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(The episode starts at the house. Mordecai and Rigby are sleeping)

Mordecai: Mm. Margaret, more coffee please.

Rigby: I'm the pizza king...

(The door opens and Muscle Man, who's also sleeping, comes in and starts punching Mordecai which causes Rigby to wake up)

Rigby: (Gasps) Muscle Man? Dude!

(Rigby jumps off his bed and attempts to stop Muscle Man but gets punched. He falls to the ground and Muscle Man tries to punch him again but he rolls out of the way and Mordecai holds back Muscle Man's arms)

Mordecai: Muscle Man, quit it!

(Muscle Man head-butts Mordecai, kicks Rigby to the ground, and punches Mordecai in the stomach. Mordecai tackles Muscle Man to the ground but Muscle Man keeps fighting them; Scene goes to morning, Benson is humming and sees a skateboard ramp)

Benson: (Sighs) I thought I told them to clean this up.

(Benson looks up and sees the others, who look beaten up, confronting Muscle Man outside of the house)

Muscle Man: I don't know what happened!

Mordecai: Yeah, right. You're just trying to prank us.

Muscle Man: It's not a prank!

Skips: Yeah, I got a few bruised ribs because of you.

High Five Ghost: You wouldn't stop hitting me until I pretended to be dead.

Pops: You smashed my model train set.

Thomas: How did you even find out where I live?

Muscle Man: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!

Benson: What's going on?

Mordecai: Muscle Man's beating people up in his sleep.

Muscle Man: I wouldn't do that. I hate senseless violence.

(The others look at him)

Muscle Man: I seriously can't remember fighting you guys!

Rigby: At this rate, he's gonna put us all in the hospital. Benson, we gotta do something.

Benson: "We"?

Mordecai: Yeah. This is a park problem. Everyone's gotta be on board.

Benson: This has nothing to do with me. Anything that happens in the park after hours is your own problem.

(Scene goes to later that night at Benson's apartment; Benson is sleeping when Muscle Man opens the door, runs up to Benson and punches him while Benson is surprised; Scene goes to a beat-up Benson the next morning)

Benson: Okay, this is a park problem.

Mordecai: Yeah it is. Thomas lost a tooth last night.

Thomas: I still don't know how he knows where I live...

Mordecai: And Rigby won't go to sleep unless we barricade our bedroom door.

Rigby: Sleep in the hallway if you want, it's your funeral.

Muscle Man: I don't know what's wrong with me. It's not like I want to hurt you guys.

Benson: Yeah, well you obviously have no control over yourself while your sleep fighting.

Skips: Your sleep strength is double your normal strength. Nobody's safe until we get you to stop. We gotta find the source of your problem and take it head on!

Muscle Man: What if I can't be fixed? Am I just be a sleep fighting freak for the rest of my life?

Mordecai: Don't worry Muscle Man. We won't give up until you're cured.

Muscle Man: Thanks guys, you're the best.

(Scene goes to later that night outside of Muscle Man's trailer and a white van with the trunk open near it; it goes to a tied up Muscle Man on his bed and a walkie-talkie is on his nightstand)

Benson: (On the walkie-talkie) Muscle Man, can you hear me?

Muscle Man: Loud and clear bro.

Benson: (In the van with the others) Okay, we're gonna get started.

Muscle Man: Wait, I understand the ropes (A bunch of cameras are seen all around his room) but what are all these cameras for? (He's seen on five screens in the van) You're not gonna do anything weird, right?

Benson: Relax. We're just gonna watch you sleep.

Skips: We think your sleep fighting is being caused by night terrors. If we figure out what kind of dreams you're having, we might be able to cure you.

Muscle Man: But what if I break out and hurt you guys again?

Mordecai: We pad locked your trailer from the outside, plus you have to get through Rigby and he's wearing a police dog attack suit that we found in the trash.

(Rigby is seen flexing his arms to test the suit)

Rigby: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mordecai: (On the walkie-talkie) There's no way you can get to us.

