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Snow Tubing is the eighteenth episode of Season Seven (and one hundred and ninety ninth overall). It aired on December 3, 2015.


Mordecai and Rigby take Margaret and Eileen snow tubing, but Eileen is terrified and is too scared to tell Rigby.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby at the coffee shop getting their breakfast from Eileen, and they both mention to her that they are going snow tubing for their day off. Eileen tells them that she has never been snow tubing before which shocks them. Rigby tells her that she should go with them, but Eileen tells them that she's really busy working and tells them to have fun. Mordecai and Rigby then leave and Eileen exhales.

Next seen is Eileen sleeping in her room then her hearing a pound on the door. She answers it and sees Mordecai and Rigby standing there and they yell "SURPRISE". Margaret asks why they are at their house so early, and Rigby states that they switched his and Mordecai's day off so all four of them can go snow tubing together. Eileen tells them that she can't go because she has to clean out her fridge. Rigby tells her that can wait and the fun will expire if she doesn't go. Margaret agrees to go and Eileen sadly agrees to go as well.

Eileen starts to stall time by stopping at every rest stop on the way to the mountains and taking wrong turns. Once they get their they eat and start talking about how fast you go when tubing down the mountain and how scary it feels at first. Which makes Eileen terrified.

When they pick their tubes, Eileen chooses a really beaten up tube which deflates and they have to wait in the really long line again. As Mordecai and Margaret go, Eileen finds a single person tube and tells Rigby to take it and to catch up with her later. Rigby doesn't like that and tells her that he isn't gonna go without her with him. Eileen insists him that he go, but Rigby states he moved the trip so they go tubing together.

Once they get their tube they head for the forklift and as they make their way up, they see all the people tubing below them and see them get hurt a lot. Eileen starts nervously panting, Rigby asks her if she is okay, and she tells him that she is just "breathing in the fresh mountain air" and keeps telling herself that it's going to be fun.

As they are next to go, Rigby asks her if she wants the front or the back, which she answers him with back. He tells Eileen to knock herself out, which makes Eileen scared and wonders of if she will really knock herself out. Rigby gets a bit confused and says "Maybe?" Eileen then tells him that she left her scarf on the chairlift and that she cannot lose it, Rigby then asks her if she is talking about the scarf that he bought her that she happens to be wearing. Eileen then freezes for a second then runs away from him. Rigby asks her where she is going but Eileen keeps running.

Eileen runs to the chairlift and gets carried up to a mountain called 'Double Black Diamond' which is labeled for only professionals. She starts screaming to turn the chairlift around. Rigby sees this and runs to the chairlift and goes to get her. He asks her what's wrong and Eileen tells him that snow tubing isn't for her and tells him that when she was little and went snow tubing she had gotten a small scar on her arm and she has been scared ever since and she didn't want to tell Rigby because she felt embarrassed and she didn't want to ruin his trip because it meant so much to him. Rigby tells her that she shouldn't be embarrassed and that he freaks out by his claustrophobia all the time and he isn't ashamed. Eileen tells Rigby that he is right and that she shouldn't be embarrassed.

Once they both get off, Eileen apologizes to Rigby for not telling him the truth sooner, and Rigby tells her that it's okay and that he doesn't want to make Eileen do something that she doesn't wanna do. They hug and as they are about to go back down, the chairlift close and Eileen begins to panic and Rigby tries to call Mordecai but accidentally drops his phone off the mountain and tells Eileen that their only way down the mountain is to tube down it. Eileen gets scared, but Rigby tells her that he won't let anything happen to her and to trust him, which she does.

They go down the mountain and they hit obstacles such as trees, rocks, and a grizzly bear. They hit a gigantic gap and Eileen holds on to Rigby really tight as they fly over the gap. Once they reach the bottom, they crash into a shed. Mordecai and Margaret ask if they are okay and Eileen is really ecstatic and now loves snow tubing, but Rigby is a bit injured from the crash. The episode ends with Rigby and Eileen tubing down a small hill and Eileen unsatisfied with the hill and saying "That's it?"


S7E18 Snow Tubing Credits


  • Eileen's father appears for the first time in the series, in a flashback. However, he does not appear to be an animal like his daughter.
  • This episode has one of the shortest casts in the series.
  • Rigby admits he has claustrophobia, which has been shown three times throughout the series.
  • Rigby confuses claustrophobia with mucastaphobia. If you search up mucastaphobia on Google, it'll say "did you mean claustrophobia," referring to the episode.

Cultural References[]

  • The star shaped jacket young Eileen wears is similar to the jacket Maggie Simpson wears in the winter in The Simpsons.
  • The yeti that Rigby and Eileen encounter while snow tubing through the cave is similar to the one seen on the Matterhorn Bobsleds ride at Disneyland.

Production Notes[]

  • This is the last Regular Show episode to air in 2015.
  • This is the fourth and last episode to air during the third "Regular Show Bomb."