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"Steak Me Amadeus"
Season 4, Episode 37
Production code: 440
Premiere date: August 12, 2013 (US)
April 7, 2014 (UK)
Written &
storyboarded by:
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"Party Re-Pete"
"Laundry Woes
(season 5)"

"Steak Me Amadeus" is the season finale and thirty-seventh in Season 4 (and one hundred-sixteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on August 12, 2013. [1]


Mordecai wants to ask Margaret to be his girlfriend.[2]


Mordecai and Margaret open the episode with a montage of their activities reminiscent of their now-dating status. They eat lunch at an outdoor Italian restaurant, perform with a street performer, and finally end the night with a kiss atop a Ferris wheel, holding their photos from a photo booth.

Some time later, Mordecai and Rigby are at the house, where Mordecai talks to Rigby about how it's time to take his relationship with Margaret to the next level. He explains he'll do this by taking her to the fanciest restaurant in town: Steak Me Amadeus. Before Rigby can protest about how expensive the restaurant is, Mordecai presents "Amadeus Dollars", special coupons specifically for the place that he collected from the other park workers by doing favors. Finally won over, Rigby proclaims Mordecai has earned his "bro-spect", and he hands him his own Amadeus Dollars.

As Mordecai is on his way for the date, Margaret calls, telling him that something came up and that she'll have to meet him there. When Mordecai arrives at the restaurant and presents the Amadeus Dollars to the hostess, she pushes a button under the podium, alerting the FBI who then apprehend Mordecai.

Mordecai is now in holding for interrogation. The lead investigators, Kessler and Costello, bring in the rest of the park workers in handcuffs. When they go to question Mordecai, he denies any involvement with what's going on, which turns out to be a counterfeit Amadeus Dollars ring the FBI has been tracking. In the ensuing chaos, Pops finally breaks down, revealing he's the one who bought the Amadeus Dollars, albeit without his knowledge that they were fake. He admits he doesn't know the name of the supplier, but that he has their phone number. Kessler isn't sold, so she moves to have them arrested, but Mordecai protests, explaining that the night is too important for him to give up on because of Margaret. Costello, sympathizing with Mordecai's situation, persuades Kessler to allow the park to prove their innocence. Together, they set up a sting to catch the counterfeiter.

Wired, Mordecai and Rigby get into position to which Mordecai says to Rigby he doesn't have to help: Rigby, however, reminds him of "bro-spect".. Kessler allows Mordecai to spend his time with Margaret, but as soon as the suspect arrives he has to leave her. Margaret arrives, and Mordecai goes to greet and sit with her. Trying not to waste any time, Mordecai explains he has something to tell her, but Margaret tells him she has something to tell him as well, "something kinda important". Before they can exchange their news, the suspect arrives, causing Mordecai to have to leave Margaret. Mordecai, unable to bargain more time with her, simply tells Margaret he must go to the bathroom before departing.

Mordecai meets up with Rigby to speak to the suspect. He offers the 10,000 Amadeus Dollars in exchange for the cash. With his voice caught on the wire, all that's needed is for him to admit the Dollars are fake. Before Mordecai and Rigby can pry, Margaret arrives, wondering what Mordecai is doing. With their covers blown, the suspect reveals himself as the Capicola gang leader from the Fun Fun Zone back in Fuzzy Dice, pulling out a Tommy gun in the process. The leader explains how he survived the assault from the police and how he hatched the idea for the Amadeus Dollars scam. Before he can finish them off, the FBI barges in with the park workers to aid the three, but simultaneously with the rest of the Capicola gang, creating a stand off with each crew aiming at one another. Just as the stand off reaches its height, Amadeus Martinez, the owner of Steak Me Amadeus, comes in horrified, inadvertently crashing a plate to the ground and igniting a firefight.

Mordecai crawls Margaret to safety behind a table while the rest of the restaurant is under fire. There, he reveals to Margaret his true feelings, and with hand in hand, asks her, "Will you be my girlfriend?". Margaret's reaction of flattery and surprise immediately turns to disappointment due to the news Margaret had for him. She explains that, despite how much she really likes Mordecai and her feelings towards just how long they could last because of how good of a man Mordecai is, she received a letter of acceptance to her dream university. Having made her decision, she solemnly tells him, with tears welling in her eyes, "I'm sorry, Mordecai. I can't be your girlfriend.", and runs out of the restaurant, hands over her face fully crying and subsequently ending the firefight. Just as the Capicola leader makes a snide remark about college, Amadeus blows him up along with the rest of the Capicola gang with a bazooka. A heartbroken Mordecai looks on.

After some time, Mordecai is seen looking out at the sunset on the roof when Rigby meets him. Rigby asks "Did you take Margaret to the airport?". Mordecai confirms him. Rigby then asks "You wanna talk about it?". This time Mordecai replies despondently, "No". As Rigby sits down with Mordecai, Rigby hands him a soda. Mordecai takes it and takes a drink along with Rigby, where the episode and the season closes on the sunset as they look on.



  • The title of this episode is a reference to the song "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco.
  • Kessler and Costello's appearances are parodies of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully from the science-fiction horror series "The X-Files."


  • The leader of the Capicola Gang lost an eye after getting shot by the bazooka, but he has both his eyes when he arrived at the shore.




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