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Santa Claus
Biographical Information
Home: North Pole
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Show Information
Voiced by: Ed Asner
Appears in: "The Christmas Special"

Santa Claus was a character featured in The Christmas Special. He was voiced by actor Ed Asner.


Santa Claus doesn't look a lot like how most people imagined he'd look like (he says TV producers made that appearance up). He has really long hair, which he has tied back into a ponytail. He wears a black jacket that is unbuttoned, revealing a red shirt, which is tucked in. He also wears brown pants, a belt, and a red scarf. The only things people got right about him were his beard and white hair. He doesn't wear a Santa hat. He also isn't fat at all, in fact, he has a six-pack. Santa also wears a bulletproof vest under his shirt.



  • Santa's voice actor, Ed Asner, also played Santa in the 2003 American Christmas comedy film, Elf, and also the 2014 NBC musical special of Elf.
  • According to him, it is against the rules to give magical objects as gifts. However, for saving Christmas, he makes an exception for Modecai and Rigby by giving them the presents they always want for: Invisibility Cloaks.
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