Special Entertainment
The Special Entertainment
Biographical Information
Occupation: Entertainers
Species: Human and Horse
Gender: Male
Relatives: Unknown
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill (Clown)

Jeff Bennett (Horse)

First appearance: "Just Set Up the Chairs"
Latest appearance: "Just Set Up the Chairs"


The Special Entertainment is a talking horse and a drunk clown that Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost picked up for a birthday party in "Just Set Up the Chairs". It is implied that the clown may possibly be an alcoholic, since eleven beer cans fell out of his apartment and he seems hung over since he almost vomited after walking outside. He also must not get outside much, because as soon as he goes outside, he cringes and puts on sunglasses. Muscle Man commented that his mom likes special entertainment like them. After his joke, the clown asked "Can I borrow five bucks?". The Clown's drinking habit must have made the clown plummet into financial problems, due to his living in a "luxury apartment"(which is a motel) and asking Muscle Man for five dollars (in addition to whatever he is paid by the park).

During the rampage of Destroyer of Worlds, the clown was about to do a trick with a handkerchief, but both he and his horse were zapped and killed by the Destroyer of Worlds when they got to the party. After Rigby killed Destroyer of Worlds, Benson commanded Mordecai and Rigby to begin cleaning up the mess and starting with the special entertainment's ashes.

The Special Entertainment's belongings

Trash n' Dash

In the Cartoon Network website game for Regular Show, Trash & Dash, the horse appears as an enemy for Mordecai and Rigby when they have to pick up all the litter trash on the park's ground.


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