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This page is the transcript for "Skips' Story".

Part 1

(Episode opens with Mordecai and Rigby on the house roof with Skips. They are roofing the house together.)

(Song: Roofing by Mordecai and Rigby)

♪Roofing, roofing

Protect from the elements, rain, snow and hail

Got an armful of tiles, and a nailgun that nails

No time to mingle when we're putting down shingles!


(Skips checks his watch)

Skips: Alright, fellas. Time for lunch.

(Digs into his cooler)

Skips (continued): Ok, got one for Mordo.

(He tosses a sandwich to him)

Skips (continued): Rigby, think fast!

(He tosses a burrito at Rigby, but instead of catching it, it only hits Rigby in the face)

Rigby: No!

(The burrito plummets to the ground, its contents splattering all over the place)

Mordecai: (Laughs) Should've gone for it, dude.

Rigby: Awww! If I was immortal like Skips, I would've gone for it.

Mordecai: Yeah that would be awesome.

(Skips hands over a sandwich to Rigby)

Rigby: Being immortal must rule, right, Skips?

Skips: Nah, not really.

Mordecai: I bet you could survive the vacuum of space though.

Skips: Gotta breathe. Being immortal doesn't change that.

Rigby: Ooh ooh, I got one! Swimming one hour after eating.

Skips: That has never killed me.

Mordecai & Rigby: Wow.

Mordecai: Okay, okay. If somebody cut off you head, put it into a jar...

Skips: Look fellas, you got this immortally thing all wrong.

Rigby: Hey, how did you become immortal anyway?

Skips: Nah, you don't wanna hear that.

(He drinks a soda)

Mordecai & Rigby: Awwwwww!

Mordecai: Come on, please?

Rigby: Yeah, please?

(Mordecai and Rigby begin to badger Skips until he finally gives in)

Skips: Alright. I'll tell you how I got my immortality.

Mordecai & Rigby: (High five each other) Yeah-yuh!

Skips: A long time ago, in a high school far, far away...

(As Skips begins his story, we are introduced to an average looking building. A sign out front labels it as Bennett High School. A few students are seen milling around out front, and a voice is heard addressing someone inside.)

Headmaster Bennett: Mister Walks. 

(A young Skips, named Walks is seen sitting in a chair, looking bored)

Headmaster Bennett (continued): According to your permanent record, you've been expelled from three schools this year alone. And this was due to (lowers the permanent record folder) fighting and pugilistic tendencies?!

(He glares at Walks, who looks down at his nails, disinterested) 

Walks: Yeah, I mighta done some of that.

Headmaster Bennett: Well, one fight at my school, Mister Walks, and that means expulsion.

Walks: (Puts his hands up to his face, pretending to be afraid) Ooooh! School's worthless to an adventurer such as me!

(Bennett pulls himself up out of his seat)

Headmaster Bennett:  This is your last chance to graduate, Walks. Do you wish to remain a scoundrel or better yourself? Gareth!

(A young Gary opens the door, causing Walks to turn his head)

Gareth: Yes, Headmaster Bennett?

Headmaster Bennett: Show Walks to his locker.

(Walks is shown kicking open the door on his way out, which Garreth gently shuts behind him)

Walks: I don't need your help, Gareth. I can find my own way around.

Gareth: (Who runs to catch up with Walks) Wait! Walks, I cast no doubts upon your navigation skills, oh great adventurer! (Walks rolls his eyes) But do you know how to navigate socially? 

(They burst through a set of doors, Walks exclaiming a loud 'Woah!' at what he sees before him) 

Gareth (continued): Walks, follow me. (They begin to walk around as Garreth points out everything) Over here we have the athletes and cheer directors. 

(A group of people are seen standing around with props. There is even a guy dressed up as a dodo bird.) 

Gareth (continued): And over yonder, bookish types. 

(A group of boys are seen standing around, looking at books and observing different things) 

Gareth (continued): Hark! I hear some dramatics.

Dramatic Student: Alas, poor yorick.

Gareth: And there's the goths, mobs and settlers.

(We are shown the respective cliques)

Gareth (continued): Here's my clique.

(We see five floating men.)

Immortal Student Council: (All singing) We welcome you, we welcome you!

Reginald: On behalf of the Immortal Student Council - and Glee Club - welcome to your locker, Walks!

