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Sensai is a character featured in "Death Punchies," "Sandwich of Death", and "Death Kwon Do-Livery."


The Death Kwon Do Instructor, Sensai, is an overweight martial arts instructor who teaches the fighting style of Death Kwon Do, using a notebook full of drawings as his technique book. He is voiced by Sam Marin. He often reacts to bad news by shouting "NOOOOO!" He only appears with a few lines/quotes. In "Death Kwon Do-Livery," he is revealed to have an apprentice, Jerry-San. He returned in the episode "Sandwich of Death" as the owner of Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs.


He is overweight, and has orange, or strawberry-blonde hair, as a "crappy" mullet. He also has a mustache and wears a white headband and cut-off jeans. He has curly chest hair, and thick arm hair.

Episode appearances

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Season Four

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Minor Appearances

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Overall: 7 Appearances


  • He believes in hard work and determination, because he wouldn't give Rigby the death punch move immediately.
  • Even though the real word is "Sensei," in the credits, his name is written as "Sensai".
  • His hair is brighter in "Sandwich of Death".
  • He is seen numerous times with an incorrect number of fingers.
    • In "Death Kwon Do-Livery", he is seen with both 4 and five fingers, and even with both at once, making nine fingers total.


"Death Punchies"

"Sandwich of Death"

"Last Meal"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Dodge This"

"Death Kwon Do-Livery"