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"Space Escape" is the fifteenth episode in Season 8 (and two hundred and thirty-second overall) of Regular Show. It aired on October 12, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby must stop an attack on the Space Tree Station.


After graduating from the Space Tree Station Academy, Mordecai and Rigby goes to a space mart Comet Stop to buy snacks for the celebration. However, they overhear a space troop's plan to destroy Space Tree Station, as well as witnesses the space troop's master is look like Pops, but much all black and evil, and dubbed him as "Anti-Pops", thus escape from being spotted by Anti-Pops and his troop to the Space Tree Station to warn about the attack by Anti-Pops.

Once Colonel Rawls shocks to hear this news about Anti-Pops' attack on Space Tree Station, Rawls announce all members are "graduated" from the Space Tree Station and leaves the station immediately, but the emergency call was too late, as Anti-Pops ship already invades the station and his troops have taken all hostages. Rawls orders the park crew to get Pops away from Anti-Pops, knowing that evil Pops is after the original Pops due to Pops has something special within him, while Rawls holds and distracts Anti-Pops and his troop off. However, Pops, following the Space Tree Ranger's code cannot leave Rawls and the other hostages behind, with Mordecai and Rigby has another plan when they sees a balloon to distract Anti-Pops.

While Rawls distracts Anti-Pops until he is tired, Anti-Pops' troops spots the park crew's ship has escaping. Upon capturing the park crew's ship, almost far away from the station, Anti-Pops' being tricked, with his hostages, and most importantly Pops are loosing. During an escape from Anti-Pops' empire army, Rawls sacrifice himself to hold the door for long and to make sure the park crew, particularly Pops escapes safely. While activating the hyper space to escape Anti-Pops, the park crew's land ship is caught by a tractor beam from Anti-Pops' ship due to the hyper space needs to take time to recharge from one minute and is about to destroy the land ship, but Sureshot sacrifices his life to save the park crew, in the same time the hyper space activation of the park crew's land ship is activated.


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  • This is the second appearance of Anti-Pops.
    • Anti-Pops is known as "He who will erase us."
  • The Space Tree is destroyed.
  • Chance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally, Recap Robot, and Colonel Rawls are presumed dead.
    • This is also Colonel Rawls' final appearance.

Episode Connections

  • Anti-Pops and his army were able to find Pops' location thanks to Pops revealing his location to Carl from "The Dream Warrior".
  • Mordecai and Rigby's ships made their 2nd appearances since "Regular Show: The Movie".
  • Mordecai jinxes Rigby when they both say "Anti-Pops. This is the second time Mordecai jinxes Rigby, the first time was in the episode "Jinx."
  • This is also the second and last appearance of Spacey McSpaceTree since his debut in "Spacey McSpaceTree."
  • While escaping from Anti-Pops Chance Sureshot fires a shot with his blaster which misses and bounces across the Space Tree. In the following episode "New Beds" it is revealed that Chance's "missed shot" shot Skips' bed.

Production Notes

  • This is the third episode to air during the sixth "Regular Show Bomb."


  • Even though Spacey McSpaceTree has given Rigby his helmet in "Spacey McSpaceTree", he is seen wearing it again in this episode.