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Snowballs the Ice Monster is a villainous monster that was created by Rigby in "Appreciation Day". Rigby wrote in The Book of Park Records about Snowballs, and how he terrorized the park. When the book started making everything that they had written in it come true, Snowballs was brought to life during the snowstorm when an electrical pole broke and the wires shocked, and animated, the snow. He later ate Rigby and he was killed by Mordecai when he wrote that Snowballs melted in Benson's diary.


Snowballs was a giant snow monster with a round body, and a tube-shaped throat and head. He has sharp teeth and appeared dinosaur-like. He had red gem-like eyes (possibly rubies or some other red mineral) and a tail. He had two nub-like arms and no legs.


By being a snow monster, he was able to survive in the cold temperature, where others would freeze to death. Snowballs had the ability to stretch his neck to eat Rigby. Snowballs is able to breathe fire (because Rigby wrote it in the book) and melt the snow. He also has to slither to move, due to him having no legs.


  • The sound Snowballs makes sounds similar to the noise the Rancor makes in Star Wars."
  • Snowballs, as his name implies, is actually a snowball. It is shown after Mordecai finished The Book of Park Records, Snowballs turned into a giant floating snowball and in turn, blew up.
  • Snowballs has the appearance of a Khezu from the Monster Hunter franchise.
  • He could be immune to fire, since one of his powers is breathing fire.
  • It's really ironic that he can breath fire due to being an ice monster.
  • In Exit 9B, he was not revived like some other villains by Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. Simply because he's made up by rigby
  • In Battle of the Behemoths, he was supported with Cool Cubed Translator.