(Walks goes to his locker.)

Reginald (continued): You should join us.

Walks: Why?

Reginald: Nothing wins you more respect in school than student government.

(Suddenly Klorgbane The Destroyer tackles Reginald hitting him on the locker)

Klorgbane The Destroyer: Reginald, Reginald heads as big as a shed-ginald. (Turns his head around at The Guardians of Eternal Youth) Hello immortal student council, how are we today.

Boswald: Oh... I need a new diaper.

Reginald: Uh, please brother Klorgbane no wet willies or wedged underclothes today.

Walks: Yeah, leave them alone.

Klorgbane The Destroyer: Eh, who's this, who dares interrupt Klorgbane?

(People become shocked as they gather around to see Walks and Klorgbane face to face)

Walks: I'm Walks. You don't scare me.

Klorgbane The Destroyer: Leave them alone or what, Walks? Huh? (pushes Walks) or what, (He pushes him again) huh?

(Walks pulls his hair up and pushes Klorgbane, and as they lock each other and ready to fight)

Klorgbane The Destroyer: Nobody touches me!

(Headmaster Bennett walks in)

Headmaster Bennett: What's going on here?

(Walks and Klorgbane sweep away the dust on their clothes and turn around on Headmaster Bennett)

Walks: Oh nothing, we're just getting to know each other.

Klorgbane The Destroyer: Yes, looks like we're really going to hit it off. (Giggles)

(As Headmaster Bennett looks at them he walks away to the hallway as Klorgbane turns around at Walks)

Klorgbane The Destroyer: This isn't over.

(The crowd along with Klorgbane walks away.)

Reginald: Nobody's ever stood up to Klorgbane before.

Walks: Walks never walks away from a jerk.

(The Guardians of Eternal Youth look at each other having an idea. We cut back to Mordecai, Rigby and Skips)

Rigby: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa You went to high school with all those guys.

Skips: Yeah we have a long history together. What'd you expect from a bunch of immortals.

Rigby: Wait how did you get your immortally.

Skips: I'm getting to that, so lunch time rolled around, and it seemed like everybody already have their tables all figured out.

(The story continues with Walks entering the cafeteria with his food and trying to find a table until see meet a girl holding an apple)

Mona: There's a spot right here, you're welcome to dine with me if you wish.

Walks: I eh.. eh.

(A young girl eats an apple as Walks looks at her a little paranoid)

Mona: Do you wish to dine with me?

Walks: Oh.. Uh eh eh, beg pardon uh yes thank you I...I was just.

Mona: Starring vacantly in my direction.

Skips: Ho, ho, ho you caught me eh, eh beg pardon again.

Mona: My given name is Desdemona, but you can call me Mona.

Walks: I'm Walks, as in..... well Walks it is far as my name was shorted.

Mona: Oh... you mean to say that no one calls you Alks?

Walks: Hard to believe that big name never took room.

(He drinks the soup and suddenly spits it out)

Walks (continued): Ugh, 'tis terrible!

(Mona laughs and wipes the soup on her shirt with her napkin)

Mona: You must new here, no on eats the school lunch that can be avoided. Somehow the kitchen even ruins Apple Brown Bette.

Walks: Really? How does one even do that?

(He laughs)

Walks (continued): There are only four ingredients.

(Gareth and the council go up to him. The council is holding portraits in hand.)

Gareth: Walks!

Walks: Huh?

Gareth: My baby friends and I have a proposition for you.

Walks: What sort?

Gareth: We'd like to formerly request that you fight Klorgbane.

(He unfolds a chart.)

Gareth (continued): We believe it upon examination of this chart.

Walks: No need, I was going to fight him anyway.

Reginald: Oh, splendid.

Griswald: To assure Klorgbane's defeat we've begun design of a device called (reveals design) The Fists of Justice, which will-

Walks: Call off your design. All the fists I need reside in my pockets.

Gareth: Hear them out, Walks. Archibald holds a very convincing illustration.

Archibald: Like us, Klorgbane the Destroyer was created immortal.

(He unfolds a picture of Klorgbane's creation and immortality.)

Archibald (continued): He therefore cannot be defeated by a mere mortal.

(Reginald unveils a picture of how Walks' mortal battle would play out. Walks whistles in amazement. Another guardian appears with a picture.)

