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Seymour Cassel
Full name: Seymour Joseph Cassel, Jr.
Birth date: January 22, 1935
Birth place: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Actor
Voice actor
Education: University of Miami
Parents: Seymour Joseph Cassel, Sr.
Pancretia Ann Kearney
Spouse(s): Elizabeth Lou Deering (m. 1964-1983; divorced)
Children: Matthew Cassel
Lisa Cassel
Dilyn Cassel

Seymour Joseph Cassel, Jr.[1] (born January 22, 1935)[1] is a voice actor for Regular Show.

Early life

Seymour Joseph Cassel, Jr. was born on January 22, 1935 in Detroit, Michigan.[1] His parents were Seymour Joseph, Sr. and Pancretia Ann (née Kearney) Cassel.[1][2] His mother was a performer in burlesque shows, and in early childhood she took him with her on the road traveling to the shows.[3] His mother later remarried and at 9 years old he and his mother moved to Panama to live with his stepfather, who owned a nightclub there.[3] He eventually moved to New York City to pursue an acting career, where he attended the American Theatre Wing and Actors Studio to hone his skills.[4][3] He later attended college at the University of Miami.[3]


He made his acting debut with the independent film Shadows, where he also served as an associate producer.[1][3] He is known for being a frequent actor in John Cassavetes' films.[3] In 1968, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for playing a hippie street hustler in the film Faces.[4] In 1992, he won the Special Jury Prize for Acting (Dramatic) at the Sundance Film Festival.[3] More recently he has acted in such films as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.[3]

Cassel has also ventured into politics, having run in 2007 to become President of the Screen Actors Guild.[1]

Voice credits

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Season 4

Personal life

He married Elizabeth Lou Deering on March 14, 1964 and together they had two children, one of them being their son Matthew. Deering acted alongside Cassel in the film AP.[5] The couple later divorced in 1983.[6][2] His ex-mother-in-law was Elsie Ames.[5] Other children include two daughters, Lisa and Dilyn.[2][3]

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