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Skips character
Biographical Information
Home: The Park (current)
Space Tree Station (formerly)
Occupation: Groundskeeper
Species: Yeti
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Yellow
Relatives: Quips (cousin)

Unnamed cousin
Monica Ellingson (cousin-in-law)

Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill
First appearance: "The Pilot (unofficial)
The Power (official)"
Latest appearance: "A Regular Epic Final Battle (final)"

Skips, formerly known as Walks, is a major character in Regular Show. He is an immortal yeti who works at the park as a groundskeeper. He helps Benson a lot, and fixes many of Mordecai and Rigby's mistakes. He is very wise, and has a knowledge of many things to those of the unknown, due to his past of immortality. Skips made his first appearance in the pilot. Skips is voiced by Mark Hamill.


Skips is a yeti (standing at 6'5"), wearing only blue jeans with a brown belt. He closely resembles a gorilla. He has large muscles and abs, small hands, and eyes with yellowish sclera. He has white hair all over his body except for his hands, feet, chest area and his face. It is also revealed that he lost some of his hair, so he made a combover. He is 505 at the series' beginning and 512 at the end.

Because he is immortal, Skips' appearance remained unchanged during the time montage and the Park's 25 year reunion, with the only difference being that he now wears cut jean shorts.

Personality and Traits

He has an interesting and mysterious past due to his immortality. Everybody relies on him to solve supernatural problems, and he almost always has the answer. There have only been a few occasions where he didn't know what to do, such as in "Brain Eraser" when, although he knew how to delete Mordecai's memory of Pops' nudity, he didn't know how to exit the video tape. He also couldn't fix error 219 on Mordecai and Rigby's computer. In "Skunked", his best ideas (a shower and coffee) didn't work, and in "Sugar Rush" he said to give Pops more sugar to stop his sugar rush when this only made it worse. However, Rigby knew what to do by giving him the opposite of more sugar: Benson's whole wheat donut. Skips also admits that he doesn't know what's wrong with Rigby in "This Is My Jam ", and even goes so far as to give advice that indirectly worsens the situation.

Skips is often quiet and is one of the least vocal characters of the show, spending the majority of his spare time working out in the golf cart garage which doubles as his home. Despite his monotone expressions, he can be seen having a good time joking around, such as in "This Is My Jam", where he jokes with Mordecai and Rigby that he knew everything, though admits afterwards that he only knew about their plan because he was "in the can" while they were talking about it. Skips has great self-esteem and pride in his knowledge and strength, once going so far as to kill Rigby when he beat Skips at arm wrestling.

He is considerably friendly with the other groundskeepers, and seems to be good friends with Benson, convincing him to take a break in "Party Pete" due to the stress he was going through. Overall, he's always willing to assist anybody that needs him and his expertise, despite how annoyed with the situation he might be. Skips rarely ever walks or runs, but when he is punched in the face by the bouncer at Carrey O'Key's, he runs after his attacker, and throws him into a table, which breaks with the force of Carl/The Bouncer's weight and he walks while Benson is driving the cart to pull Rigby's head out of the black hole in "First Day".


Early Life

Skips (formerly known as Walks) had been to many schools, most of which he was expelled from, largely due to his

Walks in The Balloon

tendency of getting into fights with other students. Skips had been to twenty schools by the time of high school. He wanted adventure, and regularly enjoyed stormchasing with his freind Samson

Joining Bennet's School

S5E22.014.5 Bennett's Office-0

Skips, after getting expelled many times came to a certain school, owned by Headmaster Bennett. Bennett told Skips, that he must promise to not get into a fight. Gareth introduced Skips to the school, and told him all of the Social Groups, including his squad, The Immortal Student Council.

First encounter with Klorgbane

Gary introduces Walks to the Guardians of Eternal Youth- Immortal Student Council at the time, Reginald, Archibald, Oswald, Boswald, Griswald. Suddenly

S5E22.032 Nobody touches me!-0

Klorgbane The Destroyer, brother of the guardians, attacks Reginald, and then Skips attacks Klorgbane, preventing him from hurting Reginald. Skips and Klorgbane almost get into a fist fight but Headmaster Bennet stops the two students from fighting, the very act they denied.

Meeting Mona

Screenshot (53)

At lunch, Walks struggles to find a seat, and walks all around the room. Mona invites him to some sit by her, so he does. Walks eats some of the school lunch, which was so disgusting he spat it straight back out. The Immortal Student Council walks behind Walks, and tells him that he could be the one who would finally beat Klorgbane the Destroyer, with the help from a specially forged weapon. Walks agrees, and asks them to arrange a time. He turns back to speak to Mona, but she had already gone. He sees her walking out to the hallways, so he follows her down. Now Mona tells him that she doesn't like men who fight, but Walks tells her to give him a chance.