Oswald: However, with the proper weapon, a mortal of your strength and skill may prevail.

(He has a picture of Walks besting Klorgbane with The Fists of Justice.)

Walks: Let me see that.

(Oswald gives him the picture.)

Walks: Hmm, I'll consider that.

Gareth: We do help you will.

(He bows and they walk away)

Walks: Anyway, at my last school... (He turns to find Mona has disappeared, but to find Mona's eaten apple on the table) Mona?

(Mona walks out of the cafeteria)

Walks: Mona! Mona, wait up! (Runs and catches up to her and places his hand on her shoulder) Hey, what happened back there? I turned around and you were gone.

Mona: I heard what you're planning.

Walks: I know, you were sitting right across from me.

Mona: Well, I didn't like it. I thought we had a special connection, Walks, but I'm not into man who fight. So, fare-thee-well.

Walks: Wait, no! I don't fight. (Shows his hands to her) Look, no fists.

Mona: Very funny.

Walks: No, Mona, please! Forget about the fight. We do have a connection. Let's just get to know each other, go for a canoe ride, perhaps.

Mona: I'm not really into canoes, either.

Walks: (holds up the eaten apple) You left this on the table. (Gives it to Mona) You know, I'm not really into litter bugs. But I was willing to reconsider for you.

Mona: (laughs) If you really get to know me, we could use another set of hands making decoration on the prom committee. That's where I spend my free time.

Walks: Where do I sign up?

(We cut to the auditorium where students are working on the props for the prom committee. Walks comes in and sees a banner that says "Enchantment Under the Sea")

Drama Teacher: Mona, everybody wants to know what's the prom theme this year?

Mona: Well, it's an undersea-theme. I envision the scallops over there, and over here...

(Walks pops out, surprising Mona as she screams)

Walks: What's a-happening, Mona?

Mona: (laughing) Oh, it's just you, Walks. Come down from there, help me with this. (Walks comes down from a woodwork table and walks with her) Do you know anything about tools?

Walks: Of course. I am a great adventurer.

Mona: How many adventures have you actually been on?

Walks: Oh... a lot. I chased storms with a fellow named Samson some years back.

Mona: (as she gives Walks a hammer) Well, this adventure is called hammering two pieces of wood together.

(Walks, pounds a nail with the hammer, but it gets damaged and he groans)

Mona: Walks, it's not just about force. Take your time. And if your aim is true, then...

(Mona helps Walks pound the nail with the hammer correctly)

Walks: The nail is driven in.

Klorgbane: Mona, him? Seriously?

Walks: What do you want, Klorgbane?

Klorgbane: To finish what we started.

(Klorgbane and Walks get ready to fight, but Mona shooks her head sadly wand walks away)

Walks: Uh... Klorgbane, you're not worth it! I won't fight you!

(Mona looks at Walks)

Klorgbane: What?!

Walks: I said, I won't fight you! (Turns around)

Klorgbane: You won't or you can't? Coward! (Walks out of the auditorium)

Mona: Walks, That was so brave! (as Walks is panting) You used words instead of violence.

Walks: How about these words, Mona? Do you wish to go out with me tonight?

Mona: Oh, um, alright.

Walks: Splendid! See you at 7:00. (Runs out of the auditorium)

Rigby: (voice-over) Wait, wait. (We cut back to him, Mordecai and Skips) Your story was just about to get awesome, and now it's a mushy romance? I'm sorry Skips, but... Pffft! (Mordecai punches him) Ow! I bit my tongue!

Mordecai: Skips, please continue.

Skips: So, with his power unchecked... (The story continues with Klorgbane watching Headmaster Bennett walking by.)...Klorgbane did what he wanted. Bennett was clueless.

Klorgbane: Ooh, what's that on your cravate? (He punches the dodo bird guy, turns his dodo head and kicks him to the ground.)

Dramatic Student: To flee or not to flee! Aaah!

(Klorgbane lands and sits on the Dramatic students as he laughs evilly.)

Walks: Rrrgh!

Reginald: (voice-over) Walks.

(The Immortal Student Council and Gareth appear)

Walks: Reginald, what am I to do here? Something must be done about Klorgbane, but if we fight, Bennett will expel me and Mona will lose interest in me. Oh, high school is so complicated.

