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"Sandwich of Death" is the thirteenth episode in Season 4 (and ninety-second episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 28, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby buy a potentially deadly sandwich at a restaurant, but when Benson falls ill after he eats it himself, they must set out to find the cure before he dies.


Mordecai and Rigby watch a commercial about the sandwich of death and they go to buy one. Then, the Sensai recognizes them and Mordecai and Rigby apologize for ruining his Death-Kwon-Do business. He forgives them and makes them the sandwich. After Mordecai and Rigby leave the sandwich unattended on their table to put on mullets and ripped shorts to eat it, Benson eats their sandwich (in a spiteful act of retribution for them eating his grilled cheese deluxe). When Mordecai and Rigby return, they see that Benson has become severely ill from it so the three go to the Sensai's sandwich shop and ask for the cure. Sensai explains that the reason Benson got poisoned is because, as it was shown in the commercial they watched, the consumer is supposed to be wearing cut-off jeans and a mullet while eating it (which he was not), so that the sandwich doesn't actually kill them. After Benson demands that they take him to a hospital, Sensai says that no western medicine can help him now. They must go see Sensai's sensei, the Grand Master of Death-Kwon-Do, so the quad travel to get the only known cure, the Sandwich of Life, from Sensai's Sensei within six hours or Benson will die. Before leaving, Benson is given a mullet and cut-off jeans as it is required.

Sensai explains the symptoms of the Sandwich of Death as each symptom is caused each hour. In the first hour, Benson will turn green and choke as what happened to him in the kitchen. In the second hour, his face will start to burn as what happened when he was in the car. In the third hour, his intestines will melt and leak out of his body. In the fourth hour, his vocal chords will have long since collapsed. In the fifth hour, he will regain his vocal chords, only to cry for mercy in forgotten ancient dialects. In the sixth hour, he will die, of course.

After Sensai tries to request a meeting, he forgot that the Master Sensei is still mad at Sensai so the group sneaks into the building. As they go into the first chamber, they must say "Step of Death" before they make a step or they will fall to their demise as they witnessed one of the guards falling. In the second chamber, they find more guards that appear with sickles. Then in the third chamber, they find guards with motorcycles and spike-ball chains that crash through the window when they appear. In the pathway to the fourth chamber, they see a mist of fog then guards with daggers ambush them. Then, in the fourth chamber, they encounter two fat people with axes that can crack through the floor. Then they encounter a guard with a hockey mask and artificial claws that can duplicate and then, after defeating all the guards, they reach the last chamber.

By this time, Benson is experiencing the fifth symptom, pleading in ancient dialects long forgotten. In the final chamber, there are two sandwiches, the Double Death Sandwich and the Sandwich of Life, but the cure is protected by the Master Sensei of Death-Kwon-Do, who is not a nice person and is angry at Sensai for mass-producing the Sandwich of Death without his consent. After Master Sensei declining their request, he sends his guards to destroy them. Then Master Sensei gets a razor and shaves off Sensai's mullet, diminishing his Death-Kwon-Do powers. Angered after the act, Mordecai and Rigby tries to attack Master Sensai but is defeated. Then Master Sensai sends in the Double Death Sandwich at them, but Sensai sends in a new move called the Bicycle Kick of Death to counterattack the Double Death Sandwich and kills the Master Sensei. After that, Rigby gets the Sandwich of Life and Benson takes a bite, curing him. When the mountain self-destructs, the group escapes barely and almost dies in the avalanche. Mordecai and Rigby pay Sensai back by being in the Sandwich of Death commercial. Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost watch the commercial, and then, just like Mordecai and Rigby, they run to the sandwich shop.






Episode Connections[]

  • Mordecai and Rigby apologize to Sensai for ruining his business when they stole some of his moves. (TV: Death Punchies)


  • The waiver only said, "You can't sue me", instead of saying not to leave the sandwich on the table.
    • Although, this could be implied in which it is how Mordecai & Rigby, and to the extent, the audience itself, sees the wavier as if they are either totally unaware of it, or who never reads the waiver at all.
  • When Sensai, Mordecai, and Rigby are fighting The Grandmaster of Death Kwon Do's guards, Rigby jumps at the Double Death Sandwich. Either this is an error, or Rigby was trying to kill The Grandmaster.
  • Benson is able to fight well despite his poisoning condition, and that he never learned Death Kwon Do.