Preparing the Prom

Screenshot (54)

Walks and Mona now prepare the Prom. Mona reveals the theme is the sea, which Walks seems to think would work. Walks and Mona begin to work on the prom, when suddenly Klorgbane bursts through the wall. Klorgbane and Walks are just about to fight, but when he sees Mona's reaction, he holds back. Mona then congratulates Walks for not fighting, but talking to Klorgbane, and attempting to resolve the problem. The problem was not actually fully solved though, and Klorgbane was in charge of the school.

Deciding To Fight

Screenshot (58)

After witnessing Klorgbane bully, and hurt many people, Walks tries his hardest not to fight. Suddenly, the Guardians of Eternal Youth show up, telling Walks that he should be arranging to fight Klorgane the destroyer. Walks - who would have liked to give Klorgbane what he deserves says he can't because of Mona. The Immortal Student Council says he must do it though, so Walks agrees.

Skips Skips

Screenshot (59)

While the Immortal Student Council are working on forging the Fists of Justice, Walks and Mona are getting more and more in love. Mona skips everywhere, which at first, Walks finds rather strange, but in the end, Walks begins to skip everywhere as well. Walks ends up inviting Mona to prom just before getting to class.

The Arrangement

Screenshot (60)

In Latin class, Walks gets thrown a paper ball, he looks over to see that it was Gareth. Walks unravels the paper ball, to show an arrangement to fight Klorgbane, with a yes/no box, and time. Walks says he wants them to re-arrange, as it is the same time as prom. Gary explains that that was the only time Klorgbane was free. So Walks unwillingly ticks the box, agreeing to the fight.

Picking up Mona

Screenshot (62)

At the night of the prom, Walks goes to Mona's house, he meets her father, who calls her down from the stairs. Mona comes down, in prom outfit. Her mother comes down and wipes a speck from her face. Skips notices she is wearing the locket he gave her. Then Walks and Mona set off for the prom.

Arriving at Prom

Screenshot (63)
Shortly After Headmaster Bennett opens the doors Walks and Mona arrive. Mona enjoys the sea theme, as well ask Walks, but then he sees The Immortal Student Council outside, making Walks very anxious. Now he just is anxiously walking.

Mona's Death

After 8:00 strikes Walks tries to make an excuse to fight but got carried away with Mona. Klorgbane infuriated smashes the window to fight Walks eventually giving Mona out the secret of Walks' fight. Mona lets him fight for the safety of the school. Walks was almost killed by Klorgbane's last attack but Mona save him at a price of being crushed to death. Walks was eventually given the Fists of Justice and defeated Klorgbane.


File:Screenshot (90).png

"I've chosen... Skips"
Skips had a pretty rough time now. For the next few years, Walks goes through depression induced by the death of Mona. He




Mordecai has a better relationship with Skips than Rigby does, and displays friendship and responsibility towards him. Mordecai always looks toward Skips for any help of any matter, with the presumption that Skips can fix anything with his seemingly infinite wisdom, except computers. In one instance, Mordecai voluntarily sacrifices the chocolate cake he and Rigby wanted so badly to save Skips from dying in the episode "Free Cake."


Skips behaves slightly more negatively toward Rigby, and as a result, less friendly. Skips knows that it's usually Rigby's fault for all sorts of horrible events that occur, but always remains patient enough to fix the problem and teach both him and Mordecai a lesson. Skips does not approve of Rigby's immature behavior, one time going as far as to kill him. Skips is shown to have a little bit of respect for Rigby, though, when he tries to bring back his life by winning an arm wrestling match and when he breaks his own hand so that Rigby could play in a video game tournament with Mordecai. He also gave Rigby advice on being truthful about cheating on a bet, and even in social outings with the other Park Employees.


Even though Skips is employed by Benson, the two are at least friends, if not good friends. As seen in "Meat Your Maker", Skips chugs soda while Benson and Pops cheer him on. Benson has the utmost respect for Skips, as he is a hard worker and very dependable. Benson left Skips in charge while he took the day off in "Party Pete" without realizing he was going to let Mordecai and Rigby have their party anyway.


Pops and Skips do not interact too much on screen throughout the series. It is shown in "Skips vs. Technology" that he has known Pops as a child. Although they don't hate each other, Skips, being deep and knowledgeable, may be bored with Pops' childish, overly free-spirited attitude. He warns Mordecai and Rigby not to teach him words he shouldn't use.