Benson: (On the walkie-talkie) Okay, here we go Muscle Man. (Goes to the van) And.... (He presses a button on the keyboard that plays lullaby music on the walkie-talkie)

Muscle Man: Ugh, what is this junk? (He falls asleep and starts snoring)

(Montage of each of the guys watching Muscle Man starts; Benson and Thomas watch, then goes to outside of the van where Mordecai is chasing Rigby and hitting him with a bat to test the suit, Fives watches, then Benson and Pops, then Skips watches, and it ends with Thomas watching the screens while drinking coffee, he stops as he sees Muscle Man waking up)

Thomas: Guys, wake up.

(The guys are seen waking up and walk over to Thomas to see what he's seeing on the screens)

Thomas: I think he's dreaming.

(The screen shows Muscle Man moving around and talking in his sleep)

Skips: Turn up the volume.

(Thomas turns the volume up)

Muscle Man: No, get off of me! Let go!

Benson: Whatever he's seeing, it's intense.

(Muscle Man struggles against the ropes and breaks them and gets out of the bed)

Mordecai: (Gasps) He's breaking loose!

(Muscle Man, who's now sleep fighting, pushes a camera over and then knocks out one of the cameras. One of the five TV screens go static and the guys gasp)

Muscle Man: I'm gonna turn your face into a meatball pizza!

(He picks up a camera and throws it at a camera that's on the ceiling, causing it to go static as well, he then knocks out the remanding cameras and all of the screens go static)

Pops: Look!

(One of the screens shows the room but then goes back to static)

Rigby: Where's Muscle Man? (The screen then goes to the ground, goes static, then goes to the outside of Muscle Man's trailer, goes static, then to the trees, goes static, and finally goes to the guys in the van watching the screen; they turn and see a sleeping Muscle Man, who has the camera wrapped around him, head towards them)

Mordecai: You're on dude.

Rigby: Please don't make me-

(Mordecai pushes him out of the van and closes the trunk, Muscle Man walks up to Rigby who whimpers; cut to the guys in the van watching as Rigby is beat up by Muscle Man, fighting noises are heard and Rigby is screaming, all of them wince and close their eyes )

Rigby: Not the face!

Mordecai: Oh! Sorry Rigby.

Rigby: The suit's not working! UGGGAAAHHHH!!

(More punching and screaming is heard and the torn up suit is thrown at the window; Scene goes to morning and Rigby is moaning, laying on the coach with a ice bag on his head while the other surround him)

Rigby: Thanks a lot guys, for being such great spectators! (He throws the ice bag at Thomas who catches it)

Pops: I do hope we figure this out soon. I don't know how much more chaos I can endure.

Mordecai: So what's Plan B?

Muscle Man: Plan B is to say "Bye, bye, Muscle Man". (Muscle Man is holding two Bags)

Mordecai: What? Where are you going?

Muscle Man: Some place far away where I can't hurt you guys anymore, across town into cheap motels.

Mordecai: What?

Skips: You gotta let us try to help you!

Benson: We just got started!

Muscle Man: And I'm ending it! Goodbye, bros.

High Five Ghost: (coming down the stairs) Wait! I was going over the surveillance tapes from last night. There's something you guys gotta see.

(Scene cuts to the computer. An ostrich is kicking a ball and then kicks a guy standing by in the groin. Everyone laughs in the background except Muscle Man)

High Five Ghost: Ok, ok. That's not what I wanted to show you guys. Check this out. (the footage is being rewound in a strange way.)

Skips: Could be a technical glitch.

Benson: No, wait. Can you get a closer look, Fives?

(Hi Fives zooms in on that shot.)

Benson: What's that? Off Muscle Man's sweat?

(Hi Fives captures a piece of sweat. There appears to be something weird on it.)

High Five Ghost: Uh, let me enhance the resoluton.

(He does so. The sweat then reveals some strange looking creatures. Everyone is in complete shock.)

Mordecai: Creepy.

Skips: Whoa.

Benson: What is that?

Skips: The camera must have picked up some remnants of your dream.

(Muscle Man backs away)

Benson: Do you recognize these things?

Muscle Man: Oh no, bro!

