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Sick Day is the eighth Regular Show short. It aired on April 9, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby decide to slide into a sick day, but crash through things in their city, instead.


The Park Workers there are questioning why Mordecai and Rigby aren’t there yet. When Benson’s phone is ringing, Mordecai and Rigby are pretending to be sick. Benson says “There no way they are coming to work.” Rigby in a pretending cough says, "Oh no Benson, it's okay we can still ahhhhhh (soft screaming)..". Benson insists that the two slide right into bed, Mordecai and Rigby finally have a sick day. They ride on the water slide. They saw the Pizza Guy has their ordered pizza and give them it. They fall down and get hit by the old women. Then a theif steals a women’s purse then Mordecai and Rigby gives it back to her. Then a mayor gives them a key to the city. Mordecai holds the key, but the slide brings them into a modern art gallery. They enter a sculpture garden, go through a billboard, and into a candy factory, they then go straight back into the Park, but break through a water tower, which then collapses, flooding the waterslide all the way back to the House. After they arrive to the park, Benson informs them that he saw them setting up the slide 3 weeks ago, so he changed it last night. Then he asks them, "Still wanna call this a sick day?", Mordecai and Rigby says, "....Totally," and high five.