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"Sad Sax" is the eleventh episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and sixty-forth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 8, 2015.


Mordecai wants to reconcile with CJ after the mistletoe incident with Margaret in "Merry Christmas Mordecai".


The episode begins with Mordecai lamenting after the events of Merry Christmas Mordecai by walking around the park alone and laying in a pile of snow.

The next day, Mordecai calls CJ over to the Coffee Shop so they can settle things over. Mordecai gives CJ a bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, and a mix tape titled "Sorry I'm Such a Butt." CJ promises to continue being with Mordecai if she promises that he and Margaret are completely through, which Mordecai agrees. Unfortunately, Margaret calls at that exact moment, which also plays Mordecai's homemade ringtone from Butt Dial on his phone. CJ makes the assumption that Margaret is still contacting him, and CJ rejects Mordecai's gifts and storms off (literally).

Once again, Mordecai wanders around the park alone until he meets an old friend of his simply named Sad Sax Guy. Sad Sax Guy knew about Mordecai's mistletoe incident at the sweater party and decides to help Mordecai in the best way possible. First, he gives Mordecai a contact number for a singing telegram.

The next day, at CJ's apartment, the singing telegram arrives and starts singing an apology tune from Mordecai. About halfway into the song CJ stops him and asks him if he knows what Mordecai did at the party. After a short conversation, CJ re-enters he house, and the singing telegram slaps Mordecai, states that Mordecai disgusts him, and leaves.

At the park, Mordecai once again sees Sad Sax Guy for more advice. Sad Sax Guy suggests that Mordecai should to what women like: humiliate himself to express his concerns. At a grocery store, Mordecai hires a cheer-leading squad to spell out a message for CJ, but the stunt is ruined after Mordecai loses his footing on the final trick. Because of this, CJ abruptly leaves, and the cheer-leading group gets upset with Mordecai. Second, Mordecai fakes getting run over by a bus driven by Sad Sax Guy, but that fails when CJ realizes it's just a lousy stunt, prompting her to smash a sign over Mordecai's head.

Back at the park, Mordecai is about to visit Sad Sax Guy again until Rigby suddenly comes by and tackles Mordecai to stop what he's doing. Rigby was aware that Mordecai was getting advice from Sad Sax Guy and saying Sad Sax Guy is known for giving out horrible advice (reminding him of some horrible advice Sad Sax Guy gave Mordecai in art school in the process), and Rigby states that Sad Sax Guy doesn't know anything about everything. However, Mordecai continues to get Sad Sax Guy's advice. Sad Sax Guy suggests that Mordecai call Margaret over so she and CJ could clear things up.

Later, Margaret and Mordecai are having a conversation so they can put their past behind them while waiting for CJ to arrive. Once they're finished, they have a friendly hug. Unfortunately, CJ, who was driving to the park at Mordecai's request, witnesses Mordecai and Margaret hugging, and assuming the worst, CJ once again storms off. Margaret tells Mordecai that she'll leave just in case if she makes the situation even worse.

Sad Sax Guy then arrives at the scene, and Mordecai angrily blames Sad Sax Guy because he realized Rigby was right about him and every one of his tricks to help him only made the situation worse. Sad Sax Guy admits that he doesn't know anything just tell people what to do so he can feel better about himself. Even though he can successfully play the saxophone, he only knows one song, which his mother forced him to learn. Sad Sax Guy then gives his last and only good idea to Mordecai: get advice from his mother, because mothers' know everything.

Later at Mordecai's house, Mordecai is having a conversation with his mother about how to make CJ talk to him face to face. Mordecai's Mom tells that she and Mordecai's Dad have been happily married because of one rule: No Lies. She tells Mordecai to have a good and a honest convesrsation with CJ could solve the problem, face to face. She tells him to talk CJ face to face by first getting her attention and then tell her the truth and also show CJ a meaningful message about how he truly describes about her. Mordecai takes his mother's advice, and hugs her.

