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Skips' House is a minor location in Regular Show. It's located in The Park.
Skip's House


Skips' Garage makes its debut in "Over the Top", where it is open and it looks empty. In "The Best Burger in the World", Mordecai and Rigby are told to clean it up. Inside, they find the Hologram 9000 under a white sheet, which they later use to make clones of theirselves.


Skips's House consists of a gym with a bed, a telephone, and a small TV.

Skips's Garage is stacked with boxes, the Hologram 9000, and various objects that belong to Pops, such as a penny-farthing, Victorian-era pram, a telescope, a ship wheel and an oil heater It also contains Gary's Synthesizer.

In "Exit 9B" his house is barricaded by GBF with woods attached at door and windows, an X circle was at his garage and top door, when Mordecai and Rigby showing his inside garage, it's all dark and full of trash.


  • Even though the garage looks empty in "Over the Top" and some other episodes, it has many objects in it in "The Best Burger in the World".
  • It has been revealed that Skips practices immortal-themed rituals here.
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