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"Skips in the Saddle" is the thirty-third episode in Season 5 (and one hundred and forty-ninth) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 17, 2014.


Skips wants to start dating again.


Skips wants to play cards at his house with his friends but they all have plans: Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are taking Starla and Celia to Mexican wrestling, Benson is going with Audrey to a jazz concert, Rigby is going to see Eileen's new rock polisher, and Mordecai is going to see a laser light show with CJ. Skips tell everyone to enjoy themselves. When he goes home, he begins to feel like the odd one out because he doesn't have a soulmate.

Later at night, Mordecai and Rigby are talking about their time with their girls when the come across Skips outside. When they ask him what's wrong, he responds by telling them that he's been skipping solo for 200 years now, and he wants to start dating again. The problem is, he doesn't know where to start. Rigby suggests getting some wingmen to advise him on dating. So he proceeds to call Gary, who is happy to hear this.

At the Shark Tank, a social night club, Skips, Gary, Techmo, and Reginald are seated at a table. Skips asks Gary if they should wait for ladies to talk to them, and Gary replies, "Waiting doesn't get you the ladies." He and Techmo show Skips how it's done by asking them a question, them answering it for them. This magically causes the ladies to hang with them. Reginald see twos ladies staring at himself and Skips, and they go talk to them. When Skips says that one of the ladies' outfits is "comfortable like my friend's diaper", she throws a fit, ruining his chance with the ladies and offending Reginald. When he goes back home, he tells Mordecai and Rigby that the club scene didn't work out. They suggest looking on the internet for ideas.

The three are in Pops's computer room. Mordecai and Rigby fill out a profile on an unknown dating site. When it's complete, Rigby sends it. In the blink of an eye, Skips's profile has become highly popular with 85,000 views. Mordecai reads a notice saying that Skips has been selected as a contestant for a dating show called It's a Date! Mordecai and Rigby help Skips get ready.

Later that day, after helping Skips prepare for his debut on It's a Date!, Mordecai and Rigby finally take him home. While Mordecai and Rigby claim that Skips looks good, he doesn't exactly feel the same way and complains about how tight his pants are. Rigby then tells Skips that if he wants to impress the ladies, he needs to look professional, and Skips just sighs in agreement. Mordecai notices how late it is and informs Skips that they need to prep for the questions that are going to be asked on the show, to which he replies: "What questions?" The duo then explains to him that the ladies are going to be asking him questions, and in order to impress them, he needs to give slick responses. After running through a practice question and receiving criticism from Rigby, Skips admits that he is not very good with his words. Mordecai is then able to come up with an idea that he thinks will help Skips out.

On the set of It's a Date!, the game show announcer introduces the bachelorette, whose name is Sheena Albright. After mentioning Sheena's occupation and interests, the game show host proceeds to introduce all three of the eligible bachelors: a hip hop enthusiast named Jimmy Jamzz, a guy that runs his own t-shirt business named T-Shirt Man, and Skips, who is posing as a ventriloquist with Rigby as his dummy.

As instructed, Sheena begins to ask the bachelors a series of questions. Jimmy Jamzz and T-Shirt Man attempt to make an impression with all of their answers, but only end up scaring Sheena or causing her to feel disgusted with their egotistical/creepy responses. Thanks to Rigby's help, Skips is able to flatter Sheena with every response he gives, thus angering T-Shirt Man and compelling him to accuse Skips of the "worst pickup line he's ever heard." Offended, Rigby immediately fights back and tells T-Shirt Man that the only thing that should be picked up is a pair of scissors so that his lame mullet can be taken care of.

After a slew of insults directed toward T-Shirt Man, T-Shirt Man gets tired of hearing "lip" and proceeds to kill Skips with a t-shirt gun. Skips manages to steer clear of the first blast and dodges out of the way as more t-shirts are fired at him. Meanwhile, Jimmy Jamzz busts a few moves and violently kicks the set, causing him to make a hole in the wall. This ultimately frightens Sheena, who is unaware of what is happening on the other side. T-Shirt Man continues to fire t-shirts every which way, taking out a camera and one of the members of Jimmy Jamz's "crew."

One of the projected t-shirts ends up hitting an overhead lighting fixture, which Skips manages to catch before anybody can get hurt. He then skips over to Jimmy Jamzz and pushes him out of the way before a wall can fall on top of him. Despite all of the damage he has caused, T-Shirt Man continues to fire t-shirts everywhere, forcing Skips to take his t-shirt gun away and punch him in the face. From somewhere in the audience, Mordecai cries: "Look out!", and Skips looks up just in time to see a pillar about to crush Sheena. Before she can be killed, however, he takes hold of the pillar and throws it against the set, causing his tight outfit to rip off in the process. Sheena gazes up at his muscles in awe as he offers to help her up.

Skips picks up the game show host's microphone and explains that he is not a ventriloquist, to which the audience gasps. He then admits that he is nothing more than a park groundskeeper who wants to spend time with a nice young lady. Ashamed of himself for wasting everybody's time, he skips toward the exit. Before he can leave, however, Sheena chooses him as her date and takes his hand. Upset by the outcome, T-Shirt Man looks on with a frowny face t-shirt. The game show announcer tells Skips and Sheena that they've won a trip to Costa Rica, and the audience (along with Mordecai and Rigby) cheers for them. Sheena and Skips smile at each other as the crowd continues to applaud.

A few days later, Skips returns in a taxi. As soon as he gets out, Mordecai and Rigby eagerly ask him how his date went. He immediately recalls how many times he had to save Sheena and responds with a simple: "She was too high maintenace." However, he admits that he is just happy to be back in the saddle and thanks Mordecai and Rigby for their help. The episode ends with Mordecai and Rigby shouting a loud "OOOOOOOOOOOOH!" on Skips's behalf.


S5E33 Skips in the Saddle Credits


  • Skips reveals that is has been 200 years since he lost Mona.
    • Skips also states that he has never dated anyone else since Mona.
  • It is possible that this was during the point where Rigby and Eileen were dating, as Rigby said they were hanging out as friends, but seemed embarrassed when Mordecai, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost would tease him, he also mentioned later in "Dumped at the Altar" that he was dating her for months, but just didn't want Mordecai to know about it.

Episode Connections[]

  • The Messy Guy from "Access Denied" can be seen dancing at the club.
  • During the scene at the club, the redheaded female who looks like a human version of Margaret from "Access Denied" is seen.
  • VG in "Brain Eraser" can be seen in the audience.
  • On Skip's dating profile, Rigby writes that Skips fought monsters with a ninja sword and armed wrestled Death. These are callbacks to the episodes "Over the Top" and "Skips' Stress".