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"Skips Strikes" is the third episode of season three (and forty-third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 3, 2011. It received 2.079 million views.


When a secret of his comes under threat of being let out by a rival bowling team, Skips leaves the park's bowling team, putting the souls of Mordecai, Rigby and Benson on the line after Rigby makes a deal with the rival team for a paranormal ball.


Skips, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson finish a winning game of bowling at Stardust Lanes for their team, the Park Strikers. The losing team tells the Park Strikers that if it weren't for Skips, they would not be nearly as good. The Strikers admire the championship trophy, which could be theirs if they win their upcoming championship game against their final opponents: the Magical Elements team of Death, Gary, the Wizard, and one of the Guardians of Eternal Youth. Death says that his team will be victorious, but the Park Strikers say otherwise.

The Park Strikers then go to eat at Giorgio's Tower of Pizza, where they all agree that Skips is the best player on the team. Skips then goes to the bathroom as the pizza is being brought out. There he meets Death, who threatens to reveal a secret from Skips's past unless Skips will sit the game out. Skips is upset.

Back at the house, Benson give a presentation, discussing the schedule of who gets possession of the trophy and when. Skips then enters the room and delivers the bad news that he cannot play, although he does not say why. Benson then converts his presentation into one on how to lose. Rigby, however, is not satisfied with defeat, and convinces the team that they will have to win without Skips.

In practice next day at the bowling alley, Pops is revealed as the ill-suited replacement for Skips, the old man only managing to knock down a single pin. Death then appears, asking where Skips is, and reveals a wager between himself and Rigby: if the Park Strikers win, they would receive Death's "Soul Ball", but if the Magical Elements win, Death would get the Park Strikers' souls.

The Strikers are obviously upset with Rigby's betting of their souls, and go to search for Skips, as they know he is their only hope of salvation. But when they arrive at his house, they find only a note from Skips, telling them that he has gone "soul searching" alone. Later, the Park Strikers are driving to the game, feeling understandably depressed, knowing that they cannot win, while Skips - alone in the woods - reminisces about the times they had together.

The game begins with the Strikers losing, but just as Pops comes up to bowl, Skips appears, reclaiming his place. Skips manages to turn the game in the Park Strikers' favor, leading the Magical Elements to start cheating by using magic. After an epic match, the last frame comes, with the two teams perfectly tied. Skips comes up to bowl, and Death threatens to reveal his secret. Skips replies that his friends' souls are more important than his real name. Skips proceeds to bowl, and even the combined magical powers of the Magical Elements cannot keep Skips from hitting a strike. The Park Strikers are victorious, and Death holds up his end of the wager, giving the team his "soul ball."

In the final scene, the team is driving home. Rigby and Mordecai fiddle with the soul ball, and Benson asks why Skips changed his name. Skips explains that his name was formerly "Walks," but since he skips instead of walking, he thought that Skips would be a more appropriate name. When everyone asks why he does skip, he tells them he told them enough of his secrets for one night, much to their disappointment.


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Pop Culture References

  • This whole episode is an homage to the 1998 cult classic "The Big Lebowski".
  • The flashback of Rigby wagering to when Mordecai punched his arm is very similar to The Fairly OddParents episode "The Big Bash" where Cosmo wagered Wanda for a nickel. Even the dialogue is similar such as how Cosmo and Rigby were so sure of themselves.
  • The roof shape and interior decor of Giorgio's Tower of Pizza pays homage to Pizza Hut's old "red roof" design.


  • When Skips reclaims his space during the final game of the tournament, he is shown on the projector writing his name with his finger, but in physical form he was using a pen.
  • When Benson originally reveals the trophy agenda, it's missing the key showing each person's letter and name.

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