(The flashback starts with Starla's sister kiss her baby on the cheek)

Ana: Goodbye sweetie. (Picks up the suitcase) Mommy loves you.

Starla: We'll be gone until tomorrow night. Are you sure you can handle this, Mitch?

Muscle Man: Come on, babe. I can take care of a little baby. Go have fun with your sister at your curling tournament.

Starla: Okay.

(The two starts kissing each other)

Starla: Miss you, muscle muffin. (She start to walk away)

Muscle Man: Miss you, too, pork chop, bring home the goal! (He grabs the TV remote from the baby while she was chewing it) Alright, time to switch on the real babysitter.

(He turns on the TV to see the strange purple creatures called Huggstables )

Huggstable #1: Wait, mister bank robber, don't you wanna play?

Robber: You Huggstables stay away from me!

Huggstable #1: I know, let's give him a hug!

(The four Huggstables cheer)

Muscle Man: Pfft, next.

(He press the button and change the channel with three words destroy)

TV Announcer: DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY! (The car flew and exploded in the TV) The world's gnarling hit crash pit!

Muscle Man: Alright!

(Tina suddenly starts to cry which distracts Muscle Man)

Muscle Man: Are you sick, hungry, you make a mess in your diaper?

(Tina continues to cry as Muscle Man changes back to the Huggstables chasing the Robber)

Robber: No, get back!

All: (They hug the Robber) Hugs.

(Tina starts to clap her hands happily as Muscle Man sighs. In the TV the robber grunting try to get out but too late they turn him into glitter)

Huggstables #2: Ooooh, now he's beautiful glitter! (Giggles) Let's sing the glitter song!

All Huggstables: Glitter Smitters, glitter glitter shining.

Muscle Man: (Sighs) Creepy.

Huggstable #3: (points at a troll) Oh no, more trouble.

All: Huggstables hug!

(They run up to the terrified troll and hug him turn him into a glitter too as they started to laugh and so as the baby)

Muscle Man: Why won't they stop hugging people?!

(Muscle Man looks at Tina started to laugh happily then turns around a little paranoid)

Huggstable #4: Hug time!

(They hug on the man)

Man: Help me...

(They all laugh as Muscle Man is paranoid with his eyes winking)

Huggstable #1: Wanna hug?

(Muscle Man's eyes went in horror to hear the word as the flashback ends)

Muscle Man: I tried to turn it off, but every time I did the baby would start crying again. They played all eight seasons; two hundred and fifty seven episodes back to back. When Starla and her sister found me the next day, I was crying in a ball on the floor.

Mordecai: It sounds like that show messed you up pretty bad.

Benson: That must be what's causing your nightmares.

Muscle Man: How do I get them out of my head?

Skips: (Turns around at Pops) Eh, Pops, you still have that dream catcher I let you borrow when you were having those talking dog nightmares?

Pops: Yes! They ride bicycles now, but it's not as scary.

Skips: Good. I have a plan.

(We skip the scene to see Muscle Man asleep tied up on the stair banister as the guys are holding the giant dream catcher)

Skips: So when I give the word, tilt the dream catcher towards Muscle Man and it will draw out the nightmares.

Pops: How delightful! I usually miss this part because I'm asleep.

(Muscle Man starts to snore. In his dream he falls through a purple vortex and lands in a colorful playroom. Suddenly he hears the doorknob and looks to see a Huggstable open the door)

Muscle Man: Oh no, bro!

Huggstable #1: Do you want a hug? (Turns around to call the others) Come on friends, let's give him a hug!

(Four more of them appeared and they all started laughing chasing him as the terrified Muscle Man runs)

Muscle Man: No! NO!

(As he tries to run for his life but too late one of the Huggstables hug behind him while the other hugs him on the leg as Muscle Man trips over while the rest of them are about to hug him)

Muscle Man: Get off me, you freaks!

(All of the Huggstables continuing to hug him as Muscle Man was buried in the hug. Meanwhile Muscle Man begins to dream and starts screeching in panic)

Skips: Now!

(As the guys lift the dream catcher, a bright pink light appears out of the dream catcher and shoots towards Muscle Man, causing all of the Huggstables to come out of his dream)

Rigby: It's working!

