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Biographical Information
Home: Pumpkin garden

Pumpkinian(Species homeplanet)

Occupation: To keep his love safe
Species: Pumpkin Man


Gender: Male
Hair color: Bald
Eye color: Red (evil)

Black (not alive)

Relatives: His wife
Show Information
Voiced by: Mark Hamill
First appearance: "Terror Tales of the Park III"
Latest appearance: "Meet the Seer (on security camera)"

 The Scare​crow is a character who appears in "Terror Tales of the Park III" as the main antagonist in "Jacked-Up Jack-o-Lantern". When Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost destroy his pumpkin wife, he comes to life. He then proceeds to touch everybody, which turns them all into pumpkins. He starts killing them one by one, eventually planting their seeds in the pumpkin patch so that their heads grow into pumpkins. By the end of the episode, he laughs while they all argue on who should go home with a mother and her son.


The Scarecrow is a regular scarecrow, except he has a pumpkin head instead a head made of straw. He also wears a pilgrim-like outfit (a blue tie, red long sleeve shirt, black pants, and black shoes).


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