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"Skunked" is the twenty-seventh episode in Season Two (and thirty-ninth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 25, 2011.


Rigby becomes possessed by a curse in which he transforms into a skunk after being sprayed by the infamous creature.


Mordecai and Rigby are forced by Benson to play "Roadkill Bingo" which involves finding dead animals around the park to mark off a bingo card. After eight hours of searching, they finally complete the bingo by finding a skunk.

Rigby tries to grab the skunk, but finds out that it is still alive when it sprays him. The skunk will not tell Rigby how to get rid of the smell; Rigby calls him a jerk. The skunk suddenly grows and grabs Rigby with the intent on harming him, but Mordecai threatens the skunk with a shovel and he runs off.

Mordecai tells Rigby that he stinks. Rigby is furious and grows in size just like the skunk did, and almost chokes Mordecai to death. Rigby then turns back to normal, but Mordecai thinks the duo should go and see Skips to figure out what's going on.

Skips says that Rigby was sprayed by a were-skunk, and that Rigby will turn into one too if he cannot get the smell off. He reveals the were-skunk spray is not like that of a regular skunk. Skips suggests taking a shower and drinking coffee. Rigby, however, is very skeptical of these suggested cures, to the point of becoming angry, and once again expands in size and hurls Skips to the ground before turning back to normal.

Mordecai and Rigby hurry over to the house, where Rigby then takes a shower with all the cleaning materials in the house. This fails to get rid of the smell. Mordecai tells Rigby that he can't even wash his own hair, so Rigby enlarges once again and throws Mordecai against a wall before turning back to normal.

The duo head to the coffee shop. Mordecai tells Margaret and Eileen about Rigby's problem so they bring him a coffee. This has no effect on Rigby. Eileen suggests pouring it on Rigby; Rigby tries this, but just ends up being scalded. Eileen giggles at the scene. Rigby became upset, so he expands once more and grabs Eileen violently. After seeing how scared Eileen is, he puts her down, turns back to normal, and apologizes, before heading off to the woods in the golf cart to find the were-skunk who sprayed him.

Finding him in a log cabin in the woods, Rigby begs the skunk for information on how to get rid of the smell. The skunk tells Rigby that he hates being the only skunk in town, and wants Rigby to share in his misery. Only by attacking the were-skunk is Rigby able to beat the secret cure out of him: it is pineapple juice.

Rigby has to hurry back to the house to find pineapple juice, but he is growing more skunk-like by the minute, his stench causing the cart to melt. As he runs back to the house the path melts in his wake. Smashing through the door and knocking down Benson, Rigby makes his way to the kitchen and finds the pineapple juice.

After pouring it on himself, Rigby realizes that it did not work. The skunk catches up to him and laughs, revealing that he was lying about the pineapple juice just to stall Rigby so he'd run out of time to change back. Arriving shortly after, Mordecai tells Rigby through the locked kitchen door that the real cure is tomato paste. As Mordecai struggles to get inside to help, Rigby and the were-skunk fight fiercely over the paste.

Finally Mordecai crashes the cart through the wall and into the house, ending up pinned under the cart. He is able to toss the paste to Rigby. Just before his transformation is complete he is able to smash the can with a sledgehammer, sending paste flying everywhere. Rigby turns back to normal; so too does the were-skunk, who is revealed to really be a human, he thanks Mordecai and Rigby for returning him to his true human form. Thinking that he still counts as a dead skunk, the duo once again shout, "BINGO!"


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Pop Culture References[]

  • When the Were-Skunk transforms back to his original form his last moment pays homage to the movie The Monster Squad (1987), where the wolfman is shot and says, "Thank you," to one of the protagonists.

Production Notes[]

  • The episode was originally supposed to be a lot darker and be about Rigby being a jerk to everyone after getting sprayed by a skunk, not a were-skunk just a normal one, all because he thinks everyone hates him for smelling bad. However, even though this version got greenlit, it was scrapped last minute because "someone somewhere didn't like it". And the episode was completely rewritten to the episode that aired. You can view the original storyboard here


  • When Rigby is first seen with the 'Roadkill Bingo' card, the center space shows a star, meaning it is a free space like in normal bingo, however, it is not marked off. It eventually is marked off during the montage.
    • Also, during the montage, Mordecai and Rigby find 3 animals, but when they find the skunk, only 2 new spaces are marked off, and one of them is the free space.
      • In addition, during the montage, the arrangement of the marked spaces on the bingo card and the types of animals on the card itself seems to change.
  • When Rigby is transforming into a skunk and melts the cart, he grows the white hair tuft of a skunk. After the Were Skunk tells Rigby he was lying about the pineapple juice so he'd run out of time and Rigby grows and becomes blacker, the tuft is gone for the rest of the time he is turning into a skunk.
  • When Rigby goes to the golf cart to find the Were Skunk he's by the coffee shop but when he drives it he's at The Park.
  • Pops and Muscle Man are listed in the credits but they do not appear in this episode, though this is most likely because both did appear in the early version of the episode before it got rewritten.

Alternate Versions[]


  • An exhale sound effect is added to the skunk after he dies.


  • Rigby's line "Come on, dude. Don't be a jerk. Tell me how to get rid of this." was shortened to Rigby just saying "Come on, dude.