(As the beam continues to make them all come out, more of them are still coming out of Muscle Man as the dream catcher begins to full)

Skips: Why are there so many?!

Mordecai: Muscle Man watched eight seasons worth!

(As the unaccountable number of Hugstabbles begins filling up the beam, they start to pop out from the beam.)

Skips: There's too many of 'em!

(Skips look down to see one the Huggstables hug his leg and starts lift his leg and flew it away)

Huggstable #2: Weee!

(The dream catcher suddenly getting full the net went straight the wall and brakes the net and all the purple dream creatures hit the wall)

Skips: Uh-oh...

(All of the Huggstables begins to laugh as they are about to hug the park employees but the guys manages to fight them back while Skips runs away)

Huggstable #3: Hugs!

(Pops punches her while Rigby uses his chair and hits the three of them to save Thomas)

Rigby: Hug this! (Starts hitting them as Thomas escapes while the three Huggstables starts to hug a chair, Skips arrives with a gym bag and throws it to the floor with dream catcher weapons inside)

Skips: Grab a weapon!

(The guys pick up their weapons. Mordecai grabs the tennis racket dream catcher)

Mordecai: Cool.

(Mordecai runs towards the Huggstables and swings the racket dream catcher on the Huggstables, Benson uses a bowing arrow dream catcher fire at the Huggstables the dream catcher pops out of the arrow and sucks it inside)

Rigby: Skips, why do you have all this stuff?

Skips: Hey! When you're as old as me, you have some pretty crazy dreams.

(The two runs around in the living room about to fire their weapons trapping the Huggstables, Pops with his dream catcher gun fires at the two Huggstables, High Five Ghost with the dream catcher mirror trap two Huggstables while Skips runs yelling, a Huggstable hug Benson Thomas with his straw that blows the dream catcher at the Huggstable saving Benson, Later Mordecai was swing the racket trapping one Huggstable as he tries to trap another one the dream catcher pounce the Huggstable)

Mordecai: Shoot, it's full!

Five Huggstables: (Running towards Mordecai) Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!

(A giant dream catcher net appears out of nowhere trapping five of them, which turns out to be Pops laughing and blows the gun, Suddenly one of the Huggstable appears in front of him and hug him on the floor)

Pops: Bad show!

Benson & Thomas: Pops!

(Benson grabs Pops while Thomas grabs the Huggstable and lift it high as Skips with his dream catcher harpoon fire at the Huggstable)

Huggstable #4: Hugs!

(The dreams catcher finally trap the last one)

Rigby: Did we get them all?

(Suddenly they heard a stomping noise they turned around to see a shadowy figure which revealed to be a giant pink Huggstable)

Huggstable Leader: Want a hug?

(Rigby fires the small dream catcher tries to trap it, but it has no effect)

Mordecai: We're out of dream catchers!

Skips: No. There's still one left.

(The scene cuts to the guys in Skips' van as the Huggstable Leader crash through the house)

Mordecai: Skips, this dream catcher is way too small!

Skips: I wasn't talking about that dream catcher.

(As the van starts continuing charging toward the leader, the camera cuts to see the skateboard ramp still there)

Benson: Ugh, I told you guys to put that ramp away!

Skips: You're gonna be glad they didn't. Hang on!

(Skips pulls the brake and accelerates the van towards the ramp and flew in the air revealing that the last dream catcher is under the van and landed on the leader trapped her inside the dream catcher as the van swirls and crashes into the broken wall)

Muscle Man: (Wakes up) Uh...Wha.. (The guys comes out of the van as Benson and Thomas untied the ropes freeing him)

Muscle Man: I had the weirdest dream. (To H.F.G.) You were in it, (To Benson) and you were in it. (To Thomas) You weren't, Thomas.

Mordecai: Sounds like you're cured.

Muscle Man: You got those things out of my head? I really owe you guys, big time.

Benson: Don't mention it. Now let's all go get some sleep.

Pops: But before we do, group hug?

Mordecai: Uh... No thanks Pops.

(Episode Ends)