Muscle Man

They do not talk much in the series but seem to be good friends. Like in "Under the Hood," Muscle Man gives Skips saucy chicken wings from Wing Kingdom and in "The Christmas Special," Muscle Man complimented Skips on how good his Christmas cookies were and tells him about a bakery Muscle Man goes to.

Hi Five Ghost

Skips and Hi Five Ghost are rarely seen interacting with one-another, though it can be assumed that the two like each other based on their friendly natures. Two notable interactions between the pair include Hi Five Ghost challenging Skips to an arm wrestling match in "Over the Top", and Skips and Hi Five Ghost going to prank the Rival Park in "Prankless".


Techmo is one of Skips' friends from the American Revolution. When Techmo lost his arm fighting, Skips gave him an arm made of wood. Like Skips, Techmo was also given immortality and he was the only one who greeted Skips upon his return in the finale.


Gary is Skips' friend and he is also the one who takes Skips to the Guardians of Eternal Youth in his El Camino. In "Skips' Story" they knew each other from high school, where he was then known as Gareth. Gary, alongside the Guardians of Eternal Youth and Death, came to help Skips and others save the park in Exit 9B.

Guardians of Eternal Youth

The Guardians granted Skips his eternal youth, but only if he does his spirit dance every year on his birthday. The Guardians also helped Skips and others to save the park in Exit 9B.


Skips and Thomas haven't interacted much; however, in "Starter Pack" he told Mordecai and Rigby to let Thomas fight his own battles. Skips has yelled at him with the others before, but has also been on friendly terms with him, such as in "Country Club" when he stops Benson from yelling at Thomas.

Love Interests


In Diary, it was revealed that Skips had a woman who used to skip with him every day, but he lost her due to her sacrificing herself to save him from Klorgbane. Because of this, he vowed to skip both night and day for the rest of his life, and he then changed his name from Walks to Skips.



Death is one of Skips' eternal lifelong frenemies. Their long time rivalry could simply be due to Death being the Grim Reaper, and therefore his job is to have people to pass when their time comes. However, since Skips struck a deal with the Guardians of Eternal Youth, he has been granted immortality, thus making Death's job even harder than it already is. Death has also attempted to reveal Skips' true name (Walks) to his friends in Skips Strikes, and has played against him in a Dodgeball Tournament. Their rivalry might not be as fierce at first glance. In "Exit 9B", he is shown helping the Park Workers fight against Garrett Bobby Ferguson, Jr.. Death was also invited to both Muscle Man's wedding and Pop's party in Cheer Up Pops, and has helped fight against Streaming in A Regular Epic Final Battle.

Klorgbane the Destroyer

Like Death, Klorgbane is one of Skips' enemies. Every 157 years, Skips must defeat Klorgbane or the world will end. In "Skips' Story", it is revealed that they knew each other from high school. Klorgbane was the school bully, and was responsible for Mona's death. 


  • Strength - Skips is best known among his friends for his superior strength (e.g., punching open a punching bag in "Over the Top"). It was also evidenced in "Death Punchies" that he accidentally sent Rigby to the hospital by punching him too hard. And in the episode Caveman, he was shown to hold his own against a couple of cavemen before being knocked unconscious.
  • Skipping - Despite originally being named "Walks", Skips always skips, no exceptions. Hence, he changed his name to Skips. In the episode "Diary" it was revealed that he skips because he had a lover who skipped with him all the time. When he lost her he vowed to skip for the rest of his life so he could never forget the memories he had with her.
  • Self-Esteem - Skips is very self-assured, always enjoying being praised by his friends. However, when he loses his standing as the best at something, Skips becomes upset, adopting a single-minded determination until he is able to prove himself.
  • Eternal Youth - By being granted eternal youth by the Guardians of Eternal Youth, Skips is able to live indefinitely young in exchange for performing a spirit dance directed toward said guardians on his birthday. It is unlikely that he still performs his spirit dance since he arrived for his birthday party which occurred six months prior to the events in the episode Fists of Justice. Skips, after the events in the episode Free Cake, may no longer be required to perform the spirit dance to maintain his youth and immortality.
  • Knowledge - Due to Skips having immortality, he has seen many things in his past and has a strong knowledge of the unknown. He usually always has an answer to everything. However, in the episode Sugar Rush, Skips said that eating more sugar will slow everything down, but it only ends up sending his friends to a higher sugar plain instead. When they eat the whole wheat donut, it saved them, and Rigby proved Skips wrong.
  • Arm Wrestling - Skips is seen doing very well at arm wrestling in "Over The Top". He only lost to Rigby because he was cheating.
  • Bass Guitar Player - As seen in "This Is My Jam", Skips knows how to play the electric bass guitar.
  • Video games - Skips is an extremely adept gamer, playing with Mordecai in Video Game Wizards in a fighting games tournament in the place of Rigby. He performs with considerable technique and finesse, and upon being replaced by Rigby, leaves without arguing. When asked why, he expresses his gratefulness that Mordecai finally learned his lesson about gaming, and expressed that the game was "too easy anyway".
  • Bowling - Skips is an excellent bowling player. As seen in the episode "Skips Strikes" he is very good at bowling and he has many awards and trophies, which he burns in sorrow. He also has an album of his bowling memories.
  • Fixing Things - Skips is very well known for his ability to fix things (as seen in "Skips vs Technology") and he is the first person to be called whenever something needs fixing or building.
  • Magic Expert - Skips has been shown to be a superb spellcaster which uses to aid his friends in times of need.