Reginald: But Walks, you must. It is for the greater good. Mona and Bennett will forgive you once they understand.

Walks: And this you promise?

Gareth: Our promises are as great as gold. After all, we are the student government.

(The Immortal Student Council all agree)

Reginald: Please, Walks. You are our only hope.

Walks: Hmmm, alright.

Reginald: Wonderful!

Gareth: Our people will contact his people and set up a fight time and place.

Walks: And it will not conflict my time with Mona?

Reginald: Of course not.

Walks: Fine. Now begone! (They disappear) I have a date.

Part 2

(Scene begins in a montage. Walks and Mona are on their date at Ye Olde Cheezer's and working on the props for the prom while the Immortal Student Council work on the Fists of Justice. We are then shown with Walks and Mona in the hallway as she is skipping in front of him, then to the Immortal Student Council cooling down the fists with water, then Walks and Mona are teasing each other by putting paint in each other's noses, then the Immortal Student Council screwing the fists together, then Skips and Mona play with the seahorse props, then the Immortal Student Council wiping the fists, then Walks and Mona kissing behind the seahorse prop as the Immortal Student Council finish the fists and Walks and Mona skip along and spun together as the montage ends. We cut back to Mordecai, Rigby and Skips.)

Rigby: Woah, the babies finally finish the Fists of Justice! Finally, we're getting to the good stuff!

Skips: Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. So, we spun, and, we spun, and we spun, and we spun. (Rigby groans) Then, we skipped, and we skipped, and we skipped...

(The story continues with Walks and Mona finish skipping in the hallway)

Mona: Okay, we skipped around the school three times, and I'm starting to cramp up.

Walks: Oh, come on, one more loop?

Mona: (giggles) I'm gonna have to start calling you Skips if you keep this up. I really should go before the bell rings, though.

Walks: Wait, Mona, before you go, I have a gift for you. (Gives Mona a necklace with a heart-shaped locket on it)

Mona: A gift? (She opens the locket to reveal two pictures of her and Walks) Oh, Walks, I love it!

Walks: Remember that time there was a bee on your hat, And I let you sit still for what felt like eternity until it flew away?

Mona: Yes.

Walks: That was no bee! I only told you that so I can take you a photograph.

Mona: (laughs) You got me right good. Help me put it on?

(Walks puts the necklace on her neck)

Walks: There's just one more pressing matter.

Headmaster Bennett: Students! Is there not someplace else for you to be?

Mona: Quickly, what is it?

Walks: Will you go to the prom with me?

Mona: Of course I will!

(They kiss as Headmaster Bennett grunts in disgust.)

Mona: Oh, Walks. You made me so happy that I shall skip for the rest of the day.

(She skips to class as Walks sighs happily, then the bell rings. We fade to Latin class as Walks quickly walks in and sits on his desk.)

Latin Teacher: Slates at the ready for dictation, class. E pluribus unum lorem ipsum sit amet duis lectus quis dui viverra vestibulum...

(A piece of paper flies at Walks as he looks at Gareth, who looks back, then he opens the paper to reveal a note)

Walks: "Friend - The fight is set for Saturday at 8:00 p.m. (Same time as prom) Will you attend?" Gareth, that is the worst possible time!

Gareth: This is the only time that Klorgbane is available. He surprisingly involved in a lot of extra curriculum.

Walks: But this will ruin everything with Mona!

Gareth: You can still take her to the prom. Simply say you have to go to the bathroom and then sneak out for the fight. You can come right back for the -

Latin Teacher: Walks, Gareth, eyes and ears in the front of the room.

Gareth: Behind the auditorium at 8:00. We'll bring the fists.

(Walks groans and checks "yes". We fade to Saturday night where a horse carriage pulls up at Mona's house. Walks licks his hair, walks to the door and knocks. Mona's dad answers it)

Mona's Dad: Well, well, well, you must be Walks.

Walks: That's correct, sir.

Mona's Dad: (calling to Mona) Desdemona, your date's here.

Mona: (offscreen) Be right down!

Mona's Dad: Take your time. You're growing up too fast.

Mona: (offscreen) Dad!

Mona's Dad: Are you new in town, Walks? I don't remember you from Desdemona's earlier classes.

Walks: Uh, no, sir. I just switch schools a lot, because I keep getting expelled.

