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"Space Creds" is the fourth episode in Season Eight (and two hundred and twenty-first overall) of Regular Show. It aired on September 27, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby try to earn 500 space creds to buy Hover Boots.


Mordecai and Rigby went to a store to rent some VHS but they found out that it sucked. They later saw the advertisement about the same situation and hover boots. The duo saw this and quickly bought the shoes. However, their credit card was denied due to having negative space credits with the boots cost 500 space credits. Desperate, Rigby tries using anything he can get his hands on to scan the card reader (even his own arm) to buy the hover boots. The store clerk is annoyed and calls for security to kick the duo out.

The duo decided to ask their friends for money but they all refused under the pretext of endangering themselves or wasting money. Although the duo decided it is not worth it, Muscle Man and Fives were riding hover boots and gaining attention to the Jamaican park workers. This convinced Mordecai and Rigby to buy the boots once more but needed to find a job to earn 500 creds.



S8E04 Space Creds Credits



Pop Cultural References[]

  • The commercial for the hover boots is a parody of the 90's Crossfire board game commercial.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode aired alongside "Welcome to Space" making it the fifth Regular Show airing to include two new episodes in one day.
  • This marks the fourth episode to air during the fourth "Regular Show Bomb."


At the beginning of the episode it is mentioned that Mordecai and Rigby have minus 200 space creds. They earned 500 creds and the hover boots also cost 500 creds. So - 200 + 500 makes 300 creds.