Skips-Themed Content


  • Skips got his immortality because he was the only one who could defeat Klorgbane the Destroyer and Klorgbane would return every 157 years.
  • Skips is the only main character to have five fingers on each hand, while others tend to only have four.
  • It was revealed in the episode "Free Cake" that Skips has eternal youth, restored to him by the Guardians of Eternal Youth. This means that Skips is much older than the rest of the staff (with maybe the exception being Pops due to the cycle have resetting the universe many times over with his fights with Anti-Pops and being reborn to eventually fight him again).
  • Skips lives in the golf cart garage.
  • Some people sometimes mistake Skips for a white gorilla, but it has been confirmed that he is actually a yeti.
  • Skips is one of the few employees that Benson has not yelled at. The others being Pops and Thomas. Although, in Quips everyone (Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Muscle Man, HFG, Pops) is mad at him because of his cousin's jokes for the first time.
  • It is unknown why Skips chose to stay as a park worker for over 100 years instead of pursuing a different career.
  • Skips will sometimes joke around with Mordecai and Rigby, as seen in the episode This Is My Jam.
  • In the episode "Jinx", he said that his mind is a "steel trap" when asked why he wasn't affected by a memory wipe that was applied to the rest of the park's staff and patrons.
  • Hence his name, Skips almost always moves by "skipping" (due to him vowing to always skip when he lost his lover). However, in "Karaoke Video", he is seen running for the first time. He is also shown to walk in "Over The Top" after he destroys his punching bag and leaves his house.
  • He kills Rigby in the episode "Over the Top", but wins him back from Death.
  • Death states that he wants to take Skips' immortal soul.
  • In "High Score", it was revealed that he has a bank account and a 401(k) retirement plan.
  • In "Peeps", "Skips Strikes", and "Video Game Wizards" and some other episodes it is shown that Skips owns a blue Volkswagen Kombi.
  • He broke his fingers twice: in "Video Game Wizards" and "Fists of Justice".
  • Skips broke his leg in "Appreciation Day" and "Terror Tales of the Park II"
    • Side from the fact that it was just part of Benson's story.
  • In Project Exonaut, he, Mordecai, and Rigby have their own exosuits.
  • In the music video I Get Around, it was shown that Skips has been working in the park since 1873.
    • However, in Men in Uniform it was shown on a scroll that Skips had been working there since 1800.
  • In the episode "Sugar Rush," Skips was wrong in solving a problem for the first time.
  • In "Bald Spot", Skips reveals that he's bald and has a comb over to cover it. He also admits that it took him 400 years to get used to being bald.
  • His full name may be Skips Quippenger, due to Quippenger being the last name of his cousin, Quips.
  • Due to the vast number of them, Skips was easily overpowered by Cavemen in the episode Caveman.
  • In the episode Skips in the Saddle, it is revealed that the last time Skips went on a date was at least two hundred years ago.
  • In Skips in the Saddle, Skips stated that he likes to go commando, even though he always seems to have pants on and was seen wearing white briefs in Men in Uniform.
  • Skips is the second main character to have completed a chicken wing challenge. The first was Muscle Man, who completed the Wing Kingdom Wing Challenge.
  • Even though Skips could use the internet on a computer in "Over the Top", he was not able to do it in "Skips vs. Technology".
  • Skips and Pops are the only main characters who were never threatened to be fired.
  • He is the only character who cannot move on with his life due to his duty with the Guardian of Youth.
  • He and Benson are the only people who are still remain in their job in the park in the finale series while all the other workers move on with their lives.



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