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Sam Spina is a storyboard artist for Regular Show.

Boarded episodes

Season 7

  1. "Dumptown USA" (with Benton Connor)
  2. "Birthday Gift" (with Benton Connor)
  3. "Benson's Pig" (with Benton Connor)
  4. "Snow Tubing" (with Benton Connor)
  5. "Gymblonski" (with Benton Connor)
  6. "Cube Bros" (with Benton Connor)
  7. "Marvolo the Wizard" (with Benton Connor)
  8. "Lame Lockdown" (with Benton Connor)

Season 8

  1. "Cool Bro Bots" (with Sam Spina)
  2. "Ugly Moons" (with Sam Spina)
  3. "Spacey McSpaceTree" (with Sam Spina)
  4. "Space Escape" (with Sam Spina)
  5. "Christmas in Space" (with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin and Sam Spina)
  6. "Meet the Seer" (with Sam Spina)
  7. "A Regular Epic Final Battle" (Part 2; with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin, Andres Salaff, Benton Connor, Owen Dennis, and Madeline Queripel)