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"Skips' Stress" is the twenty-fifth episode in season four (and one hundred-four episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on May 13, 2013.


Skips is overcome with a dangerous level of stress, and must go to the Himalayas to fight the monster of his stress before it kills him.


Skips is fixing the Cart in his house until Mordecai and Rigby come into the garage and ask Skips to fix the pump for the fountain. He disagrees at first but gives in eventually. He fixes the pump and Benson comes over to ask Skips to help him paint. Skips agrees and goes with Benson. He paints the bench until Pops comes over and asks Skips to help him plant his plant. He looks at his arm, which has a thick dark line down it. He agrees and Benson comes over and asks what happened with the benches. Everyone else comes over and Skips asks what is wrong. Mordecai and Rigby tell him it's time for lunch and they all go to the mall.

There, Muscle Man asks everyone questions and Skips becomes frustrated. They head back to the Park until Muscle Man notices a stress tester. He goes on it and shows that his stress is moderate. Everyone wants Skips to go on it, so he does. His reading then says critical and the doctor comes over. The doctor tells him his stress readings are 'off the chart' and looks at his arm, revealing the dark line of stress. The doctor tells him he will die if he doesn't lower his stress levels. Later, at the Park, Benson tries to get Skips to take the day off but Skips tells him he has too much to do. Benson tells him to once more and Skips agrees and sleeps. He then dreams himself working at a carnival.  All of the park employees are in visioned asking Skips for help and turning into wavy dark lines that closely resemble the stress on Skips' arm. After ringing a carnival bell, the dark lines on a shirt Mordecai put on him enlarge and engulf him in darkness, thus ending the dream. Skips wakes up in shock, and finds something under the covers of his cot even more so.

Later, everyone is at the house getting jobs and Skips is wearing a blue jumper over himself. Skips then says he'll be fine and will be able to work. Benson gives him his job and he falls down the stairs and knocks himself out. He wakes up, with lots of black lines on his chest which are leading to his heart. Pops tells him he needs to visit an ancient bell that will get rid of his stress when he rings it. They leave to the Himalayas without Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost (because there was no more room for them in Pops' car.) and soon arrive at the mountains. They walk up to the bell where there are several dead bodies. Skips tells the guys to cover their ears as long as he rings the bell and he begins pushing on the wood, making it ring. He especially warns Rigby, remembering that he isn't trustworthy with his directions, as shown in previous episodes.  His stress leaves his body and turns into a dark monster. He then runs and lunges at the stress and engages in battle with it. Rigby notices that Skips forgot his ninja sword and runs to grab it. 

Everyone uncovers their ears in order to stop Rigby and they all float up high into the air. The stress leaves their bodies and goes into Skips' stress head, forming stress heads of Pops, Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson. Skips gets the sword and attacks it. Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Pops help Skips battle it with the dead people's weapons. The four then go after their own stress heads. They begin slicing off their heads. Benson faces difficulty with his stress head until Pops throws him two tomahawks which Benson throws at his stress heads' eyes, finally killing it. Now it was all up to Skips and his stress head. The four then try to help Skips again but the Skips stress head hurls them away, only wanting to battle Skips one on one. Skips then proceeds to spear it many times but his stress outsmarts him and traps him. Skips then finds the willpower to resist from his stress' tentacles and spots a spear on the ground. He cunningly runs towards it, with his stress head behind him, ready to engulf Skips. Skips quickly grabs the spear and points it at his persistent stress head just in time as it almost engulfs him. The spears goes right through its mouth. Acknowledging the fatal blow, the stress head looks at the spear and is then killed. After a long and epic battle, they all return to the car but find that the car's tires have been speared by various weapons from the battle. Skips volunteers to handle it, but backs away after Benson signals him not to do it. As everyone except Skips starts to help replace the tire, Skips then ends the episode by smiling.





  • In real-life, people can die from too much stress.
  • Muscle Man gets stressed from eating late night pies.
  • Skips' dream was foreshadowing the Stress Bell.


  • When Skips is tumbling down the stairs on the porch during Benson's announcements, his body is much smaller than it usually is.
  • The skeletons disappear when the characters are fighting the Stress Monster.