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"Skips' Story" is the twenty-second episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on April 14, 2014, serving as a half-hour special.


Skips tells Mordecai and Rigby the story of how he became immortal.


The episode opens with Mordecai and Rigby on the roof of Pops's House, singing a song while they and Skips work. Skips announces lunch time as he throws a sandwich to Mordecai, who catches it, but Rigby misses and it falls to the ground. Mordecai tells him that he should have gone for it, and Rigby claims he would have if he was immortal like Skips. Mordecai and Rigby start asking Skips about his immortality, making stereotypical remarks to what it must be like, until Skips tells them they have the whole immortality thing wrong. They ask him how he became immortal; Skips tells them they won't want to hear it but they insist. So Skips begins his story:

It starts with a teenage Skips (who was known as Walks at the time) talking to Headmaster Bennett about his expulsion from other schools for fighting. He retorts that there will be no fighting or he will be expelled, but Walks doesn't care as he claims school "is worthless for an adventurer like him". Just then Gareth (Gary) comes in to show him to his locker, and he introduces him to the Guardians of Eternal Youth. Suddenly, Klorgbane the Destroyer enters, strikes Reginald, and makes it apparent that he owns the school. Walks warns Klorgbane to leave them alone, but Klorgbane mocks and pushes Walks. Walks retaliates, and the two are about to fight until Headmaster Bennett shows up to prevent the fight. Walks sarcastically remarks the two were just getting to know each other, and as the Headmaster leaves, Klorgbane mutters this isn't over.

At lunch, Walks can't find a place to sit, until a girl asks him if he would like to sit with her. The girl introduces herself as Mona, and she and Walks start to get along. The Guardians of Eternal Youth and Gareth come to Walks, claiming they have found a way to defeat Klorgbane. Explaing how no mortal can hurt Klorgbane, they show Walks the Fists of Justice. Walks is eager at first, but when they leave and he turns back to Mona, she has disappeared. He follows her and askes her what the matter is. Mona tells him she doesn't like guys who fight, so Walks promises he will never fight again. Reassured, Mona takes Walks to her club, which is tasked with decortating the prom. Sporting an underwater theme, Walks assists her in the decorations, their bond growing into mutual attraction for one another. Walks learns here how to become handy with tools. A montage ensues showcasing Walks and Mona skipping, going out on dates, and working on completing the prom. They arrange the date for the prom and head back to class. Back in class, Gareth throws a scrumpled up piece of paper to Walks, saying that the only available time to fight Klorgbane was at Saturday at 8, unfortunately the same time as the prom. Walks reluctantly accepts. Gareth advises him to make his way to the bathroom to meet them outside.

The scene changes to Walks knocking on Mona's door. Her father answers and she comes down, sporting a necklace Walks had given to her prior to making the date. Having skipped to the prom, Walks gets a drink for both of them but then says he needs to use the bathroom. Mona claims the drink would never digest that quickly, but she wants to take a photograph first. She says it will only take ten minutes, but the time is already 8:05.

Meanwhile outside, Gareth, The Guardian of Eternal Youth, and Klorgbane are waiting for Walks. Gareth knocks on the window; Walks sees this but continues to dance with Mona. Klorgbane, frustrated, states that if Walks wouldn't come to him Klorgbane would go to Walks. He bursts inside, picks up Mona and throws her away. Furious, and with Mona's blessing seeing how Klorgbane really is, Walks engages Klorgbane. Walks punches him repeatedly, realizing that he is doing nothing to hurt him. Klorgbane retaliates, punching him a single time, knocking Walks away. He takes out his rattle ready to finish off Walks, but Mona pushes him out of the way, with Klorgbane missing and hitting the ceiling instead. A chunk of the ceiling falls and lands on Mona, killing her. Gareth finally throws The Fists of Justice to Walks, and Walks begins his assault on Klorgbane, eventually knocking Klorgbane into the stratosphere. Walks goes to Mona, but all the Guardian of Eternal Youth can do is present the necklace Walks gave Mona, as Mona is already dead, much to Skips' heartbreak.  

Years later, Gareth and the Guardian of Eternal Youth choose to make Walks immortal so that he can fight Klorgbane every 157 years. Walks decides he will do it, but they warn that with immortality, he would see loved ones come and go, but Walks tearfully states he has already lost his one. The Guardian of Eternal Youth sadly not at the mention of Mona's death, asks for a new name to be reborn into, and remembering the time he spent with Mona, simply states, "Skips". With this, the Guardian of Eternal Youth grants him immortality.

The story ends here. Mordecai and Rigby are reduced to tears, and Rigby asks Skips if he even graduated high school, and Mordecai punches him. Skips states it's time to go back to work, and Mordecai and Rigby walk away saying they're so lucky they're not immortal. As they leave, Skips' pulls out the necklace he once gave to Mona, which turns out to be a locket with a picture of the two inside. Skips sheds a tear and returns to work. 


Main Characters

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  • Mona's appearance in this episode is different from in her debut "Diary", differences being having much smaller lips, thicker arms and legs, wearing a brown dress rather than red, a pearl necklace and fishnet arm warmers. What remained largely intact was her blonde hair, brown hat and shoes.
  • This episode fully reveals how Skips became Immortal, why he always skips, and why he changed his name from Walks to Skips.
    • The reason why was so he could fight Klorgbane every 157 years like he did in "Fists of Justice."
  • This episode reveals how Skips meet Gary, the Guardians of Eternal Youth, Klorgbane, and the only woman he loved, who is revealed to be named Mona.
  • This episode reveals the origins of the Fists of Justice.

Episode Connections

  • During the flashback Archibald tries to fight Klorgbane himself but is told not to by his brothers. In "Fists of Justice" he actually tries to fight Klorgbane only to be killed in the process.
    • This is also Klorgbane's second appearance in the show since "Fists of Justice."

Pop Culture References

  • "Forever Young" (1984), by Alphaville is played during this episode.
  • An altered version of "Just Can't Get Enough" by Depeche Modes also plays in the episode. [1]
  • The theme of the prom is "Enchantment Under the Sea," a reference to Back to the Future.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Skips says "A long time ago, in a high school far, far away," which is a reference to Star Wars.
    • Hilariously, it is Mark Hamill (the voice of Skips and actor of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars) who says this line, this is currently the only Star Wars reference with Mark Hamill in the series.

Production Notes

  • This is one of the highest-rated episodes of the series According to IMDb about 9.3