Mona's Dad: Oh, I see.

Mona's Mom: (offscreen) Here she comes!

(Mona comes downstairs in her prom dress, looking beautiful and still wearing the necklace as romantic music plays)

Walks: Oh, Mona, you wore it!

Mona: I'll always wear it. (Mona's mom comes in and tries to wipe a mole off her face) Mom!

Mona's Mom: Oh, Mona, you just got something on your face. (She licks her finger and wipes the mole off of Mona's face)

Mona: Stop!

Mona's Mom: I just don't want you to look like trash on your prom night!

Walks: She looks beautiful, even with the junk on her face.

Mona: (giggles) Let's go.

(Walks giggles and they walk out the house to the prom)

Mona's Dad: Take good care of her tonight. Don't forget she's someone's little girl!

Mona: Don't mind him, tonight is going to be perfect

(We cut to the school prom)

Headmaster Bennett: Lets keep it clean tonight, Eugene. I don't want a repeat of last year.

(Walks and Mona walk inside the prom)

Mona: Isn't this so magical? I don't mean the bows, But aren't our decorations are not just the epitome of Enchantment Under the Sea?

Walks: Oh, they are. I truly do feel there's someone riding the waves of the dream. (He looks out a window to find the Immortal Student Council as one of them looks at Walks) And I have the entire weight of the ocean upon my shoulders.

Mona: Yes well, we all interpret the theme in our own ways.

Walks: I am sorry Mona, I could use a refreshment. Would you like some refreshment? I will give us some refreshment. (Runs to get punch for her)

Mona: Alright.

(Walks fills up a cup of punch as he looks at the clock and it's almost 8:00, but Walks accidentally overfills the cup, and he walks back to Mona who gives her the cup of punch)

Walks: Here you are, Mona. I drank all mine before I can make it back to you uh, it seems to have made its way through my system at the pace of steam engine. So now I really need to use the bathroom if you'll pardon me again.

Mona: Walks, it's not even remotely possible for Punch to digest that quickly.

Walks: But you see, I...

Mona: (gasps) Do you not absolutely love this song?!

Walks: Uhh...

Mona: Let's dance in style. Let's dance in a while.♪ Come, waltz!

Walks: No, I don't particularly...

Mona: Is this why you've been acting so strange?

Walks: Uh, yes.

Mona: Don't be silly, some of the greatest adventures can be had on the dance floor!

(They slow-dance along with other prom dates as "Forever Young" by Alphaville plays. The Immortal Student Council, Gareth and Klorgbane, who is checking is pocket watch, are waiting outside for Walks' arrival.)

Klorgbane: It is 8:00! Where is my opponent?!

Archibald: Walks will be here.

Reginald: Do not worry.

Gareth: But just in case, I'll go give him a reminder.

(Cut back to Walks and Mona continue slow-dancing)

Walks: I want to be...(sees Gareth knocking on the window)

Mona: What is it, Walks? Is something amiss?

Gareth: WALKS!!!

Walks: No, everything is perfect. I just...

Mona: Oh Walks! The photographer has arrived. Let's pose for a prom portrait! Come on! It only takes 10 minutes.

(They walk to take their prom picture)

Walks: Uhh...

Klorgbane: Enough! If Walks will not come to me, then I will go to him!

Gareth: Klorgbane, no!

(Klorgbane knocks him to the ground. Cut to black, then we cut back to Walks and Mona standing still for their prom picture)

Mona: (trough teeth) Are you sure all is well? I can't help but feel that you are trying to escape.

Walks: (trough teeth) No, of course! I am exactly where I wish to be.

(Klorgbane bursts into the auditorium)

Klorgbane: WALKS!!! (Walks gasps) Did you think I wasn't going to come looking for you?! (He breaks a seahorse prop with his knee) Think you can just be a no show?! (He breaks a jellyfish decoration with his fist)

Mona: Oh!

Klorgbane: Our fight started at 8:00! (He smashes the camera with his fist as the photographer runs away)

Mona: A fight? But Walks...

Walks: It wasn't meant to unfold like this, Mona! I'm sorry!

(He gets to Walks and throws Mona out of the way)

Walks: Mona! Klorgbane!

Klorgbane: (laughs evilly)

Headmaster Bennett: So you're the instigator, Klorgbane! Get out of my school!

