Shannon Acidbutt is a minor character in Regular Show. She's the antagonist in "Alien Roommates" from "Terror Tales of the Park VI".


Shannon is a large alien with a long tail and a large head, and she has a grayish-green skin tone.


Shannon is shown to be very mellow and violent, while she doesn't talk much, she is shown to be very violent. Shannon also appears to be very lazy as she watches TV all day, always tries to get out of work, and uses money to get out of anything.


In her first appearance, she appeared in an interview for a position as new roommate. She was accepted for her large amount of money, despite being creepy to them. She has shown to be very obnoxious and after a while the Park gang decide to kick her out, but she refuses to leave and continue watching TV. After Muscle Man turns off the TV she goes on a crazy rampage and they use the TV to get her out. They lead her to a space vacuum but uses her acid to melt the controls to release her in space. But Muscle Man grabs her in a robot suit and gets himself stuck in space forever with her.


  • Her appearance and abilities are based off the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.
    • Additionally, her maniacal laughter is a reference to the Predator's from the Alien vs. Predator franchise.
  • She really enjoys watching Carter and Briggs and television in general, to the point where she goes insane when its taken from her.
  • She is a slob and doesn't flush the toilet after using it. This leads to Skips discovering that her feces is acidic, which is likely from where she gets her last name.
  • In addition to her bowel movements being acidic, so is her saliva, which is a reference to the Xenomorph's acidic blood.


"Terror Tales of the Park VI"

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