loses it, and runs out of the restaurant crying her eyes out because of the emotional pain, with Mordecai raises his hand to her to come back.)

Kessler: CEASE FIRE!

(The scene shows Margaret running through the restaurant crying. Rigby looks at Mordecai with a sympathetic expression on his face. Mordecai drops to his knees and is left heartbroken and devastated by the loss of the love of his life. Everybody looks through the doors where Margaret left. They all feel sorry for Mordecai, and are in disbelief. The bear then interrupts.)

Bear: YOU KIDDING ME?! School is overrated! I didn't go to school, and look at me!

(Ironically, a rocket shoots at him, and blows him up. While the rest of the Capicola Gang is trying to clear the smoke, another rocket descends, and blows them up too. It turns out the rocket didn't come from the cops, it came from the restaurant owner Amadeus.)

Amadeus: Nobody talks that way about college education in my restaurant.

(The scene changes to Mordecai, who is looking at the sunset on the roof of the house heartbroken, mad, and devastated. Rigby checks up on him, bringing him a case of soda.)

Rigby: Yo, you take Margaret to the airport?

Mordecai: Yeah.

Rigby: You wanna talk about it?

Mordecai: (despodently) No.

(Being supportive, Rigby sits down with him, and gives Mordecai a soda to comfort his friend. The two open their cans of soda, and take a sip from it. The scene changes to the sunset with Mordecai and Rigby looking out on it.)

(Season 4 finale ends.)