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This is a page about the song, for the character, see this. "Starla" is the song that Muscle Man sings in K.I.L.I.T. Radio. It is revealed that Muscle Man actually has a good singing voice. 


I used to be a loser hanging with my loser friends,

But the first time that we made out made my neck hair stand on end

Oh, Starla, Starla-uh-uh-uh-uh! 

Your kiss is like my heart is spinning donuts

You're the cheese upon my burger, I'm the mustard on your bun

And just like the perfect burger, our love's never overdone

You're the ice cube in my cola, I'm the ketchup on your fries

And I'll punch the face of any bro who might say otherwise

Oh, Starla!

But I knew you'd be my lady

And I'd be your Muscle Man


  • Earlier in the episode, it is revealed that Muscle Man was originally going to say "You're the pickles on my burger!" instead of "You're the cheese upon my burger!"
  • It is revealed that Muscle Man can sing quite well in this episode. Pops happens to not be so good at Footloose in Karaoke Video, which is weird as Muscle Man and Pops share a voice actor.
  • Sam sang a slightly extended version of "Starla" during the Regular Show panel at Comic-Con 2013.

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