Simon Lamprey is a character who appears in Win That Prize.


Simon has brown hair and is usually seen wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a red and yellow striped tie.


Simon is first seen as Pops' assistant after he is promoted to Senior Senior Vice President of the YZB TV network. Pops asks him if he is able to make him appear on Win That Prize, but Simon is unable to do so.

After Pops becomes President of YZB, Simon is promoted to Vice President and finds Pops collapsed inside his office. However, he finds that the body is fake, and was made by makeup artist Scabby Grossman in an attempt to help Pops appear on Win That Prize.

Simon confronts Grossman about the dummy and fires him after he is told that he made the dummy for a museum. As Lamprey and his men search for Pops, he finds Grossman again, who tells him that he made Pops look like himself, and that he was going to appear on Win That Prize later. Simon realizes that he was lied to and sees Pops, who is dressed up as Grossman, being taken out of the studio. Lamprey screams "POPS!" as he is unable to believe the president is gone.

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