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Sir Gabelthorp (also known as the Guy Who Thinks He's A Knight) is a character who appeared in "Muscle Woman". He apparently built "castles" out of moldy and dirty mattresses in the creek bed in The Park. It was Mordecai and Rigby's job to get rid of him (originally Muscle Man's job). Later, when Starla was destroying The Park, Gabelthorp stepped out and opened up a teleportation hole. He headed back to a place that seemed to have a real castle, so it seems he actually was a real knight from the past, but somehow is in the present, or he could be from another dimension where electricity never existed and everything was Medieval.

He appeared again in "Ace Balthazar Lives", where he was believed to be Ace Balthazar by Mordecai and Rigby. They then tried to remodel his appearance and personality to be more like Ace. The duo eventually succeeded and even got him to perform a concert. However, the ghost of the real Ace Balthazar appeared and showed his disapproval of the faker. After Sir Gabelthorp proved his crashing prowess, Ace finally approved him and let him perform. However, he could only play lute music and was chased in disgrace, so the ghost performed instead. Sir Gabelthorp then enjoyed Ace's music so much that he used his magic ring to open a portal to his home, Kingdonia, and summoned his fellow knights and the Eggscellent Knight to party with him at the concert.

He is later seen in "The Thanksgiving Special" performing in his Ace Bathazar style with other celebrites, and is later seen celebrating thanksgiving with the park employees and their families, although he isn't wearing his Ace Balthazar clothing.


He wears a burlap-made potato sack as a shirt. It is held together by a string and you can see his underpants. He wears socks, but no shoes. He has a cardboard sword and armor, and he wears a cardboard "helmet" that says Oats on it. He also has mismatched socks on him. (The left sock is red and the right sock is blue.)He also has a few smudges of dirt on his burlap-made potato sack as shirt.


"Muscle Woman"

"Ace Balthazar Lives"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

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