Later, at CJ's house again, CJ, Eileen, and Rigby are enjoying pizza while watching Dracula. Mordecai then proceeds to use a construction scissor lift to hang a message on a blank wall using Christmas lights. At that moment, construction workers discover Mordecai's actions and they start to yell at him for putting up Christmas lights, since the construction workers' jobs are to tear down decorations. As the construction workers begin to rock the scissor lift back and forth, Mordecai lets out yelps of shock loud enough for Rigby to hear. He checks through the window, and sees Mordecai in great danger. Eileen comes in sees Mordecai's predicament as well. Mordecai sends a text to Rigby that states "TELL CJ TO LOOK OUT THE WINDOW". As the construction workers continue to rock the scissor lift, Mordecai falls out, but he successfully grabs onto the cage of the lift. When Mordecai yells out Rigby's name, Rigby gets all frustrated and tears off the curtains on CJ's window. When CJ angrily questions Rigby's actions, she also sees Mordecai's predicament as well. With all of his strength, Mordecai plugs the lights into an nearly out-of-reach light socket, and a heartfelt message is spelled out on the wall. The lights say "CJ, I'M SORRY. I'VE BEEN A TOTAL DINGUS. I WANT TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT. CAN WE PLEASE TALK?" CJ is impressed with this action, even the construction workers, who are tearing up from the beautiful sight. Seeing CJ happy, Mordecai lets go of the scissor lift, and the constructions workers mercilessly attack him. On the roof,Sad Sax Guy can be seen playing his signature suave tune on his saxophone.

Later, at the hospital, Mordecai is covered in a cast from head to toe. CJ visits him and told him even though she's glad that he was okay, she wants to know what's going on between him and Margaret and doesn't want presents or weirdness but the honest truth. Mordecai then tells CJ the truth about his and Margaret's relationship: Mordecai fell in love with Margaret and they loved each other for a long time, until the day they broke up (due to the events of Steak Me Amadeus). Because of Mordecai meeting Margaret at the sweater party, a lot of their past memories came flowing back, and they weren't able to contain it. Mordecai tells CJ that he and Margaret are completely through, and CJ eventually accepts Mordecai's offer for being completely honest. CJ then insists that they should do the thing that they should have really done at the party: kiss under the mistletoe. CJ uses the bed lift controls to lift Mordecai up, and the two begin to kiss, thus re-kindling their relationship. Outside the window, Sad Sax Guy. watches as his tune plays, just before he descends using the scissor lift, and the episode ends.


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  • Mordecai and CJ officially get back together.
  • More about Mordecai's time in art school is revealed in this episode, as Sad Sax Guy had advised him to make a sculpture about the sculpture instructor's human form to help Mordecai pass Sculpture, with Mordecai remarking that it wasn't as good as it sounded.
    • This may be a nod to Regular Show fan artists who turn the gang into human like forms.
  • CJ said she wanted to be able to look Mordecai in the face without breaking a chair over it, but later broke a sign over his head instead.

Episode Connections

  • This episode is a continuation of "Merry Christmas Mordecai" and revealed Mordecai and CJ's relationship status.
    • The beginning of the episode takes place about a week after the Christmas party incident
  • The mistletoe was there for CJ to kiss Mordecai, which was similar in "Merry Christmas Mordecai"
  • Mordecai's custom ringtone from "Butt Dial" and "T.G.I. Tuesday" makes another appearance.
  • This is the 2nd time in which construction workers were the antagonists. The 1st was in "Exit 9B".
  • This is the second time Mordecai has ended up in a full body cast. The first time was in "Family BBQ".
  • Mordecai has another flashback to art collage like he did in "Bad Portrait."
  • Sad Sax Guy would later appear in "Dumptown USA."

Production Notes

  • This is the first Regular Show episode to air in 2015.


  • When CJ is shopping in Lots of Groceries Grocery Store, she's wearing grey sweatpants and white sneakers, but when she leaves the store after Mordecai's failed cheerleading stunt, she is wearing grey shorts and white boots.
  • When Mordecai lets go of the scissor-lift and falls to the pavement, six construction workers catch him. In the following frame when they're beating him up, only three are shown.