Klorgbane: You blind old fool! Don't you see, this is my school! (Shoves Headmaster Bennett to the floor)

Headmaster Bennett: Somebody do something!

Mona: Walks! (Nods her head sadly, allowing Walks to fight Klorgbane)


(He runs to Klorgbane and punches him rapidly, but no avail. Klorgbane punches him on the face repeatedly)

Gareth: (holding up the Fists of Justice) Walks, the Fists of Justice!

Walks: Uh, a Little busy right now, Gareth. (He avoids two of Klorgbane's punches)

Archibald: Let me at 'im!

Reginald: Archibald, don't be a hero! Immortal Student Union - and Glee Club.

Immortal Student Council: TALLY-HO!!! (As they fire their rattles and walk to aid Walks)

Reginald: Deliver the fists!

Klorgbane: Fists of Justice, eh? Well, I've been busy in metal shop, too.

(He takes out a black spike with a black rope and red electricity on it, and swings it to hit Walks, but he avoids it. The Immortal Student Council and Gareth get closer to him, but he hits them with his spike, making Gareth drop the fists as everyone runs away. Walks jumps on him, but he grabs Walks and head butts him to the floor.)

Mona: Walks!

(He smashes the table with his spike while Walks avoids it)

Klorgbane: Give it up, Walks!

Walks: Walks never walks away from a bully.

Klorgbane: Don't you see, Walks? I rule this school and everyone in it! You're a fool to challenge me. (chuckles) I've waited a long time for this.

(He aims his spike at Walks, and and is about to hit him with it)

Mona: WALKS!!!

(She pushes Walks out of the way, saving him, as the spike hits the wall, missing him, and it cracks to the ceiling as a piece of it falls on Mona, killing her.)


Gareth: (grabs the Fists of Justice) Walks, the fists!

(He bangs the fists twice as they fly into towards Walks and he grabs them with his hands. The Immortal Student Council cheers, then Walks runs to Klorgbane as he tries to avoid Walks' punches with his spike stick, but he punches him with the Fists of Justice, sending him flying to the wall. Walks walks to him.)

Klorgbane: No, no more!

Walks: Agreed! No more! No more fear, no more bullying, no more Klorgbane.

(He strikes the final blow on Klorgbane, punching him and sending him to the stratosphere)

Walks: Mona, Mona! (gasps)

(Reginald founds the necklace in the debris as the locket shines, and he and shooks at Walks sadly. He sheds into tears, about to cry.)

Skips (voice-over): She was the only woman I've ever loved.

(We fade to black)

Skips (voice-over; continued): I had a few rough years after that.

(We fade to Adult Walks, Adult Gareth and the Guardians in the Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm)

Skips (voice-over; continued): And then one day.

Walks: Woah, nice pad.

Reginald: It's not bad. We split rent five ways. Walks, by our calculation, (They Show Walks an image of Klorgbane's orbit heading towards Earth) Klorgbane's orbit will return him to Earth 157 years from now. He will harm other. Brave Walks, will you become immortal and fight him when he returns?

Walks: I'll do it.

Reginald: Immortality has a price. You will outlive your family. You will see loved ones come and go.

Walks: I've already lost the one I loved.

(The guardians nod sadly)

Reginald: Now, choose a name to be reborn on to.

(Walks nods and thinks in his head as an altered version of "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Modes plays in the background. He remembers the memories he and Mona spent time including, Mona's feet skipping in the hallway, the scene from Diary, him and Mona skipping along and Walks' feet skipping)

Walks: I've chosen Skips.

(The guardians grants him immortality as the story ends)

Skips: And that's how I became immortal. I'll skip till the end of the eternity. It's my way of being close to her. (Sips his soda)

Mordecai: (sad-toned) Dude, that was kind of a downer.

Rigby: (sad-toned) And did you even graduate? Cause You didn't even say you- (Mordecai punches him) Ow!

Skips: Well boys, break's over. Go downstairs and grab some more shingles.

(They walk through the window into the attic)

Mordecai: (sighs) Man, I'm so glad I am not immortal.

Rigby: Yeah, man.

(He pulls out the locket he once given to Mona and opens the locket and looks at the pictures of himself as Walks and Mona as he sheds a tear and looks up happily and he continues working on the roof)

(End of episode)