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This is the transcript for Sleep Cycle.

Aw, ya-yeah! It's Friday night, which means this is the most amount of time Before we have to go back to work again.
And what better way to celebrate Than by watching back-to-back movie marathons! Boop! Who brought this spaghetti to the potluck? Watch out, lady it's a bomb! Ah, detective morales, I see you already met Your new partner, Duncan maccreedy.
New partner? But he's Scottish.
You got a problem with that? We'll be back for the rest Of our "morales and maccreedy" marathon after this.
All-nighter! All-nighter! All-nighter! Totally worth it.
Yeah Whoa.
How long were we asleep? - Doesn't matter look! Nothing was the same since I got kicked off the force And was framed for murdering my partner, Duncan maccreedy.
But I'll prove my innocence.
I'll show them all My love.
Maccreedy!? Don't yet go dyin' on me, morales.
- You want it you got it! - Stay tuned for night two Of the morales and maccreedy marathon! Marathon! Marathon! Marathon! Huh?! Maccreedy! Didn't think you'd see me again, eh, morales? No, it wasn't me, Duncan.
It was the police chief.
Why should I believe you? Believe me For the sake of our son! Our son?! Wait, is he a zombie? Keep watching for the thrilling conclusion To our morales and maccreedy marathon! All-nighter! All-nighter! All-nighter! I guess I've gotta find a new line of work! I really like the part with the bagpipe gun.
I'm really happy with my life choices right now.
But I definitely want to go to sleep.
That trampoline's calling my name.
Looks like some guys I know are excited For the Monday morning meeting! - What?! Monday?! - What?! Monday?! Now, onto our next order of business.
Skips, I need you to clean up all the leftover gourds.
Muscle man, hi fives - bring in all the paddle boats off the lake and Excuse me, is there a problem here? - Uh, no! Just - Stretching.
Yeah, it's a morning-person thing.
Moving on Mordecai and rigby, I want all the leaves raked and bagged by the end of the day.
Rake the bags and put 'em in the leaves.
You got it.
I think you get the idea.
I'll check back in later.
Dude, most of my body's already asleep.
I know.
Our sleep schedule's all out of whack.
But I think we just have to stay awake all day.
That way we'll fall asleep like normal tonight.
- I'm in.
- Okay.
No matter what, we're gonna stay up all da - What're you doing?! - Huh?! - What time is it?! - 6:00! The sun's already down, and you've raked no leaves! - Oh, but - No "buts," "ands," or "ifs"! I don't want to hear it! Uh, I think it's "ifs," "ands," or "buts.
" Well, if you talk back to me again And don't get back to work, your butts are gonna be fired! Dude, this is serious.
We got to get a good night's sleep.
- Hey, mordecai, you awake? - Yeah.
Do you ever look at the ceiling and start to see the stars? Life's really about the little moments, you know? I bet if we watch something really boring on TV, We'll fall asleep.
- Yes! I hate the little moments! Oh, hello.
I'm Dr.
Sheldon weatherberry.
Welcome to my thrilling On the art and upkeep of museum-level bug pinning.
- Perfect - Perfect Where are you going, you slippery monarch? I finally feel like I can get some rest.
Yeah, let's go to bed.
- N-o-o-o! - N-o-o-o! I can't keep this up, mordecai.
I'm fading.
You've gotta keep raking, dude.
Benson's still watching us.
Do you think this coffee's even working? Yeah, it's totally working.
Trying to stay awake, huh? I've been there.
If you want, I know a guy who's got the hook-up On some really good coffee.
- Call him? - Call him.
Call him.
When's that guy gonna get here?! Aaah.
You mordecai and rigby? - Uh, yeah.
- Uh, yeah.
Then these are for you guys.